Best Z390 Gaming Motherboards

On the planet of computers, a new emperor has emerged, the Z390 chipset motherboard. The machine has taken the world by storm and now every second pro gamer has a dream to get this 9th generation motherboard. This top tier machine is specifically designed for tackling heavy games and performing long processing tasks within a short duration.

Best Z390 Gaming Motherboards

The motherboards can support two types of CPUs, the 8th and 9th generation and Support incredibly fast slots as well as PCIe cables. But when it comes to purchasing, most people are confused while choosing the model or brand. Stay relaxed, here I will illuminate your way to get the ideal and most suitable motherboard. Further in this guide, we will discuss the 5 best Z390 gaming motherboards which will take your virtual experience to the next level.

Best Z390 Gaming Motherboards

1. ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero

ASUS ROG Z390 Maximus XI Hero


  • Two M.2 NVME slots
  • LGA 1151 socket
  • SupremeFX audio codec Fan Xpert 4

Usually, I stay busy discovering computer components, and the rest of my time is invested in gaming. Once it was summer and I could not run a heavy game in my system. In more appropriate words it was an old PC, well, I called experts and they recommended changing the motherboard. At that moment, I brought the ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero and tested it for more than a month.

The first most alluring feature I found in this motherboard was its overlocking mode. It was a hundred times faster than my previous system and changed the direction of my gaming. As they say, “you get what you pay for” this happened to me. The overlocking mode allowed me to see the peak performance of the motherboard but there was a serious problem. Normally, the systems heat up in the overlock mode and if you have a heavy system, it gets more heat.

But the case was completely different with this motherboard, its Fan Xpert 4 and UEFI BIOS help to maintain the inside temperature. At first, I thought that the overlocking mode was not working because the motherboard wasn’t generating heat, but then I came to know about the advanced cooling system. Moreover, another feature worthy to discuss is the LGA 1150 socket.

ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero

What I mean to say is very simple, the motherboard can support multiple processors such as Core i3 to i 9 series. On the other hand, the motherboard unleashed the universe of lighting, its ultra-efficient RGB system allowed me to create millions of shades. Aggressive lighting while playing a shooting game increases the charm and elation of the activity. I can talk a lot about this motherboard but I want to leave this responsibility to you to discover more after you use it.


  • Versatile socket
  • RGB customization
  • Quick data processing


  • Has only two M.2 slots

You cannot explore the best Z390 gaming motherboards until you start testing on your own. A professional gamer always sees something different in any machine related to him. Therefore, bring it home and check out the surprise this motherboard has for you.

2. ASUS Prime Z390-P

ASUS Prime Z390-P


  • PCIe 3.0
  • DRAM overclocking stability
  • Realtek ALC887
  • 5050 RGB connector

After using ASUS ROG Maximus for months, I planned to discover more machines manufactured by ASUS such as Prime Z390-P. It is accurate to say that ASUS was my favorite brand at that time and it not only helped me but also other gamers to grow in a better environment. Anyhow, the major differences between these two machines are the audio quality, their eye-catching design, and their price.

The first one took each and every single penny from my pockets but the next one was pretty affordable. However, its premium quality Realtek ALX887 audio codec provides you with a next-level experience. Once you start playing a game with full sound, you will feel like the virtual world is more real than where you are sitting. I have felt that if you hear the natural sound, your capability to play games increases by a sufficient amount.

Moving on further, it was hard for me to believe that a mother can be this much efficient in terms of speed. I explored this motherboard that supports the PCIe 3.0 cables for connectivity. Don’t worry if you have no idea what is the purpose of these cables. Basically, a machine like a motherboard has multiple parts from drive slots to RAM and video cards. So, different cables support this universe of tiny chips and create a fast network.

This motherboard has one of the fastest PCIe cables which carry information within seconds. As well, the board provides 5X protection III for keeping all the sub-parts safe inside the case or body such as the short circuits. This means the amount you are about to invest is in safe hands, so do not wait until the previous system wears out. Go and buy it before everything ruins.


  • Premium quality sound
  • Attractive color scheme on the body
  • High-speed data sharing


  • Does not support WIFI connectivity

Purchase a machine that suits your budget and is enough for your activities. My sincere advice, you will waste money if you buy any other premium labeled motherboard and skip it because Prime Z390-P has the same abilities and the price is also affordable. Do not look at what they show you, figure out how much you can afford.

3. MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC

MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC


  • Frozr Heatsink temperature management
  • Mystic RGB lighting
  • DDR 4

I was wandering in the world of ASUS but then a friend of mine told me about MSI motherboards. First, it was weird to know that there are also other best Z390 gaming motherboards existing and later I decided to experience a change. However, I brought the top notch MSI motherboard, the MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC and it completely changed my view of virtual gaming.

First, I found out that this motherboard can support a list of Intel processors from Core i9 to i3 series. It was not something surprising but the thing that amazed me was its socket quality. Both ASUS Prime Z390-P and MPG Z390 have ALC 1151 sockets but this motherboard supports a highly durable material socket. Second, the motherboard supports four RAMs at the same moment, it’s DDR 4 slot allows you to install multiple memories simultaneously.

MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC

Not only this, I checked the memory limit by putting memory cards in all RAM slots and it was difficult to believe that this motherboard could lift 64 GBs. Frankly, every gamer wants to become a professional. The dream could be possible with a wide amount of customization on the motherboard. After struggling for years, you have a piece of art that can deal with the cache and allow multiple memory cards at the same time.


  • Six SATA III Ports
  • High-speed cooling panel
  • Wireless connectivity


  • Has no built-in video card

The MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC is regarded as one of the best Z390 gaming motherboards because of its outstanding overclocking mode and superior-grade cooling system. The frozr heatsink design has the ability to eliminate heat from the case without generating a single decibel of sound. However, the deal could be yours if you order as soon as possible otherwise the future is uncertain.




  • AI overclocking mode
  • Thermal guards for dual M.2
  • Smart Fan 5
  • Multi-configuration

If not a single motherboard could impress you then I should tell you about a surprising machine. I came to know about MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE. In my experience, it is a real god of speed, efficient enough to multitask, a beast for lifting heavy software and incredible performance, and inexplicable design. You may think that I am exaggerating but to be honest, this motherboard belongs to the elite-grade machine category.

The smart Fan 5 is sleek enough to handle the heat and high temperatures. Here comes its god-like powers: the motherboard assesses the heat intensity and runs the fan according to the demanded cooling temperature. Then it allows the system to manage the voltage and consume only the required power. On the other hand, the AI overlooking features is beyond imagination.

The purpose of using AI in overlocking is to provide you with maximum performance while playing games. The automatic operation delivers the right amount of power and speed in the full potential mode.

Additionally, the motherboard has multi-configuration properties which means you can install various video cards at the same moment with the NVIDIA SLI and AMD Crossfire technologies. Now you can determine whether you want a motherboard with all these or will use the old PC.


  • Suitable size for most cases
  • Advance cooling system
  • Allow different VGAs to work together


  • A bit of noisy audio

Gamers need a machine that stands against any challenge. If a motherboard is unsuitable for your processor, you will never get satisfying results. This one of the best gaming motherboards has an LGA1150 socket to support all types of Core i3 to i9 Intel processors.




  • RGB Fusion 2.0
  • USB Turbocharger
  • Dual Gigabit LAN
  • 16 + 3 power phases

When it comes to the best Z390 gaming motherboards we cannot conclude our guide without discussing the GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Xtreme. This motherboard is incredible in all aspects, the most amazing feature is its RGB fusion 2.0.

Basically, it has LEDs from one end to another and once you click on the light button, an attractive and fascinating color scheme will emit from the case. The major difference between this one and all the above mainboards, it offers convenience. It has an RGB fusion 2.0 feature that makes it easy for the user to customize the lighting. Then comes its lightning speed, it supports PCIe 3.0 x 16 and 3.0 x 1.


Moving on further, the system board has an ESS Sabre Hi-Fi 9218 DAC for removing the distortion from audio and eliminating noisy effects. Anyhow, the motherboard supports the three M.2 slots and DDR4 to maximize the speed and storage. In terms of output data, it possesses a USB Turbocharger, in case your cell phone’s battery is getting low, attach it to the motherboard and it will charge the phone within minutes.


  • Thermal guards
  • Fast networking
  • Can charge other devices


  • Highly expensive

No one can become successful in any field until he invests enough. Your days to put capital in gaming have started, now buy this premium-grade motherboard and leave every opponent behind.

Shopper’s Advisor

I have been gaming for years and I have used a list of useless motherboards throughout my whole career. That is because of incomplete knowledge of the must-have features of a gaming motherboard. Remember, a gaming motherboard is a bit different from normal motherboards. Here are a few must-have features discussed, follow them and pick up a quality motherboard.

Look for these things when buying the Z390 gaming motherboard
Infographics: Look for these things when buying the Z390 gaming motherboard

Socket Compatibility

Compatibility is the most significant factor we often ignore while choosing the motherboard. Basically, chipsets vary according to their processor sockets. For example, Z390 is known for providing an LGA 1150 socket, while the socket may also vary based on brand. However, if you have an 8th or 9th generation processor with Core i3 to i9 specifications, you can use an LGA 1150 socket. So do not use any other processor with this chipset.

Form Factor

This feature represents the size, shape, and dimensions of the motherboard. After checking the socket, you are required to see the form factor. The most in-use form factors are the ATX; Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX. If you ask me, I will recommend you purchase an ATX form factor because it has the most suitable size, more slots, and unexpected features.

Storage Options

When you are purchasing a motherboard, you must check the storage options your target machine provides. The slots for drives include M.2 drives, the SATA, and U.2 slots. I have used both types of boards, the NVMe protocol and traditional storage option motherboards. In my experience, one should purchase NVMe protocol motherboards for quick SSD response.


Are Z390 motherboards good?

Yes, they are good enough, the Z390 chipset holds a lot for gamers, it provides incredible speed, high-end RAM slots, quick response hard drive slots and also lighting speed connectivity.

How much RAM can a Z390 hold?

It depends on the brand but normally the Z390 chipset can support nearly 64 GB RAM.

What CPU is Z390 for?

The 8th and 9th generation CPUs are perfect for the Z390 chipset. Basically, the motherboard is designed for gaming and other heavy software. So you should use a sophisticated CPU with this cut-edging motherboard.

Is Z390 better than X570?

Both have their unique qualities such as the Z390 supporting 8th to 9th generation processors but the X570 can withstand 3000 to 5000 series. But AMD Ryzen X570 has PCIe 4.0 while Z390 supports PCIe 3.0.

What is the maximum SSD speed for Z390?

It depends upon the type of SSD you use with this chipset. Multiple drives have various speed limits with other types of protocols. But normally, the generation 3 x 4 SDD has 32 GB/s speed with the Z390 chipset.


I spend most of my time reading, learning, exploring the computer components, and for the duration of rest, I go for games. If you summarize my career experience, there is no best motherboard available in the market because each will get old within years. In this era of technological revolution, we cannot label something as perfect. But there are a few motherboards that are suitable for the long future and also great for present times.

I have discussed 5 of them, the best gaming motherboards. All have a unique feature of the ability to counter hangs and slowdowns. Plus, their service life is more than 10 years so use it until the world ends. But keep in mind that, everything has a price, so, purchase a more ideal motherboard by investing more bucks or buy a local motherboard. Anyway, here are my two favorite motherboards of all time.

  • MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE is the most advanced machine created by MSI for challenging functions.
  • ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero is a real-life model in the world of technologies and known for its sophisticated features such as customizable RGB and DDR4 slots.

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