Best Motherboards for i7-11700K

Is the abounding option of the best motherboard for i7-11700K overwhelming you? Well, it can be hard to choose the perfect motherboard for your central processing unit. However, I can help you by reviewing the best motherboards for i7-11700K. Even though the successors of the i7-11700K dominate it, it continues to provide an excellent experience to users.

Best Motherboards for i7-11700K

Companies are evolving their technologies with every passing day. This means they must improve their marketing strategies to stay competitive. Consequently, it confuses the buyers as everything looks the same, but some motherboards are different from others and more compatible with your CPU.

Best Motherboards for i7-11700K

1. Asus ROG Strix Gaming Wi-Fi 6E LGA 1200

ROG Strix Z590-E


  • Z590 chipset type
  • LGA1200 CPU socket
  • Supports a maximum of 5333 MHz memory frequency
  • 128 GB total RAM capacity
  • Features 4 Gen4 PCIe M.2 slots
  • Support 10 USB ports at the back
  • It has 3 PCIe expansion slots
  • It has a 3 years warranty period

I will give Asus ROG Strix Gaming Wi-Fi 6E LGA 1200 the first place as it is the most compatible with the i7-11700K. This motherboard is AI-enabled, meaning most things you would otherwise do manually will be AI-enabled. For instance, it has features like AI overclocking, AI cooling, AI networking, AI noise cancellation, etc.

This motherboard has a handful of PCLe slots that the i7-11700k supports. It is especially a gaming motherboard, so you can get the best graphics experience using the graphics card. Therefore it comes with 2 PCIe 4.0 x16 SafeSlots and an additional PCIe 3.0 x16 slot to connect your other hardware.

Asus ROG Strix Gaming Wi-Fi 6E LGA 1200

Considering the connectivity compatibility, this motherboard has everything you will need for your i7-11700k CPU. It has 4 M.2 slots. Furthermore, it has 2 USB ports, standard USB Type A 3 and 2 Gen 2, whereas 2 USB ports are USB 3.2 Gen2 Type C ports, and there are 10 USB ports at the back of the motherboard.

Additionally, Asus ROG Strix supports Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX210 and Intel 2.5 GB Ethernet. So, you can connect the maximum amount of things to your PC. Considering the aesthetics of the motherboard, it offers the best Aura RGB sync. Moreover, it has built-in RGB illumination, so your motherboard will give the coolest experience.


  • It has built-in Wi-Fi support
  • Offers RGB lighting
  • It has a high maximum RAM capacity
  • Best for gaming PCs


  • It is relatively expensive

Finally, it is safe to say that Asus ROG Strix Gaming is the most compatible motherboard with i7-11700k. I like the numerous USB ports as they allow me to use multiple USBs simultaneously, saving a great deal of my time and energy.

2. MSI Z590-A PRO ProSeries Motherboard

MSI Z590-A PRO ProSeries Motherboard


  • Z590 chipset type
  • LGA1200 CPU socket
  • Supports up to a maximum of 5333 MHz memory frequency
  • The total RAM capacity is 64 GB
  • Allows seven USB ports at the back
  • Features 4 Gen4 PCIe M.2 slots
  • Offers a total of 4 Gen4 PCIe M.2 slots
  • Comes with a three-year warranty period

This product gets second place on my list because of its affordability. MSI is famous for its best quality and affordable prices in the market. So, if you are on a budget, you should consider this motherboard as it is well-compatible with i7-11700k. The form factor of this motherboard is ATX. Therefore, it is compatible with Intel’s 10th and 11th generations.

MSI Z590-A PRO ProSeries Motherboard has an LGA1200 CPU socket along with the 4 Gen4 PCIe M.2 slots. It comes with Intel Turbo USB 3.2 Gen 2 port which allows extremely fast data transfer. Furthermore, the total number of USB ports is seven.

This board offers the best thermal solution with the extended heatsink and M.2 shield Frozr. This means that you do not have to think about the heating of the PC setup. Moreover, the excellent thermal solution allows you to use your PC for a maximum time and have long gaming sessions without having a risk of heat damage.


  • Affordable motherboard
  • Compatible with i7-11700k
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Premium technology for cooling


  • Lesser RAM capacity

In short, this might be your best option if you want an affordable motherboard with all the premium features for your i7-11700k. I like the Intel Turbo USB 3.2 feature. It allows me to transfer my data in the least time possible. Moreover, it especially proves to be the best when I have to transfer heavy loads of data.

3. Gigabyte Z590 AORUS Master

Gigabyte Z590 AORUS Master


  • Z590 chipset type
  • LGA1200 CPU socket
  • Supports up to a maximum of 5400 MHz memory frequency
  • 128 GB total RAM capacity
  • Features 3 Gen4 PCIe M.2 slots
  • It has 10 USB ports at the back
  • Total 3 PCIe slots
  • A total of three years warranty period

The Gigabyte is a popular brand among computer enthusiasts. Gigabyte AORUS Master has a Z590 chipset type and LGA1200 CPU socket. So, there is no doubt about its compatibility with the i7-11700k. Moreover, it has various interesting features which place it in our top 3 list.

This motherboard offers the best connectivity, especially internet connectivity. You will get an external AORUS antenna with Intel Wi-Fi 6E 802.11ax for the smoothest and fastest wireless connection. However, if you want a wired connection instead of a wireless one, Gigabyte still got your back with its AQUANTIA 10GbE LAN.

Gigabyte Z590 AORUS Master

The cooling technology of the Gigabyte Z590 AORUS Master is phenomenal. The best heatsinks allow maximum usage of the device without damaging the PC with overheating. Moreover, it has NanoCarbon Fins-Array II and NanoCarbon Direct-Touch Heatpipe II.

This motherboard has a USB 3.2 Gen2 Type C port with 4 additional and 4 standard USB ports at the back. Additionally, it also has a connector for USB 3.2 Gen2 Type port. It also has 3 PCLe connectors.


  • Premium cooling technology
  • External AUROS Wi-Fi antenna
  • A handful of connectivity options


  • Extremely compact connections

Finally, it is safe to say that Gigabyte is a well-reputed company, and you can trust its products. My favorite feature is the ability to keep the PC at room temperature because I use it for long gaming sessions. Until now, I have not experienced any overheating issues.

4. MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Motherboard

MSI MPG Z590 Plus Gaming Motherboard


  • The chipset type is Z590
  • It has an LGA1200 CPU socket
  • The maximum memory frequency that it supports is 5333 MHz
  • The total RAM capacity is 128 GB
  • Comes with 10 USB ports at the back
  • Features 3 Gen4 PCIe M.2 slots
  • It has a total of 3 PCIe expansion slots
  • It has three years warranty period

I am placing this one in fourth place as it is also the best compatible motherboard with the i7-11700k central processing unit. Essentially, its chipset type is Z590 with the LGA1200 CPU socket, which makes it suitable for the CPU of all of the 10th and 11th generations of Intel CPUs.

Regarding storage capacity, MSI MPG Z590 has 128 GB of total memory capacity with the PCIe 4.0 Gen4 M.2 slots and 6 extra SATA ports for additional SSDs or HDDs. These features give you the best experience with multitasking. Moreover, it supports a maximum of 5333 MHz of memory frequency.

It has 10 USB ports, including one USB 3.2 Gen2 Type C, 4 USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, and 4 USB 3.2 Gen 1. They all have 20, 10, and 5 GBPS bandwidth, respectively.


  • High storage capacity for multitasking
  • Aesthetically pleasing Mystic RGB lights
  • External Wi-Fi antenna
  • Comparatively affordable


  • SATA ports are assembled high

I can confidently say that this motherboard is a good option for your i7-11700k processor, especially for gaming. Additionally, I am impressed with the connectivity options. This motherboard is budget-friendly but has all the connectivity options required for your i7-11700k. I received an external Wi-Fi antenna, and the motherboard already supports Wi-Fi 6E; it boosted my internet connectivity experience.

5. ASUS Prime Z590M-PLUS



  • The CPU socket is LGA1200
  • The chipset type is Z590
  • The total memory capacity is 128 GB
  • The total memory speed is 5133 MHz
  • It has a total of 8 USB ports at the back
  • It has Overvoltage Protection
  • VRM heatsink design

ASUS Prime Z590M-PLUS gets a place on my list because it is the most affordable option for under $200. However, the price does not hinder any of the features. It is compatible with i7-11700k due to its chipset type, which is Z590. The CPU socket is LGA1200 which ensures its compatibility with the 10th and 11th-generation CPUs.

This motherboard is the best because of its stable power delivery and ensures reliable power supply to all the components of your computer, especially the CPU. Moreover, it results from its 10 DrMOS power stages, ProCool connectors, and alloy chokes.

With this budget, ASUS Prime has done a good job at cooling technology. It has VRM and PCH heatsink with hybrid fan headers and Fan Xpert 4 utility. It lets the PC handle long stay active sessions without risking heat damage.


The memory capacity is also very good with 4 x DIMM, Max. 128GB with total storage capacity of 3 x M.2 slots and 5 x SATA 6Gb/s ports. However, it has an M.2 slot only, and you will have to purchase the Wi-Fi module separately.


  • Premium heatsinks; Fan Xpert4 utility
  • Very affordable
  • Stable power supply


  • Comparatively fewer USB ports

So, if you do not want to spend big money but want to get all the necessary features, this board is the best alternative. Although it has some shortcomings, I still recommend this motherboard for its affordability. It gave me access to all the features that made it compatible with my CPU. I used it for a long time, and it did not lag or trip once because of its stable power supply.

6. Asus ROG XIII Maximus Apex

Asus ROG XIII Maximus Apex


  • The CPU socket is LGA1200
  • The chipset type is Z590
  • The total memory capacity is 64 GB
  • The total memory speed is 5333 MHz
  • It supports ten USB ports at the back

Let me introduce another option, Asus ROG XIII Maximus Apex. It is a motherboard with a Z590 chipset type and LGA1200 CPU socket. Therefore, it is also compatible with the i7-11700k central processing unit. The price is also reasonable compared to other products with the same features.

I found the overclocking feature of this motherboard amazing. It allows me to squeeze in as much performance from my PC as possible. So, this is your option if you want a board with higher performance than the factory setting.

This motherboard is one step ahead of its competitors in cooling technology. Moreover, heatsinks cover the whole motherboard as its base. There are three heatsinks around the CPU, and the grooves of all the black heatsinks have RGB for aesthetic reasons. The connectivity of this board is also top-notch. It comprises ten USB ports, including five USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-A ports, one USB 3.2 Gen2x2 Type-C port, and four USB 3.2 Gen1 ports.

This motherboard has the best power circuit that allows the CPU to perform beyond its limits without causing any damage. It has a 20-phase VRM with 90A MOSFETs configured in an 18+2 design. Additionally, it has four DIMM slot layouts and a maximum of 64 GB memory capacity. It can support a maximum of 5333 MHz memory frequency. 64 GB is not bad, but I would prefer 128 GBs.


  • Best overclocking capability
  • Intel 2.5 GB Ethernet port
  • Built-in Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax)
  • Premium cooling technology


  • less memory capacity

Now, if you want a motherboard for overclocking, then I think you have found your pick. I used it for long gaming sessions of games like COD and Fortnite, and I found it lag-free every time.




  • Z590 chipset type
  • LGA1200 CPU socket
  • Supports a maximum of 4600 MHz memory frequency
  • 64 GB total RAM capacity
  • Features 4 Gen4 PCIe M.2 slots
  • Supports 8 USB ports at the back
  • Has a single PCIe expansion slots
  • It has a 3 years warranty period

The form factor of the motherboard matters a lot. So far, I have only given the names of ATX boards. However, this one is different as it has a mini-ITX variant form factor. So, this might be your best pick if you have a compact setup and want a compatible motherboard for your i7-11700k processor.

This board also has a Z590-type chipset and LGA1200 CPU socket. This means it is compatible with Intel processors 10th and 11th generations. Moreover, due to its compact size, it has only 2 DIMMs Dual channel DDR4 RAM slots. This means it can only support 64 GB memory capacity. However, it is not very low for its size.


This motherboard has an advanced thermal solution for all of your PC’s overheating problems. It comes equipped with Fins-Array, Heatpipe and Thermal Guards for cooling the PC setup. Moreover, it keeps the setup at the optimal temperature with its VRMs and M.2 SSD to allow overclocking and let it achieve peak performance.


  • Best for compact PCs
  • Good storage and connectivity
  • High memory capacity for the compact board


  • ┬áCan’t install additional PCLe slots

Wrapping it up, I can claim that this board is the best alternative for your compact PC. It has perfect heatsinks, and it keeps my compact PC cool. I am also impressed by the 64 GB memory capacity with this size. Moreover, the M.2 SSD keeps it cool to let me take advantage of its overclocking capabilities, especially when I play heavy games for longer.

Buying Guide to Pick Best Motherboard for i7-11700K

Selecting a compatible motherboard for i7-11700K should not be random. You must consider some factors before making your decision. Moreover, researching before buying any device is better to avoid regretting later. I will share my top picks based on the following features and factors.

Best Motherboards for i7-11700K
Infographic: Best Motherboards for i7-11700K

Chipset Type Compatibility

Before choosing a motherboard, you should first consider checking the chipset compatibility with the CPU. It is the first and foremost factor that determines your CPU compatibility and the type of features the board offers. Not all chipsets are compatible with all CPU types. Therefore, you should check the chipset type before buying the motherboard.

For our i7-11700K, we will look for motherboards with the Z590 chipset. This is the best choice for both gaming and non-gaming PC setups. Z590 supports full PCLe 4.0 with a variety of other features.

Form Factor

Motherboards usually come in various sizes. Generally, there are four main form factors in desktop motherboards. However, even the same series of motherboards offer variants. I recommend an ATX board as it is the largest board among them and therefore offers more features than others.

If you have a compact PC setup, relatively smaller boards like micro-ATX and mini-ITX will work best. However, it would be best to remember that the larger board means a larger range of features and can host more hardware like the PCLe or USB slots.

To choose your form factor, you must know about the PC case of your choice and then check the compatible motherboard. If your case is compatible with an ATX motherboard, it is perfect to buy a full-size board. However, if you have smaller PC cases, then you must choose a motherboard with a small size.


Deciding on a budget for your motherboard can be quite tricky. As it is confusing to choose a board worth your money randomly. There are expensive high-end boards with premium features. However, if you do not need those features, then it is a waste of your money. So, it would be best to consider a few things while deciding on a budget for your motherboard.

The first thing to consider is the type of features you need in a motherboard. Contemplate your PC usage and decide the key features you would expect from a motherboard. Moreover, check for your PCLe slots, RAM requirements, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features, etc.

The precision of the target features will prevent you from spending money on unnecessary features. Therefore, look for a motherboard that offers good value for your money.

CPU Socket

Another important factor to consider before choosing a motherboard is its compatibility with the CPU socket. For i7-11700K, the best one is a motherboard with an LGA1200 CPU socket. The Z590, Z490 and B560 chipsets work with LGA1200 and are fully compatible with i7-11700K. However, the most compatible one with LGA1200 is the Z590 chipset.

PCLe Expansion Slots

If you are expecting high-end graphics from your PC setup, you will have to buy a motherboard with enough PCLe slots for graphic cards and other peripherals like USB hubs, network cards and tuner cards, etc. The best motherboards for i7-11700K come with an x16 PCIe slot. Moreover, the latest version of the PCle generation is PCIe Express Gen 5. However, Gen 4 also works well.

Now that we have a basic guideline of what to look for, let me share the best motherboard for i7-11700K, which should not reduce the performance of the central processing unit.


Is i7-11700k good for gaming?

Yes, the i7-11700k offers the best gaming experience. However, you should be careful before buying other components and check compatibility.

How much RAM can an i7-11700K support?

The i7-11700k processor has 128 GB RAM. Moreover, you can pair it up with less RAM than this. However, 128 GB RAM is ideal and will work the best.

What is the max overclock for i7-11700K?

The maximum is 5.0 GHz all-core overclock in a stable configuration. So, overclocking with i7-11700K can be a little hard and tricky.

Should I upgrade from 11700k to 12700K?

11700K processors work great and have all the great features for gaming and heavy workload. However, if you have the money and will to upgrade to the ultimate best processor by Intel, you should go for 12700K. It consists of 12 cores and 16 threads, which are better than 11700K.


Everything considered, the best motherboard means the one which is more compatible and will bring the peak performance out of your processor. In this article, I have shared the best motherboards for the i7-11700k processor, and here is the summary:

  • Asus ROG Strix Gaming for its amazing connectivity potential, maximum memory capacity and incredible AI features.
  • Gigabyte Z590 AORUS Master for its outstanding connectivity, offering both wired and wireless connections with an external AUROS Wi-Fi antenna and its premium thermal solutions.
  • ASUS Prime Z590M-PLUS, because it is extremely affordable and has maximum memory capacity with a stable power supply for over-voltage protection.

Finally, reading the buying guide to understand the factors necessary for motherboard compatibility would be best. First and foremost, check for your CPU’s form factor, chipset type and socket to draw the baseline of your options. Choosing a motherboard for your processor would hopefully be easier for you now.

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