Are 60% Keyboards Good For Gaming?

In the world of gaming, every millisecond matters. The contrast between success and failure can be analyzed with a single keystroke. The 60% keyboard, a compact, stylish design that satisfies the expectations of gamers for speed and precision, has thus gained popularity. In an effort to enhance gaming performance, these keyboards, which feature fewer keys, concentrate on the most crucial operations. 

Are 60 Keyboards Good For Gaming

However, the debate about are 60% of keyboards are good for gaming still exists. In this essay, we’ll examine frequently asked queries to discuss their applicability and offer a firm viewpoint.

Are 60%  keyboards good for gaming?

Yes, 60% of keyboards can be good for gaming, but their usefulness will depend on your tastes and gaming style. These tiny keyboards could help gamers in a variety of ways, including:

Benefits of 60% keyboards

Quicker Key Presses

The most crucial keys are situated closer to your hands since 60% of keyboards are smaller, reducing the distance your fingers must travel to obtain crucial game commands. Faster and more precise keystrokes could emerge from this, which could be crucial in frantic game conditions.

Less Disarray

60% of keyboards have fewer keys, making gaming setups more efficient and well-organized. This can be really helpful if you have a small desk or like a simple appearance.

Benefits of 60% keyboards


60% of keyboards are incredibly portable due to their small size. For LAN parties, competitions, or other gaming events, they are simple to transport.

Focus on the Essentials 60% of keyboards frequently keep the modifier keys (Shift, Ctrl, and Alt) plus a few function keys, which are crucial for gaming. This might lessen accidental keystrokes and help you keep your attention on the essential gaming controls.


Some gamers find that the smaller size of 60% keyboards results in a more comfortable hand position because pressing the keys requires less bending and stretching. This might ease stress during prolonged gaming sessions.


Fewer keys

Very limited keys are available on 60% of keyboards due to the small layout. If you frequently use macros, have unique keybindings, or require quick access to a variety of commands in a given game, this can be a drawback.


Time Required for Adaptation

If you are used to a full-sized keyboard layout, it may take some time to get used to the 60% keyboard’s more compact layout. On a larger keyboard, muscle memory might need to be adjusted.

Non-Gaming tasks

60% of keyboards may perform admirably in gaming environments, but they may not be as adaptable for non-gaming duties like typing, programming, or other productivity work. A drawback might be the lack of distinct functions and navigation keys.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do 60 Keyboards Affect Gaming Performance?

Although 60% of keyboards have a smaller form factor, they might improve some gamers’ gaming performance. The smaller size makes sure that the user can reach the most important keys with less hand movement, which could result in quicker key presses. However, people used to a regular layout might need to be flexible.

What About Customization And Macros?

The small number of keys on 60% of keyboards might make it difficult to assign macros or run complicated commands. The tight structure could be burdensome for players who primarily rely on macros for in-game operations.

Are 60% of keyboards Useful for Work That Isn’t Gaming?

60% of keyboards are designed with gaming in mind, so they might not be as convenient for non-gaming duties like programming or composing documents. In such circumstances, the lack of specific navigation and function keys could be a drawback.

Final thoughts

To wrap up the blog, are 60 keyboards good for gaming? Personal preferences and gaming habits determine whether 60% of keyboards are suitable for gaming. These keyboards may improve gaming performance by reducing hand movement and speeding up key presses, but they may not be the best option for players who rely heavily on macros or require additional keys for complex commands. Those looking for a clutter-free setup will appreciate the tiny and basic design, but it may not be as adaptable for non-gaming chores.

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