Best 60 Percent Keyboards

Compact keyboards are gaining popularity among streamers and gamers due to their compact size and perfect design. 60 percent of keyboards offer a subtle design that lacks numeric keypads, function keys, and navigation clusters, making the keyboard ideal for those seeking to reclaim table space or simply wanting to carry something lightweight.

Best 60 Percent Keyboards

Whether you are constantly traveling for business purposes or aiming to maximize space, investing in the best 60 percent keyboard is a wise decision. This article has compiled a list of some of the best 60 percent keyboards that will surely satisfy your requirements.

Moreover, I have also included the buying guide that covers all the details you should contemplate before buying a 60 percent keyboard. Therefore keep reading to find out about all the details.

Best 60 Percent Keyboards

Let’s look at the top best 60 percent keyboards along with their features. Each keyboard has its own distinctive attributes that cater to the needs of different users. They are as follows:

1. Corsair K65 RGB Mini 60% Mechanical Keyboard

Corsair K65 RGB Mini 60% Mechanical Keyboard


  • Wired connection
  • Compact size
  • Cherry MX speed switches
  • 8,000Hz polling rate

It’s mostly coveted by gamers and computer enthusiasts searching for smaller keyboards that will not compromise the performance level. Its compact size makes it portable, and you can take it wherever you travel. However, remember to bring the USB cable with you as Corsair K65 RGB Mini uses cables for connectivity. Be careful not to lose the cable.

It is equipped with Cherry MX speed switches that offer smooth keystrokes and enhance the reaction time. However, it can sometimes feel a little loud, but it’s okay, as other fantastic features cover this shortcoming. The Cherry MX speed switch provides a 1.2mm travel distance, which is considered a fast response compared to other mechanical keyboards.

Corsair K65 RGB Mini 60  Mechanical Keyboard

Moreover, its polling rate is 8,000Hz, meaning it conveys your position to the computer 8x faster than other standard keyboards. Thereby improving your overall gaming and typing experience.


  • Smooth keystrokes
  • Provides quick response
  • Portable device
  • Polybutylene terephthalate plastic (PBT) keycaps
  • Detachable cord


  • No wireless connection

Overall, it’s the best choice for gamers who want to try an advanced gaming keyboard, and the price is also very affordable. And lastly, it’s portable, so you can take it with you wherever you want.

2. SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless Mechanical Keyboard


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Dual-purpose action keys
  • Aluminum plates (top)
  • Omnipoint 2.0 switches

SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini is the best 60 percent keyboard due to its various amazing functions. It allows you to customize each keypress according to your preferences; you can change or adjust the sensitivity of every keystroke.

It comes with an Omnipoint 2.0 switch that utilizes magnetic sensors to monitor the keystrokes’ position, allowing you to customize the registration depth ranging from 0.2mm to 3.8 mm. Moreover, the keyboard’s keys perform two different functions depending on how much pressure you have applied to the keys.

Lastly, the best point is that it offers you a wireless connection (2.4GHz); therefore, you can take it anywhere without worrying about losing or forgetting the cord.


  • Customizable key press
  • Compact design
  • Battery life is 30 hours


  • Not budget friendly

It’s one of the best 60 percent keyboard series offering wired and wireless connectivity, so you can connect it using a USB cord or via Bluetooth. You can also customize the RGB backlighting and key presses.

3. Hyper X Alloy Origins 60 – Mechanical Keyboard

Hyper X Alloy Origins 60 - Mechanical Keyboard


  • HyperX linear red switch
  • Aluminum case
  • RGB keyboard

You will be surprised by the quality; the keyboard case is crafted out of aircraft-grade aluminum that offers stability and durability. Furthermore, I like that the keycaps remain free from grease or fingerprints, making cleaning much easier.

It uses Hyper X Red Linear switches, which are fast, responsive, and reliable. In addition, Hyper X Alloy Origins 60 offers customizable RGB backlighting that you can change using Hyper X NGENUITY software (you can also construct macros or change game mode via this software). Another exciting thing is you can also change the brightness level of the lights.

Hyper X Alloy Origins 60 – Mechanical Keyboard

The Hyper X NGENUITY software has certain limitations; it is only available on Windows, which means that Linux and other users can’t make changes to the keyboard through the software.


  • Removable USB – C cable
  • Personalize RGB background
  • Double shot PBT keycaps
  • Hyper X NGENUITY software
  • It is sturdy


  • It does not provide wireless connectivity
  • Keys are wobbly

To summarize, it’s good for both gamers as well as typists. The best thing I like about it is that it does not produce any irritating noises while typing; therefore, you don’t have to worry about disturbing others.

4. Royal Kludge RK61

Royal Kludge RK61


  • USB-C wired connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Hot-swappable keyboard

If you are tight on budget but are planning to buy a 60 percent keyboard with the best performance, then Royal Kludge RK61 is for you. It’s affordable and has interesting features that enhance your gaming and typing experience.

It’s a hot-swappable keyboard, meaning you can easily remove three to five keys without encountering any problems. It’s the best method for trying out different switches without educating yourself about soldering skills. You can now swap the old key for a new one within minutes.

With its long-lasting battery, you can use the keyboard for longer hours (13hrs) with the lightest backlit without worrying about the battery dying. Moreover, it offers you both wireless and wired connections.


  • Portable device
  • Very affordable
  • Suitable for laptops, tablets, and smartphone
  • Battery with long life


  • The quality isn’t the best

It’s cheap but gives you powerful performance and is more suitable for gamers or anyone searching for compact keyboards to use at the office or home. Even though it costs less, it offers you various features that make it the best alternative to expensive ones.

5. Razer Huntsman Mini Analog 60% Keyboard

Razer Huntsman Mini Analog 60% Keyboard


  • Aluminum casing
  • Optical switch
  • Wired connectivity (removable USB-C)
  • Razer chroma RGB lighting

The Razer Huntsman Mini Analog keyboard is coated with aluminum, making it sturdy, powerful enough to bear long-time use, and resistant to heat and wear.

Furthermore, it is equipped with Analog Optical switches that use the light induction process. The optical switches are durable and have good response time, although they are not as accurate as SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini’s magnetic switches.

Razer Huntsman Mini Analog 60  Keyboard

Lastly, since it does not provide a wireless connection, you must carry a USB-C cord wherever you go. That’s why I always prefer wireless connectivity because it saves you from worrying about forgetting your cord.


  • It’s small in size and lightweight
  • Durable PBT keycaps
  • It’s sturdy and well built
  • It saves a lot of space


  • It does not offer a wireless connection
  • Create a little irritating noises

The Razer Huntsman series offers fast response, speed, and longevity that will satisfy the requirements of computer enthusiasts and gamers. Furthermore, its strong build and durability can resist typing force, making it less susceptible to physical damage.

6. Obinslab Anne Pro 2 60% Wired/Wireless Keyboard

Obinslab Anne Pro 2 60% Wired/Wireless Keyboard


  • Wired and wireless connectivity
  • Can wirelessly connect to four devices
  • 1900mAh battery
  • Gateron brown switch

A 60% compact keyboard with a subtle design that saves a lot of deskspace and is portable, so you can just put it in your bag and take it out whenever you need it.

Moreover, via Bluetooth, you can connect it to four other devices and can effortlessly switch back and forth between the devices. However, due to the high latency over Bluetooth, I won’t suggest it for competitive or high-intensity gameplay.

Anne Pro 2 offers you the choice to select among a variety of switch types, so choose the one you prefer. They offer switches from established brands like Gateron, Cherry, and Kailh. Moreover, the noise level of the keyboard will vary depending on the switch you choose.


  • Can be connected using USB-C or Bluetooth
  • Offers different switch types
  • Double shot PBT keycaps
  • Offer smooth typing


  • Inconsistent wireless connectivity

Overall, it’s a reliable product with a sturdy build and is a good choice for general typing and gaming. What’s exciting is that it comes with extra keys, and you can customize it according to your requirements.

7. Ducky One 2 Mini 60% Keyboard

Ducky One 2 Mini 60% Keyboard


  • Variety of switches
  • RGB backlighting
  • Sturdy PCB
  • Double shot PBT keycaps

A very sturdy and well-built compact keyboard that offers good quality and a variety of switches that you can select depending on your preferences. The variety of switches includes Gateron, Kailh, and Cherry MX.

You can build macros and customize RGB backlighting, but you can only change it through the board directly because Ducky One 2 Mini does not have customization software like most of the other compact keyboards.

Ducky One 2 Mini 60  Keyboard

The keycaps are made of PBT material, making them sturdy and smooth, and they do not wobble or rattle when you type roughly or shake your keyboard. Moreover, it uses detachable USB cords that you can easily change when it gets damaged or lost.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Macro programmable keys
  • Offer a smooth typing experience
  • Compact size


  • Customization software is not available
  • It is expensive

A compact keyboard that offers an excellent gaming experience and smooth typing. Moreover, the keyboard also comes with different colorful keycaps (about 11) that you can customize according to your preference.

Ultimate Buying Guide of Best 60 Percent Keyboards

Having a little background knowledge of the product you will buy is important because it will save you from wasting money on the wrong products. I have compiled all the details you need to know before buying a 60 percent keyboard.

However, selecting the best 60 percent keyboard is a matter of preferences and taste; there are different keyboards that offer different functions that might suit one user’s need but not the others. So, in the end, the decision rests on you; we only recommend the best products to make purchasing easier for you. Now let’s look at what factors you must consider when buying a 60 percent keyboard.

Ultimate Buying Guide of Best 60 Percent Keyboards
Infographic: Ultimate Buying Guide of Best 60 Percent Keyboards

Careful Selection of Switches

Selecting the right switches has a huge impact on the typing experience. The sound and feeling of compact keyboards largely depend upon the types of switches you choose. Cherry MX, Gateron, and Kailh are the most commonly used switches, each with distinctive attributes.

Cherry MX line is considered the leading brand of keyboard switches. Each switch provides distinctive functions, like, noise level, sensitivity, and actuation. The right switch will increase your comfort level.

Wired/Wireless Connectivity

Each 60 percent keyboard offers either a wired or wireless connection or both. Wired keyboards come with detachable USB cables that you can remove and change to a new one. Whereas some compact keyboards offer Bluetooth connectivity, you can use them with portable devices such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

In the end, the decision rests only on you; select the one you prefer. If you are a gamer, wired keyboards are a better choice. The advantage of wireless connectivity is that you can type from anywhere, no matter where your device’s screen is.

Compact Keyboards That Provides Customization

Buy those keyboards that allow you to build macros, customize registration depth, sensitivity, and more. Moreover, some keyboards come with customization software that allows you to make certain changes to the keyboard.

While others do not offer you any software, so you can only make changes from the keyboard, such as the Ducky One 2 Mini keyboard, which allows you to make changes directly from the compact board.


Keyboard quality matters a lot; you can’t forget about this aspect. Why is it important? Because the quality can affect your overall typing and gaming experience. Before buying, check that the keyboard quality is good because a sturdy and durable keyboard will stay with you for a longer period of time.

Aluminum keyboards are preferred because they provide high quality, longevity, and toughness. In addition, PBT is considered good material for keycaps due to its resistance to shine and wear.


Does brand matter? Yes, it does. If established brands have a lot of positive reviews, it means their product can be trusted, and they offer good quality products. Though sometimes it is not the case; therefore, do thorough research before you are willing to spend a lot of money.

Your Budget

You should look at your budget before buying the best 60 percent keyboards. Ask yourself a question like, what type of 60% keyboard do you need? A cheaper one or an expensive one? Is it worth buying etc.? These questions will help you make the right decision.

Moreover, if you are tight on money, there are a lot of compact keyboards available in the market that are cheap but offer powerful performance, so do your research before purchasing the keyboard.


Search for compact keyboards that provide ergonomic features to enhance your comfort level. Search for a keyboard that has a comfortable size, adjustable feet, is easy to position, and is designed to straighten wrists and more.

These ergonomic features will increase your performance level and will overall improve your productivity. Hence keep this aspect in mind when buying a compact keyboard.

Final Thoughts

Investing in the best 60 percent keyboard will enhance your gaming and typing experience. When it comes to these keyboards, there are a variety of options available in the market that target different users, and we have selected the best options for you. Let me tell you our top three recommendations:

  • SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini is a versatile keyboard that can be connected via Bluetooth and USB receiver.
  • Razer Huntsman Mini Analog offers you customization opportunities through the software. It’s expensive but worth the investment.
  • Corsair K65 RGB Mini is an affordable and portable device that you can carry anywhere and won’t take that much of your desk space.

Moreover, before buying a 60 percent keyboard, pay attention to quality, brand reputation, switch and connectivity type, and more. These considerations will save you from wasting money and making useless purchases.

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