Best White Motherboards For Gaming

A gaming system is not just a traditional PC, it is an identity of a gamer, and it represents passion and dedication. The primary qualities such as the premium grade graphic card, best in class processor, top of the line RAM are part of a different discussion. It is time to reflect on the passion, style, and zeal of the game. And there is no better way to show off your dedication to the game than owning a good-looking motherboard.

Best White Motherboards For Gaming

You may have built a CPU with all great features but the thing you might have missed is embellishing your hardware with a motherboard that looks like a piece of art in its own way. Don’t worry, you can do this now and I am here to provide you with the best white motherboards for gaming. They not only polish the looks of your PC but also enhance your confidence. Let’s unleash the best motherboards you can ever dream of, it is time to enter the world of the best white motherboards.

Best White Motherboards For Gaming

1. NZXT N7 Z390

NZXT N7 Z390


  • RAM DDR4
  • Wireless connectivity
  • RGB lighting control
  • 2133 MHz speed of memory

Have you ever seen a true masterpiece? If the answer is, no, then here I am going to present the best selling motherboard, NZXT N7 Z390. Whether you run heavy games or are searching for a device to install premium video editing software, the system can stand against any kind of interface. The most heart-touching feature it provides is compatibility. In simple words, you can attach with it all Intel processors from the 8th to the 9th generation.

Plus, the white system board can stand with Core i3, i5 to Core i9. Moving on further, the motherboard has another eye-catching feature. As I have mentioned above, looks are as important as the speed of the processor. This board possesses Hue 2 digital RGB light, yes, it will shine like a twinkling luminary. The three lights red, green, and blue can create thousands of different shades and provide you with something beyond your imagination.

NZXT N7 Z390

People usually complain that system boards like NZXT N7 Z390 are fragile. I also used to believe that this statement has elements of truth until I started using the motherboard. First, it comes with a warranty, second, there is no need to worry about the service life because it is more than expected. Plus, the main board has the ability to work at the speed of light. The memory speed it provides is about 2133 MHz.

The board is designed with a Z390 chipset, and the platform controller hub, it has 8th and 9th generation Intel core processors. Here comes the crucial information; this technology is developed for enhancing the input/out features speed, fast information processing, and connecting different parts of the board. This means, no matter how heavy the game is, this one of the best white motherboards will never disappoint you with sophisticated technology.


  • Easy to install
  • Bluetooth V5
  • Noise reduction


  • High cost

I will recommend this white motherboard if you are playing games for fun, passion and to win the field. The most significant part of this motherboard is that it is a highly compatible system. Additionally, one can effortlessly install it within 5 to 10 minutes.

2. ASUS Prime X470-Pro

ASUS Prime X470-Pro


  • Aura Sync
  • RGB lighting 8 channels for audio
  • High definition S1220 A codec
  • PCIe connectivity

A motherboard without soothing audio is a piece of rubbish. In the past, you must have used such systems but it is time to say goodbye to all of them. I am going to introduce an outstanding object, the ASUS Prime X470-Pro. This mainboard supports an S1220 A codec delivery, which is known for its high-profile audio quality. It is one of the best audio coder-decoders developed yet and used for interpreting audio data on board.

I am recommending this one of the best white motherboards as it offers high customization no other motherboard can deliver. Basically, it supports software, the turbo app. This only comes in the ASUS Prime systems. Anyhow, it allows you to change the major settings of hardware and software. You can alter the speed of the fan, turn on the data saving mode and open a gaming or streaming mode.

Not only this, the board provides you with a chance to illuminate the room. Yes, it has RGB lighting, you can change these three colors in different shades with the help of the Turbo application. The application is there to enhance the quality and provide you with complete control over hardware and software. Now answer this, will you find such a fantastic machine like this one that has the ability to offer a list of customizable features?

When it comes to speed, this board has processors which can run at the speed of electricity. Actually, it possesses the AMD Ryzen 2 AM4 with a combination of 7th generation Athlon processors. You can run all kinds of games whether they belong to the best in class category or you want a white motherboard for running heavy algorithm software. Remember, you will never face a slow or freeze.


  • High-speed connectivity
  • Ear comforting audio
  • Easy customization through Turbo app


  • No onboard wifi

Data flow from one component to another is like the blood flow in the human body. What if the data you are processing is slow or the system shows an error because of load? No problem, ASUS Prime X470-Pro has PCIe connectivity for boosting the speed of connection of all the components in the CPU.

3. ASUS Prime Z390-P

ASUS Prime Z390-P


  • Supports M.2 SSD
  • Gigabit LAN
  • Multi-GPU setting
  • Safeslot Core

This time you will be left with no excuse to skip the product. The white motherboard I have for you this time will force you to purchase it. Here is my third recommendation for you, the ASUS Prime Z390-P, a machine that has so much for you. Let’s start with the looks of the motherboard. The machine has a dark PCB and gray accent lines on it, seems like it is the most attractive board on the earth

With 2 heatsinks and 2 RGB light headers, the device provides a completely different feeling when you use it. From one to another and then another till the thousands, shades do not finish as you will see multiple color schemes. Plus, the clean and sophisticated look of the machine will make your friends jealous. In terms of looks, I have never seen such an incredible machine in my whole past experience.

ASUS Prime Z390-P

Progressing further, the machine has ASUS Optmem II for eliminating the disturbance between DRAM and CPU plus it encourages signal integrity. Additionally, for better performance of the DRAM, it increases memory frequency. On the other hand, when it comes to protecting the system, no machine can match the level of this one. It has the latest technology based protection for your system, the 5X protection III.

In this package, you will receive various guards for your CPU such as the safe slot core for securing the cards such as the graphic card from damage. Plus, the over voltage protection is there for protecting any kind of shirt circuit. As well as, the DIGI and VRM look after the distribution of power and precise supply of power for enhancing productivity.


  • High protection
  • Cool design
  • Improved audio


  • Limited shades of RGB lighting

I always try to keep myself unbiased but when it comes to the ASUS Prime Z390-P, it is hard for me to resist. Its ultra-durable body, high-profile protection, mouth-opening design, and outstanding performance are the reasons why I am biased and like this machine. No reason has left, everything is cleared.

4. ASUS Prime X570-Pro

ASUS Prime X570-Pro


  • PCIe 4.0
  • FanXpert 4 technology
  • Procool connector
  • VRM heatsink

It is the third ASUS Prime motherboard but I am recommending it because the brand manufactures top of the line machines. However, it is the upgraded version of the both of the above we have discussed. I have been using this one since its launch and also used its previous version. To be honest, there is a huge difference between this one and the previous versions.

The first difference I found was the lightning speed of this model. Basically, the previous version of the ASUS Prime X470-Pro had good speed but for supersonic speed, the manufacturer launched this one. The previous version had the PCIe 3.0 but it possesses more advanced and fast cables. The latest cable can transfer double the data compared to the PCIe 3.0 as it has PCIe 4.0 x16, which is why it is faster and more efficient than the previous model.

Stepping up, the smart controlling 5 ways optimization is there to care for and maintain the efficient performance of the system. If you do not know, it provides 5 features from stabilizing the voltage and CPU automatic adjustment to optimizing the audio quality. The motherboard also comes with the dual M.2, the fastest and latest drives than the traditional hard drives and SATA-SSDs.

Moreover, the heatsinks it has are more than outstanding. Actually, it has VRM heatsinks, if you do not know, the VRM is a component that deals with voltage and power. As it has to deal with such things, the chipset gets warmer and warmer. But the elite class VRM heatsinks cool down the chipset and maintain the temperature of the CPU. Conversely, the board also has 2 USB ports of 3.2 generation for quick data transfer.


  • Compatible with the latest Ryzen processors
  • Has better connectivity
  • Next generation USB ports


  • Produces a lot of heat

I used to believe that there is nothing perfect in this universe until I bought this system. The machine’s performance not only astonished me but its looks also made me fall in love with it. I have examined this motherboard, now it is your turn to use and prove that all the claims are accurate.

5. MSI B450M Mortar Titanium

MSI B450M Mortar Titanium


  • 32 GB RAM
  • 3.1 USB ports
  • Four DIMM RAM slots
  • 3466 memory speed

The above are the best white motherboards because they provide ultra-fast processors and unexpectedly advanced PCIes for connecting one component with another. But all those were highly expensive and it might be possible that an average gaming enthusiast cannot afford those main boards. Well, if the problem is money then there is no problem because I have MSI B450M Mortar Titanium for you at a reasonable price.

I like it because the board provides all the features of the above systems and still, it does not charge thousands of bucks. Some claim that lower cost brings low quality, if you apply this fact to MSI B450M Mortar Titanium, the system will never prove it right.

MSI B450M Mortar Titanium

Anyway, the board has 3.0×16 PCIe cables which I have mentioned before that they are one of the fastest cables for transferring data and connecting components of different areas. Additionally, it has double PCIe 2.0×1 cables which are attached to several parts of the board, and the SATA 6Gbps ports or connectors. There are several benefits of these ports such as transferring ability of 6 Gbps data, more storage capacity, and compatibility.

Moving up to the looks, the board has a black and white plate or the PCB with a shining titanium heatsink. Once you look at the board, nothing else can disturb your attention. Plus, the RGB lighting is also there for enhancing the beauty of your system.

The board will create several hundreds of shades on the bases of these three colors, red, green, and blue. Now you can understand that all the features are the same but the price difference creates a huge difference between this and other white motherboards


  • 7.1 channel audio
  • Fast boat and high load capacity
  • Stylish look


  • Only two RAM slots

My purpose is not to sell motherboards but to provide you with the best machines for gaming. If you are a gamer, you might know how hard it is to find a rig according to your requirements. The rig can lift all the load you put on it, and this has the ability to accomplish the goal. Whether you play heavy games or stream them online, this motherboard will prove itself in all conditions.




  • 8th generation Intel Core processor
  • Micro-ATX form factor
  • RGB controlled by MSI Mystic Software
  • Supports DDR4 memory

Now you have a white motherboard that is for people who have never been in gaming before and are about to adopt the hobby. First, the board has limited but useful features such as DDR4 memory and special features that are designed for the gamers like its Gigabit LAN controller. It is useful for those who are into online games or like to stream. The device eliminates disturbances and provides fast internet so you play calmly.

Slow internet can ruin your gaming session but now say goodbye to the CPUs which freeze or get the slow cause of load. Because the Gigabit LAN controller will allow you to play with your full potential and in case of slow internet, it will help to complete the required speed. Moreover, the system board has PCIe 3.0 x16 and PCIe 2.0 x1 for installing the graphic cards.

Additionally, the machine provides you to customize the RGB without changing the settings of the hardware. You do not need to wait for your favorite color combination instead it is compatible with the software MSI Mystic for controlling the shades. With the help of a smart interface, you can choose the color you like or set a list of combinations according to the game you are playing.

When I started using this model, it was hard to stay with it for more than an hour because this version has limited features as compared to the MSI B450 M Mortar Titanium. But with the passage of time, I came to know all about the machine. It is compatible with all AMD Ryzen processors and because of its small body, you can fit the board in any kind of body. Not only this, the color scheme of the PCB, white color with dark components provides a feeling of uniqueness.


  • Two different hard drive slots
  • No internet disruption
  • Affordable


  • Limited abilities

The best is not what has zero disadvantages as compared to the others. But the best is one that suits your personality and fulfills your requirements. This system has the ability to fill the gap you want to repair for years. That’s why I consider it one of the best white motherboards for gaming. Otherwise, it is possible there are more advanced mainboards available in the market but they are not suitable.

7. ASUS Prime X570-P

ASUS Prime X570-P


  • Maximum RAM capacity is 128 GB
  • 4 DDR4 DIMM RAM slots
  • 4600 MHz memory speed
  • DTS custom audio technology

My last recommendation is the ASUS Prime X570-P and I kept it secret till the end of this guide to surprise you with an eye-opening machine. The board is beyond your expectations and imagination. I have been using this machine for one year of its launch and it always amazed me with its incomparable speed, memory capacity, and customization. If you are also searching for the best of the best, you must purchase this motherboard.

Let’s start with the audio, this machine has Realtek S1200A codec with DTS custom. Don’t worry in case you do not know, it is one of the latest audio technologies and allows users to experience sound the way they want to hear. Basically, it offers multiple properties such as volume normalization, spatial effect, and equalization. Pro gamers can understand the blessing of DTS custom and the sound it provides is more than exceptional.

ASUS Prime X570-P

When it comes to speed, no board can run faster than this one because each chip in the board belongs to a sophisticated version. First, it supports the AMD AM4 socket processors from the Ryzen 3000 to 5000 series. Not only this, the board has one of the fastest connectivity setups as it has 2 PCIe 4.0 x16 slots and 3 PCIe 4.0 x1 for installing and running multiple graphic cards.

I have run multiple heavy games, software, and programs, that are hard for the traditional board, on it. Believe me, the programs never froze nor did the computer heat up. This could be because it has a VRM heatsink with a heat pipe to maintain the inside’s temperature.

As well, the board allows you to install SATA III and PCIe 4.0 drives as it has slots for them and is compatible, meaning, gaming is easy now, start installing your favorite games, and the device is ready for them.


  • Advance cooling system
  • Sound customization
  • Compatible with many AMD processors


  • Board has no wifi

The technological world is full of miracles. If you imagine an impossible to design motherboard today, after a few years, the board will come in front of you. The conclusion is, there is no end to innovations and advancements. Currently, the computer you consider the best will be useless after 5 years. Therefore, pick up the one you want now, searching for the top best class is a trap with no end.

Buyer’s Handbook

You have seen the 7 best white motherboards for gaming but what if you are looking for a device without prior knowledge? Certainly, you will purchase the wrong one or will be unable to make a decision. And when it comes to technological objects like motherboards or keyboards, and processors you need to know the must-have features of that device or machine. In this guide further, I will lead you through the most significant features of a white motherboard.

Best White Motherboards For Gaming
Infographic: Best White Motherboards For Gaming Buyer’s Handbook


A system board is like the heart of the body of a CPU, it possesses all chipsets, processors, RAM, ROM, and other significant components. But most of the time, the components that come along the board get old technologically or wear out after a few years. Or because of daily advancements in software and the gaming world, you are required to have a bit better mainboard components.

In this regard, you should find a motherboard that can fulfill your needs. Which has all kinds of slots for other types of cards. Plus, check that the board you are about to pay for is compatible with different processors and other types of hard drives such as SATA II and III. In simple words, you should examine whether the board is suitable for other kinds of components or not.


Gaming motherboards have a bit of different significant features as compared to traditional system boards. The second most crucial feature is the chipset which determines the number of USB ports 3 to 4, the connectivity cables such as PCIe and the types of slots, and the number of RAMs supported by the board.

For gaming systems especially for Intel processors, you should pick up the Z590 and B560 setups. On the other hand, if you are an AMD processor lover you ought to select the A520 and X570 chipsets. These four versions of chipsets are great and suitable for gaming.


Another important feature you should examine before you purchase the motherboard is VRM. Actually, the component is responsible for tackling and stabilizing the voltage and power. For gaming, people use an overlock mood in which the system runs at its full potential. At the moment, it gets warmer and warmer and because of using more power, VRM works more than the traditional motherboard VRM.

What I mean to say is that you should check out the quality of VRM before you go to order the machine. The motherboards for gaming should have 8 to 10 phases of power. Plus, check that the board possesses multiple VRM heatsinks to keep the inside temperature down while running at its full potential.


Does MSI make white motherboards?

Yes, MSI makes the white motherboard. The first white system board they designed and launched in 2018 with the name MSI B450 Tomahawk Arctic. The board has all the advanced features from RGB to silver accents. Since the first launch, MSI has released other upgraded versions of the particular white motherboard and started other series.

Are ASUS motherboards better than MSI?

Comparing the two best manufacturers is not easy but in my experience, the ASUS motherboards are better than the MSI white motherboards. As the company ensures quality, enhances the features with every version, and provides more sophisticated and eye-catching motherboards, it is better than the MSI system boards.

Does the color of the motherboard matter?

Certainly not, the color of the motherboard has no effect on the performance. The colors are for aesthetics, the white motherboards look good in the transparent CPU body as they have white PCB with black components and designs.

Does graphics card matter for motherboard?

Graphic cards have great importance for running heavy games and video or picture editing software. Some name it the video card while it is better to call it a graphic processing unit. The majority of the motherboards come along with a built-in graphic card but if you want to install another or replace the previous one check the compatibility of the board and the case.

Does an expensive motherboard make a difference?

It is possible that the expensive motherboard makes a difference as it has more advanced technology, better RAM, fast processors, and the latest PCIes. It is also possible that the expensive motherboards have more phases for power and sophisticated features.


Gaming is not just a leisure activity, it is becoming a passion, a style, and even a professionalism. Visual gaming is the future of entertainment. Today most people have no access because they require the best quality rigs but with the passage of time, the prices of technological equipment and machines are coming down. Contributing to this future agenda and making rare phenomena common, I have introduced the 7 best white motherboards.

These boards are specially designed for gaming, whether you like to install the game and play offline or go for streaming, the motherboards are there to assist you. They are not performance efficient but also eye-catching and attention grabbers because of their unique color schemes and PCB paints. I also mentioned a few must-have components in the guide. If you are still confused, here are my two favorite and best in-line motherboards.

  • ASUS Prime X570-Pro is the latest version of the ASUS Prime which supports multiple PCIe 4.0 x16 connectivity setup and SATA 6Gbps Ports
  • ASUS Prime X570-P has DTS custom for controlling the sound and 128 GB RAM capacity.

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