How to know How Many Threads Your CPU Has

In your processor, there are cores and threads that are responsible for the activities that it performs. The number of cores and threads in your processor depends on many different factors including model, brand and generation.

How to know how many threads your CPU has

Both these numbers are on the increase for both Intel and AMD chips with the newer generation processors normally having more physical cores as compared to older models. 

So if you want to know how many threads your CPU has?

How to check how many threads in your CPU

There are many ways by which you can monitor the number of threads in your specific processor of your system. 

CPU Specifications

If you do not have access to your system and are passionate to find out the number of threads you can find it through Google click by knowing your model of processor. When you know the model of your system and processor you can easily explore the number of threads in it. 

CPU Specifications

For example in the specification sheet of Intel, i7-4790, as it includes all essential data from the task manager. 

Task Manager in Windows OS

You can know the number of threads in your processor  by entering the window task manager by either pressing CTRL +ALT+DEL and selecting it from the list. You can do it alternatively by entering CTRL+SHIFT +ESC too. Click on the more details in the bottom left if you don’t have it on by default and opt for the performance tab. 

Now click on the CPU tab on the left and now you are presented with a ton of different data including the number of physical cores and logical processors. 

Task Manager in Windows OS

In this we can see the task manager performance stats for an intel core i7 4790. So this CPU has 4 physical cores and 8 logical processors that means it can support intel hyper threading technology. 

Therefore not all types of processors are featured with 2 threads per core though but there are other things like P and E cores in a single CPU, that means that some cores have hyperthreading and some don’t have. 

System Information In Windows Operating System

For those who are window users, they can find the number of threads by opening the system information as this nifty little app will offer you everything regarding threads of your processor.

System Information In Windows Operating System

It also provides you with the rundown of your operating system’s total RAM memory, BIOS version, and total virtual memory. 

Third Party Software

The last but not the least way to know the number of threads in a CPU is by third party software. 

Third Party Software

One of the best examples of software is the CPU-Z as it does the same task as task manager and system information but in a more palatable way.

It gives you information like your processor maximum TD, Thermal design power, clock and cache info, core voltage and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many threads in a CPU?

A single server processor core can have 2 threads but if a Cpu has 8 cores with two threads per core it will have 16 threads to do tasks. 

What is thread count in a CPU?

The core count refers to the actual number of cores on the CPU die.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up how to Know how many threads in your CPU?

Cpu cores are the physical parts of your system and on the other hand, Cpu threads denote the number of logical processing cores or the number of processes your processor cores can deal with. 

Depending on the brand and model of the operating systems different processors come with different numbers of threads. So the above mentioned ways are the best ones to know their number.

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