Best Keyboards For Programming

As a programmer, I know how struggling it is to get the best keyboard for programming. And, of course, like other computer components, no one product is best for all. This is because everyone’s needs and choices are different when it comes to programming. And we cannot say that one keyboard is sufficient for all of the programming needs.

Best Keyboards For Programming

Keeping that in mind, finding the one that suits perfectly to your requirements is one of the essential steps that you carefully have to take if you want to excel in programming. For countless hours of coding, lots of quick functions, and frequent data entry, you have to ensure that the keyboard you purchase is responsive, comfortable to use, and has number pads and macro programmable keys.

After my analysis, research, and testing, I am introducing you to the 7 best keyboards for programming to deliver next-level performance while ensuring you are comfortable throughout the time you’re working. Let’s start with a guide so you can purchase your coding keyboard quickly.

7 Best Keyboards For Programming

These best keyboards for programming are the ones that are highly comfortable to use, offer numerous connectivity choices, and are known for being highly responsive and lightweight. Let’s start with one of my favorite programming keyboards recommended by most programmers.

1. Keychron V Series

Keychron V Series


  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • 3.21 pounds of weight
  • Compact in size
  • Comes with 81 mechanical keys

Keychron V Series is the best programming keyboard that is compact in size and easy to handle. With a budget-friendly price, you will not find any other keyboard with the specs packed in this Keychron V Series. With 75% size, this compact keyboard is easy to use, which ultimately makes it one of the most comfortable keyboards to go with, mainly when you have to use it for programming.

Wellp, not only for programming, but this Keychron V Series Keyboard is one of the best keyboards that can also be used for gaming and office purposes. Moreover, in the presence of sound dampeners, the keyboard keeps the sound of click-click to a minimum, making it the best choice for those looking for the quietest environment to do their programming work.

Keychron V Series

I have used this keyboard with 3 of my office computer systems and have never come across any compatibility issues because it is versatile and compatible. This Keychron V Series Keyboard comes in compatibility with Linux, Windows, and Mac, making it one of the popular choices for programmers regardless of what computer setup they own.

Furthermore, because the construction of the keyboard is done with the use of steel plates and solid ABS plastic in the body, this keyboard is one of the most durable and high-quality keyboards that promises to serve you for many upcoming years.


  • Steel and solid ABS plastic construction
  • Offers wired connections
  • Sound absorbing


  • Not wireless

Keychron V Series is another best keyboard for programming that is wired in connection and is 75% in total size. In addition to being durable and long-lasting, the keyboard also features hot-swappable keys and RGB lighting, making it the top choice for those who want to personalize their keyboard according to their own choice.




  • 18 million RGB color options
  • 60% mechanical keyboard
  • USB C connectivity technology
  • Versatile in functioning

Introducing you to the next best keyboard for programming which is another best coding keyboard renowned for being highly reliable for heavy work. This keyboard is compact and small in size and possesses only 60% of the switches, making it the best choice for those looking for space-saving options.

While being ultra-compact and easy to use, this ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 is one of the most comfortable to use keyboards you can go with for long hours of programming. What I liked about the keyboard was its compatibility with most computer systems. It can work with Windows, Mac, and LINUX computer systems making it ideal for most programmers.

This keyboard is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS, and Linux OS computer systems, making it highly reliable when it comes to wider compatibility.

Additionally, the small and compact size of the keyboard makes you save space on your desk, ultimately making it look nice, neat, and clean. This is another reason for choosing it for programming because small, lightweight, and compact keyboards are easy to manage, and make sure you can put all of your focus on your work instead of diverting your attention to managing the keyboard.


  • Compact
  • Comes with hot-swappable switches
  • Wired connectivity


  • Problem with FN key

ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 is the next best keyboard for programming that has 61 numbers of keys and comes with RGB keyboard backlighting support. With only 1.32 pounds weight, the keyboard is compact and small in size, making it easier for the user to use it for longer times. Plus, if you are looking for a versatile keyboard, you can go with it as it comes with compatibility with Windows, Mac, and LINUX computer systems.

3. Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple Magic Keyboard


  • Stylish and sleek
  • Belongs to the reliable company
  • Low profile keys
  • Ideal for complicated programming tasks

Apple Magic Keyboard is truly another best keyboard for programming that you can rely on if you are looking for the best and the most comfortable keyboard. The keyboard belongs to Apple, one of the most renowned and reliable companies manufacturing computer appliances and products.

This Apple Magic Keyboard is among the top favorite choices of programmers and is known for being the most stylish, sleek, and attractive in its design. It is white and is high quality in its construction, making it durable and long-lasting. Plus, with low-profile keys, clicking on the keys continuously for a long time does not strain your fingers.

Apple Magic Keyboard

And this is the reason why I use it for my programming tasks that are really complicated and confusing. While being highly responsive, the keyboard makes your programming work much easier and quicker. This means you can use it for tougher programming tasks that need time and effort. Furthermore, this Apple Magic Keyboard is wireless in its connections, so it uses a battery for its functioning.

And when it comes to the Apple Magic keyboard, the presence of longer battery life ultimately makes it the top choice for professional programmers who really don’t want to put themselves in the problems of charging and recharging the battery of the keyboard during its usage.

Of course, as a programmer, I know how disturbing it is to pause your work just for recharging purposes. To avoid that, I will recommend you go with this keyboard and make programming work easy and comfortable.


  • Quick recharging
  • Longer battery timings
  • Highly responsive


  • Less travel distance

Apple Magic Keyboard is another reliable keyboard that belongs to the reliable company and is known for being one of the most responsive and comfortable-to-use keyboards. It comes with longer battery life making sure you don’t have to struggle with recharging while working. Moreover, being ergonomic in construction, this Apple Magic Keyboard is another best keyboard for programming.

4. Keychron K6 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Keychron K6 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard


  • Robust and strong
  • Wireless in functioning
  • Customizable
  • Comes with RGB backlighting

Keychron K6 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is another best choice for programmers who want something strong, robust, and perfect for coding. It is one of the strongest keyboards that promises to serve you for long years without compromising its quality or construction, even if you use it roughly.

With RGB backlighting, you can use this wireless keyboard even at night time and in dark surroundings, when you don’t want to turn on the room light but you have to work. I prefer this Keychrone K6 for programming when I have to work at night.

My roommate does not really like the light in the night and whenever he is in the room and I have to work, I turn on this RGB lighting feature of my keyboard and work easily without disturbing him.

Well, not only this, but other features are responsible for making this keyboard one of the best programming keyboards available. It has long battery life and is effortless to use. Moreover, in the presence of a palm rest, you can easily place your hand in the most ergonomic position, making sure your fingers aren’t under pressure or are not under any stress.


  • Long battery life
  • Water-resistant
  • 65% in size
  • Extremely high in quality


  • Not for general use

Keychron K6 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard comes with RGB backlighting that is customizable and is known for being the best when it comes to durable battery life. This robust keyboard is trustworthy for durable functioning and strength as it can tolerate surrounding impacts like falling on the ground without affecting its outer frame or structure.

5. Das Keyboard 6

Das Keyboard 6


  • Comes with comfortable typing experience
  • Full-size keyboard
  • Has all the necessary keys
  • Energy saving

Das Keyboard 6, although expensive yet, is one of the most reliable keyboards for programming. With high-quality construction and durable build, this Das Keyboard 6 comes with Cherry MX switches, giving you the most satisfying and comfortable typing experience. This keyboard comes with USB-C connectivity options, so you can make connections via USB-C with ease and convenience.

This keyboard is one of the most premium and high-end keyboards that come in a sleek and stylish design and has an energy-saving sleep button. With this energy-saving sleep button, the keyboard automatically turns off after a particular time when not in use. This saves battery and energy and makes the keyboard perfect for programming.

Das Keyboard 6

Well, it’s not small. Instead, it is a full-size keyboard which is why I prefer going with it whenever I have to use the keyboard at home for programming purposes instead of at the office. This full-size keyboard comes with separate media keys, arrow keys, a numeric pad, and programmable keys to maintain the workflow and work environment of coding.


  • High quality built
  • USB C connectivity
  • Durable construction


  • It’s not wireless

Das Keyboard 6 is one of the best keyboards that, although is somewhat expensive but is still worth purchasing because of the other features it has in it. With its high build quality and durable construction, this is another best keyboard for programming that comes with USB C connectivity choice, dedicated media control, Cherry MX switches, high performance, top-notch functioning, and premium design.

6. Logitech MX Keys

Logitech MX Keys


  • Comes with a backlighting choice
  • Ideal for nighttime usage
  • Versatile in functioning
  • Compatible with multi-device connectivity

Logitech MX Keys is the next best programming keyboard that is considered one of the amazing choices for those looking for versatile and wireless products. The presence of versatile functioning makes this keyboard one of the top popular choices for those looking for all in one product.

It can be used for gaming; it can be used for programming; it can be used for editing, graphic designing, and other heavy-duty tasks. By providing you with a comfortable typing experience, this Logitech MX Keyboard is one of the most responsive keyboards.

Furthermore, with the possibility of charging the keyboard via a USB C rechargeable battery, you can easily charge it and can use it continuously without any charging problems. Moreover, because of being wireless, it’s easy to use. And this is because you don’t have to worry about the wires of the keyboards getting engaged with one another.

Well, this is the reason why I use this keyboard because I do not like the mixture of cables and wires on the computer table. And to avoid that, I prefer going with versatile and wireless gaming keyboards so one keyboard can serve me for all the functions without putting me in the complications of wires.

Furthermore, with the possibility of connecting 3 devices simultaneously with this keyboard, this programming keyboard is one of the top choices for programmers.


  • Highly responsive
  • Comfortable to use
  • USB C rechargeable battery


  • Has no customizable RGB lighting

Logitech MX Keys is one of the most versatile premium and rich-in features keyboards that come with comfortable usage and is highly responsive in its functioning. This wireless keyboard has a backlight option in it, making it easier for you to use the keyboard, mainly in dark surroundings and environments. Furthermore, you can connect it with up to 3 devices at a time because it is compatible with multi-device connectivity.

7. Ducky One 3 SF

Ducky One 3 SF


  • Comes with programmable macro keys
  • Customizability options
  • Offers fantastic performance
  • Cherry MX switches

Ducky One 3 SF is the keyboard known for being high quality in construction and customizable. With the possibility of making customizations to several areas in this keyboard, it is one of the best keyboards for programming offering you remarkable performance and support for countless hours of coding.

This keyboard is wired in its connections and is easy to use because of the presence of numerous programmable macro keys that makes it ideal for programming and coding. It’s truly a masterpiece and is known for its excellent performance and the fantastic comfort zone that it offers its users.

I remember when I was doing my final research on programming. This was the keyboard that I had with me. This undoubtedly helped me a lot by giving me a high comfort zone. I used to type because, at that time, I remember I worked continuously for more than 12 hours on this keyboard, and it never let me down.


  • High comfort zone
  • PBT keycaps
  • Cherry MX switches


  • Slightly expensive

Ducky One 3 SF is said to be the masterpiece when it comes to mechanical keyboards for programming. It is known for its outstanding built quality and superb performance, making it highly reliable for coding. With numerous programmable macro keys and a wide range of cherry MX switches, this keyboard is one of the top choices for those looking for keyboards to give them a comfortable programming experience.

Guide To Pick The Best Keyboards For Programming

Since programmers spend several hours on programming, they have to make sure that whatever keyboard they purchase is sufficient to give them next-level typing experience. Not every keyboard can work for a programmer, so there are certain features that you have to pay attention to, and that, when present in the keyboard you are purchasing, make it perfect for coding.

Consider these and put your attention to the following details so you can get the best keyboard compatible with your need and requirement.

Guide To Pick The Best Keyboards For Programming
Infographic: Guide To Pick The Best Keyboards For Programming


Comfortability is one of the most important things that you should not ignore when purchasing the best coding keyboard. Since coding and programming involve countless hours of working on the keyboard, you have to make sure that the keyboard you are purchasing is the one that can give you comfort.

Make sure to keep your comfort zone the priority if you are a programmer because of course if your body is not easy and relaxed, you would not work efficiently.

Quality Construction And Reliability

Focusing on the quality construction of the keyboard you purchase is another important thing that cannot be ignored. Because programmers spend almost half of their life coding and programming, and for that, they use keyboards.

Keeping that in mind and the frequency of usage of the keyboard, you have to make sure that the keyboard you are purchasing is strong enough to tolerate countless hours of programming without any problems in its functioning.


The next important thing that you have to focus on is the responsiveness of the keyboard. The responsiveness of the keyboard depends mainly on the keycaps and switches.

You have to make sure to purchase a keyboard that is high in responsiveness because it works without any latency and gives you a fast response to whatever action you do. It makes work easier and quicker and makes it possible for you to do extensive work in a shorter time.

Type Of Switches

Different types of switches are available for the keyboard. Selecting the keyboard with the ideal switches offers you longer-lasting hours of programming without tiring yourself. I prefer going with tactile switches as they are more accurate and precise.

It’s been 2 years since I started using a tactile switch keyboard for programming, and I have never come across any typing issues. Well, selecting the type of switch is dependent upon your preference and your personal choice, but I will recommend you go with tactile switches because of their functioning and performance.


The next important thing that you cannot avoid when purchasing a keyboard for programming is the size of the keyboard. The size of the keyboard tells about the versatility of the keyboard. If it is large and has a numeric keypad, in addition to macro keys, it is worth purchasing.

On the other hand, if it is small, compact, and does not contain macro keys nor it has numeric keys, it is not reliable for programming. Compact keyboards that are most commonly 60% keyboard and 75% keyboard are reliable if you are looking to design a minimalistic setup for programming. But if you have space and want to get something efficient, going with a full-size keyboard would be the reliable choice that you can make.


Do programmers prefer going with a 60% keyboard?

Well, no programmers do not prefer going with 60% keyboards because the 60% keyboards do not come with arrow keys in them. This makes editing, coding, and programming of the text quick, difficult, and time-consuming. To avoid that, programmers often look for a large and full-size keyboard, so they can get all the necessary keys, numeric pad, and macro keys in it.

Is a mechanical keyboard best for programming?

Well, mechanical keyboards are reliable for those programmers who want to improve their typing speed. These mechanical keyboards are customizable and offer you the possibility of making changes in the keycaps and switches. This means as a programmer, you can customize the switches of the keyboard and set them according to your ease and preference.

Which switches are best for coding?

Blue switches, also called clicky switches, are more reliable when it comes to coding. These clicky switches make the sound of click click when they are clicked. As soon as you press the key, you will hear the sound of a keystroke. This makes coding and programming much easier, more handy, and more convenient for the programmer. So you should go with blue switches if you want to get something best for coding.

What additional features should you look for in a programming keyboard?

The additional features that you should look for in the programming keyboard that can make your keyboard ideal for coding are the presence of programmable macro keys, adjustability options in the height, backlighting, and above all, ergonomic construction. If you truly want to get the perfect comfort zone while programming, look for a keyboard that is specifically made for programming.

Final Thoughts

This above-mentioned article tells you about the 7 best keyboards for programming that are basically the top picks by professional programmers and are often preferred for endless hours of coding. We have focused mainly on the features these keyboards offer their users and the company they belong to.

All of these are highly reliable and positively reviewed choices and are the ones that are personally used in my office. Plus, there is this buying guide written above that tells you about the features that you should pay attention to when purchasing the best keyboard for programming. Look for these features and purchase the keyboard that has these in it.

Furthermore, if you are in a hurry and truly want to know about the top three picks from the seven best programming keyboards, then here is my list!

  • Das Keyboard 6 comes with a durably built sleep button, USB C connectivity, dedicated media control, Cherry MX switches, and a sleek, premium design. It is a full-size keyboard and is comfortable to use for longer.
  • Logitech MX Keys come with backlighting, multi-device connectivity, USB C rechargeable battery, versatile functioning, and comfortable usage. It is highly responsive and is comfortable to use even if you use it for longer times.
  • Apple Magic Keyboard comes with longer battery life and is one of the most comfortable keyboards to go with. It belongs to a reliable company and is one of the highly responsive keyboards to offer a high comfort zone while programming.

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