Can You Use a Keyboard And Mouse On PS4?

Hello there, gamer friends! 

Have you ever thought about whether you can use your PS4 without your dependable controller and instead enjoy the reliability of a mouse and keyboard setup? So, stop surprising now! Because you are not alone in this overwhelming situation.

Can You Use a Keyboard And Mouse On PS4

Yes, surely you can use your PS4 with a keyboard and mouse with essential accessories and setups that you should count on.  

In this informative blog, I will dive into the world of using a mouse and keyboard with your PS4. I can help you with everything from setting it up to easily navigating menus, playing games, and entering messages.

Can You Use a Keyboard And Mouse On PS4?

Absolutely! On a PS4, use  of a  mouse and keyboard can offer a very different level of control and convenience, including activities such as web browsing, messaging, or playing specific games that enable this input mode. How to put it up and use it in  a PS 4:

Set Up Your Keyboard and Mouse on a PS4

Get Your Gear Together: 

First, check that you have a USB mouse and keyboard that you plan to use with your PS4. If both devices have USB ports, they can be easily connected wirelessly.

USB Ports:

Find the PS4’s USB ports, as these are often situated on the console’s front and back sides.

Set Up Your Keyboard and Mouse on a PS4

Connecting Devices: 

Now use the PS4’s USB ports to make the connection with your USB keyboard and mouse.

Automatic Detection: 

The PS4 is designed to detect your keyboard and mouse right away. Automation detection is a  notification that new input devices have been connected.

In most cases, there won’t be anything you have to configure. However, some particular games or apps can offer those options if you want to alter key mappings and their sensitivity.

How To Use a PS4 Mouse and Keyboard

Dashboard Usage: 

After setting up your mouse and keyboard, you can use the mouse to reach the PS4 dashboard, just as you would on a computer. To open apps or games, move the mouse cursor over icons and click them.

Text Input: 

Text input with a keyboard is faster and more accurate, which is one of its most essential advantages. The keyboard is a device that  makes it considerably simpler to send messages, insert text into search fields, and operate the online browser.


A few PS4 titles accept a keyboard and mouse as input devices. These are well known cross-platform games or games from genres like strategy and first-person shooters. Your mouse will serve as the pointing and camera controls during a compatible game, and the keyboard will deal with all other inputs.

How To Use a PS4 Mouse and Keyboard

Game Compatibility: 

You should know that not all games are enabled for keyboard and mouse input. Your mouse and keyboard cannot work accurately or can not even be detected if a game doesn’t natively support them.

Mouse Sensitivity: 

So depending on your priorities, you can change the mouse sensitivity in some games’ settings. This can play a very important role in determining the efficacy of game play and  affect how quickly or slowly the cursor responds to mouse movements in-game.

Chat and Messaging: 

When it comes to chatting and messaging,  without the trouble of a controller-based virtual keyboard, you can quickly chat with friends, send messages, and type out longer sentences with the help of a keyboard.

What are the potential advantages of using a keyboard and mouse for PS4?

On the PS4, the use of a mouse and keyboard has many vital advantages, but it’s hard to remember that not all games are made with this input mode in mind. While playing with the aid of a mouse and keyboard, some games could have limitations and problems.

In addition, for some USB peripherals to function efficiently with the PS4, drivers or software updates are very necessary. For any unique and innovative requirements, make sure to consult the manufacturer’s instructions or official website.

What are the potential advantages for using keyboard and mouse for PS4

The PS5 features upgraded mouse and keyboard functionality, according to Sony, but before using this setup with a PS5, ensure it is compatible with your PS4.

In the end, using a mouse and keyboard with your PS4 can improve and upgrade text input, navigation, and some game experiences.  Therefore, there is no denying that  it’s a fantastic choice for players who favor and like it to use for PS4.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I actually use a keyboard and mouse with my PS4?

Yes, surely you can use electronic boards and mice with USB connections  with the PS4. It’s an innovative way to upgrade your gaming experience, particularly in titles that accept this type of input.

What pros come with utilizing a mouse and keyboard?

You can get many benefits from a mouse and keyboard. First of all, the accuracy of a mouse allows more accurate camera control and targeting in some games. Secondly, the use of a keyboard makes it easier and faster to type messages, browse the web, and operate the dashboard.

Final thoughts

So that’s all about it!

Thanks to the efficiency and performance of mouse and keyboard settings, the world of gaming on your PS4  goes beyond the limitations of controllers. This setup comes with a higher level of accuracy and simplicity, whether you’re crafting elegant words with ease or want the headshot of your favorite shooter.

Just remember that not all games are made with the aim of requiring the use of a mouse and keyboard, so you should explore and do some research to find ones that do. You should combine the mouse and keyboard and give it a try if you’re looking for some strategic gaming, speedier text input, or just a new way to connect with your PS4.

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