Best Cool PC Cases – Lowest Temperature!

A PC case is more than a house for your PC, it is an indicator of the owner’s personality, a canvas of self-expression, and the face of your system. The age of boring PC cases has gone and now we are living in the era of aestheticism and functionality. When you merge both art and technology, the result not only makes you stunt but compels you to grab the PC case which looks super elegant and provides next-level performance.

Best Cool PC Cases

I call such cases the cool PC case, and my collection is full of them. They are the art of the 21st century, an example of postmodern human creativity, and a reflection of our progress in aesthetics and technology. On the other hand, their performance, storage, and compatibility with futuristic bodies make them the best cool PC cases. I have selected the top most cool PC cases, come along with me and explore their features.

Best Cool PC Cases

1. Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D Super-Tower Case

Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D Super-Tower Case


  • PWM Fans
  • 18 fans capacity
  • Triple chamber design
  • 13 optional trays

When it comes to building a PC on your own, you should focus on the outer body of the PC after purchasing components. A case must have an unrivaled color scheme with a sleek design and shining body. You will find all the features in the Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D Super-Tower Case. The most noticeable element, in this case, is its perfect height; 27.4 inches. So, the case will be visible from a distance.

You may ask why I am telling you about the height while there is a list of features awaiting to discuss. Basically, height is the first character that influences the viewer, a long height means something visible from a far distance. Then comes its frontal design, the black smoked frontal tempered glass allows you to see inside. However, it is not made to see the interior but to emit the RGB lights from the inside out.

After viewing the frontal tempered glass, you see the side black mirror with a transparent view. It is the hub for RGB lighting. As you turn on the system, you see a tower with magical lights coming out of the box’s side glass. In my experience, its design is elegant plus aggressive, as you see the black theme body, you feel an adrenaline rush in the body. This was a brief view of the design and now we move to its other features.

The case is offering you much space to install more than 10 trays. Although the slim body and long height do not pose that the PC case will be able to cover more components. But as a matter of fact, it offers to install 13 drives including 7 SSDs and 6 HDDs. Moving on further, it has three pre-installed fans with RGB in front and one RGB fan on the rear side. If you find it insufficient, you can install 10 more fans.


  • More storage
  • Attractive design
  • Long height


  • No water cooling system

You may be searching for something else but I assure you, if you take this home and use it for a few months, you will forget all other cases. I am not bluffing but arguing on the basis of personal experience. Do not wait, go and buy this one of the best cool PC cases.

2. NZXT H710i

NZXT H710i


  • Single screw installation
  • 3.1 generation USB ports
  • Modern design
  • Composite material

The PC case I am going to present now is my favorite because of its cool design and bright interior. NZXT H710i has been my companion from the beginning of my career. It has supported me where no PC case could work. I have used it for a heavy system, the system that generates more heat, and tried to put extra components but it has successfully passed all my tests. In my opinion, if there is any award for the best cool PC cases, it should go to them.

Now I will tell you the reasons, first its sober, cool design is made to attract people. Once you see the PC case, you will fall in love with it. Second, the engineered design for both puts more components inside the case and performs better than others. Let’s continue from the beginning, its modern design with RGB LEDs illuminates the room, when you turn the system on. As the fans start rotating, the LEDs create millions of shades and the room looks like the Northern Lights bay.

NZXT H710i

Many people object that such eye-catching PC cases are not as durable as the brands pose. It is partially true because if you purchase a local brand PC case, it will tear apart within days. On the other hand, if you buy this one, then go on a resting position for more than 7 to 9 years. The case is made of a composite material such as brushed aluminum and steel with tempered glass.

Moving towards its sophisticated construction, the PC case is made to give a house to all kinds of motherboards. You can put ATX, Micro ATX, or Mini ITX. But people are afraid to put anything in the case as they consider such cases delicate. Now you should eliminate such thoughts because I am telling you another way out of this problem. The case offers you a quick-release side tempered glass, you can clip the side mirror off within a second.


  • Simple installation
  • Versatile design
  • Long service life


  • Heavyweight

If you consider that looks do not matter for the PC case, you are living in past times. A perfect PC is one which provides super fast speed, excellent features, and possesses a cool PC case. Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of the PC case, go, purchase this one of the best cool PC cases and ease your mind.

3. Lian Li LI PC-O11 Dynamic

Lian Li LI PC-O11 Dynamic


  • Supports 9 fans
  • Provide maximum ground clearance
  • Moveable OI module
  • Weight 29.3 lbs

I have presented you two cool best PC cases which I used for more than 5 years. But I want you to see a PC case that changed my mentality and provided a completely different computing experience. The case name is Lian Li LI PC-O11 Dynamic, a PC case that has the ability to revolutionize your life. First, I will tell you its features and then we will talk about design. The case is famous for its more storage, it can provide room to 9 fans.

Now you can imagine how sophisticated this PC case has been engineered. Second, the case offers you a dual chamber, in which the body is divided into two portions; one is for the drives and the motherboard. The latter chamber is for managing the cables and power supplies. In this way, you can organize the parts of the PC case efficiently and in case of any emergency, you can find the desired part within seconds.

The most astonishing feature this PC case is offering is the moveable OI module. Yes, you heard it accurately, now you can change the OI panel from the top of the PO case to the lower of the case. On the other hand, you should consider that the PC case provides considerable ground clearance. It helps to secure the case from any damage and provides better airflow. Not only this, the PC cases which offer ground clearance are also known for reducing dust accumulation.

Now we come to our main agenda, the design of the case. Once you see the PC case, you will find it unrealistic, its miraculous design and wide body make it one of the best cool PC cases. The frontal tempered glass with aluminum assistance is also there with RGB LEDs. As you switch on, you see a straight colorful line from top to bottom. Believe it or not, the case is super beautifully crafted, any PC lover will like to have it in their room.


  • Better airflow
  • Wide design
  • RGB display


  • Vibrates when in overclock mode

I am not here to sell PC cases but to provide you with the best cool PC cases sincerely. It is highly important you purchase a durable case such as a composite material case or the aluminum case. It is time to click on the “order” button, do it as soon as possible otherwise, you will never find such a case.

4. Segotep T1 White Full-Tower E-ATX

Segotep T1 White Full-Tower E-ATX


  • Dust proof
  • 8 expansion slots
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Frontal net covering

In the past, a PC case was nothing but a guardian box to protect the PC. But in recent years, technology has turned this cover of metal into a branch of aestheticism. From that branch, I have selected a PC case that can provide you with what you are looking for. I am talking about the Segotep T1, an E-ATX full tower case. This PC chassis is known for its creative design and next-level compatibility.

I have seen a list of the PC cases but never saw one like SegoTep T1. Actually, when I purchased this PC case, I was after a chassis that could provide a futuristic design. I had three to four chassis but every time I purchased an updated PC, I had to change the case according to new components sizes. But this time I brought Segotep T1 which offered me to put as many components as I can inside.

Segotep T1 White Full-Tower E-ATX

Its future-proof design is made for adjusting the components which are in the process of manufacturing. In simple words, you do not need to purchase a new case again and again for every latest system model. Then comes its extremely captivating design, as the case is made for gamers, it has more fan spots than traditional cases. The case offers to install 6 fans at the same time and comes with a pre-installed 120 mm fan.

The front is covered with a metal net and tempered glass. No one will deny that the tempered glasses are flimsy, they can be torn apart in a single shock. But the metal net on the frontal side is there to stand against shocks and powerfully resist bumps and thumps. On the other hand, every fan spot has LEDs for RGB lighting. Plus, installation of fans or any other component is easy, I installed all the PC parts in it within 10 minutes maximum.


  • Toolless installation
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with preinstalled fan


  • Size is big for corners

No doubt, Segotep T1 is the most heart-touching PC case on the list. But the question arises, is it as powerful as the others? Yes, it can stand against dust, you do not need to open the case and clean components with a vacuum cleaner. In contrast, the 6 fans will keep the system cool in all conditions. Do not delay the decision to purchase this one of the best cool PC cases.




  • DNA embedded front
  • Water cooling panel
  • Three-dimensional air duct
  • Weight 18.7 lbs

After purchasing and experimenting with the Segotep T1, I was happy but felt something was missing. Overcoming this sense of dissatisfaction opened doors to a new dimension, a world of sophisticated PC cases. Well, I picked up one of the most advanced and best selling PC cases, the SZSKYYING ATX. The feature which made me want to purchase this PC case was its front. You have seen the tempered glass front, metal net, and metal front cases above.

But this one has a tempered glass front with a DNA design metal support on the right side. The gaming DNA seems not only cool but also appeals to other people to give a compliment on the looks of this PC case. The frontal DNA is made of tiny RGB LED lights which start operating as you turn on the PC. From red to yellow, blue, and green, all colors are visible on these DNA lines.

After you see the DNA, the bright tempered glass encounters you. From the transparent view, you can see how all the fans function and emit red blue, and green lights. One can create millions of shades with the help of these lights. Anyhow, you can observe that this PC case is extraordinary, its body shines, fans emit light and the DNA empowers you to play for a long duration.

Whether you are a gamer or purchase this PC case for other activities, it will increase the value of your room. I like PC cases that provide ground clearance, first, it helps to enhance the airflow quality, second, it prevents dust. When it comes to dust, people often ask for a PC case that requires less maintenance. So, the wonder is in front of your sight; SZSKYING ATX PC case.


  • Unique design
  • Rigid material
  • Compatible with long GPUs


  • Noisy

I believe there is nothing that can change your fate except “you”. If you stay stuck with the old PC case which is deteriorating day by day, unable to manage heat and emitting dust, you will never change the experience of computing. Change your mentality and you will change the PC case. Stop saving money and using old and dirty equipment, buy this one of the best PC cases.

6. Antec Performance 1 FT

Antec Performance 1 FT


  • Advance ventilation
  • Enhanced airflow design
  • Magnetic dust filters
  • Sound resisting body

In my opinion, a list of the best cool PC cases without discussing the Antec Performance 1 FT, is incomplete. If you are looking for the latest model with new technology, look no further than the Antec Performance F1. Its sophisticated features and matchless design makes it one of the fanciest PC cases with high performance and best-selling status in the market.

It raises the question, what is something special in this case? First, it offers a neat functionality, every corner is covered and open spots have dust filters. So there is no chance of dust or dirt coming inside and damaging the components. Second, its body is made of sound-reduction materials. I can remember that when I purchased it, my PC fan was extremely noisy but after fitting the component in this case, it became silent more than any other component.

Antec Performance 1 FT

If the sound and dust have no chance to come inside, will such PC cases provide better ventilation? I also thought about it before purchasing this case. But then I came to know that the chasse offers an advanced ventilation process. If you see the case, it has a grill at the frontal face, these grills are for ventilation. If you do not know, if a PC case offers more ventilation, its fans do not suffer from the heavy burden of dealing with heat.

So, the grill is there to allow air inside out and maintain a healthy airflow. These grills have dust filters, not a single mote of dust can pass this filter. On the other hand, you can see the inside temperature on the case as it offers a smart temperature monitoring system. The case provides PWM fans that automatically change their speed according to the cooling demand of the case.


  • Smart fans
  • Unbreakable tempered glass
  • High end temperature management


  • Difficult assembly

When it comes to purchasing a PC case, we all rush to buy durable ones. But we do not focus on the interior, our priority is to purchase a rigid body PC case. But an ideal PC case should have dust filters, holes for ventilation, a flexible body, and temperature management. Antec Performance 1 FT is the best example of the best Cool PC cases.

7. ASUS TUF Gaming GT501


  • Liquid cooling
  • Military-grade construction
  • Pre Installed motherboard standoff
  • Removable filters

My last recommendation is the ASUS TUF Gaming GT501, a PC case known for its next-generation design and outstanding shape. The case has a net guard-covered front in which the RGB LEDs are visible. On the other hand, you can effortlessly see the smoked tempered glass which will show you the red, blue, and green light. The case provides you with a yellow and black color scheme which is mind-blowing.

I am not a huge fan of yellow color but when I see ASUS TUF Gaming GT501, it is hard to stay unbiased. On the other hand, the all black interior will look awesome when the fans start rotating. Actually, each fan has RGB LEDs, so when you turn on the PC, all these fans not only rotate but also emit different shades of light. Moving on further, the cooling system is based on advanced technology.

You can call it the liquid cooling system, it maintains the temperature inside efficiently. I have experienced that when the system generates excessive heat, its processing speed also slows down. It happens because the tiny components are unable to operate. But if you use a PC case that can control the heat of the system, it will allow PC components to work better and smoother. Plus, a better cooling system is directly associated with long service life.


  • Easy installation
  • Matchless looks
  • Optimized radiator capacity


  • Expensive

Tiny changes can create a great difference in our lives. Discarding the old PC case will help you to get a new one with a cool body, sleek design, shining body, and seems an example of the best art. Change your life and come out of the old era, start using modern PC cases, and go beyond limitations.

Buyer’s Guide

Buying Guide of Best Cool PC Cases
Infographic: Buying Guide of Best Cool PC Cases


When you are in the market to purchase a cool PC case, you should check the design before paying the bucks. Basically, what I mean to say is to check if the PC case has a better ventilation system with this design, whether the case produces noise, and if the color scheme matches with each other, you should purchase the PC case.


Another problem people face after purchasing the PC case is its size. Actually, there are three major sizes of PC cases: desktop, mid-tower, and tower. Majority of the people do not purchase a desktop because of its design and because it takes more room than others. The rest of the sizes, mid-tower and tower do not take much space but the mid-tower is wider than the tower size. The last one is a tower that is height and slim, it is also known for taking less room.


Everyone wants to purchase a PC case that offers them 5 to 10 years of service life. But the question arises, is it possible? Yes, it is possible if you purchase a PC case with military-grade material. I prefer composite material PC cases, they are durable enough and provide better performance. On the other hand, you can look for aluminum or steel cases. But in my opinion, composite material is far better than others.


Is Lian Li a good case?

Yes, Lian Li is an excellent case with excessive storage and automatic RGB LED fans. Its advanced water cooling system and a considerable amount of drive brackets make it an excellent one. On the other hand, its design not only pleases you but also keeps the PC components safe.

Are NZXT cases worth it?

NZXT cases are one of the best PC chassis in the world. Their average service life is about 7 to 9 years, and most of the cases have futuristic designs.

Do PC case fans matter?

Yes, the fans are a highly significant part of a PC case, they play a vital role in maintaining the temperature and provide a habitable interior to the other components. If you are purchasing a PC case, select PWM fans, they operate according to the demand of the chassis.


The more you dig, the more you know about it. You might imagine why I wrote this quotation at the beginning of my conclusion. Actually, technology is a fascinating topic. If you start reading or exploring details, the information has no end, you discover more and more. So, I advise you to not rely on only information but to go and purchase something. Now you are wasting your time, see my favorite PC cases and select one in case you are unable to decide.

  1. Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D Super-Tower Case, has an excellent design with a heart-touching color scheme and provides ample storage for the larger GPUs.
  2. ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 provides incredible cooling, and the temperature management fans are PWM with automatic fan speed control, as per the demand of the PC case.

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