Does Motherboards Matters For Gaming?

Is the motherboard important for Gaming? Does motherboards matters for gaming at all or is it just another misconception that high-end motherboards enhance your gaming performance? Such questions are bound to pop up in your mind given how people have made it their point to boast about their high-end and super-expensive motherboards. But the big question is, is this cost really necessary?

Does Motherboards Matters For Gaming

The answer to this question is simple, no this cost is not necessarily necessary. I know this statement may sound a little confusing to you right now but hear me out. A motherboard is supposed to enhance and smoothen out the overall performance of your computer rather than just the gaming performance. So, if they tell you to get an expensive motherboard to enhance your gaming, don’t believe them. For further details relating to this article, keep on reading!

Does Motherboards Matters For Gaming

Does Your Motherboard Affect Your FPS?

Motherboards are not directly related to games or gaming. It is like a kind of driver that ensures that your ride stays smooth throughout your journey. To put it simply, a good motherboard will not impact your gaming performance directly however, it has a great yet indirect impact on your overall pc performance including the gaming performance.

Does Your Motherboard Affect Your FPS

So, no, a motherboard does not affect your frame rate/ FPS, however, it will definitely improve your overall gaming experience. You will notice smoother and much faster game loading. The game would not buff no matter how heavy it might be. Plus, even the screen would not dim during complex gaming missions. A good motherboard provides a basis for an even and smooth gaming performance.

CPU Performance

A good motherboard definitely enhances the performance of the CPU and allows it to overclock. Plus, the better the performance of the CPU the better the gaming experience. However, not all games are impacted by overclocking. Only the heavier games that have high graphics depend upon CPU performance to run smoothly. But to see a noticeable change, you must use a high-end motherboard otherwise, the slight change is hardly detectable.

CPU Performance

Speaking about Intel CPUs, if you want them to overclock, you will have to use the Z-series motherboards coupled with the K-series CPU. Otherwise, Intel does not have much room for overclocking. You may take it as a limitation to Intel but that is not the point of our discussion right now.

Anyways, moving on to AMD’s Ryzen platform, it has much more space for overclocking than even the latest Intel. All Ryzen CPUs have excellent compatibility with a great many chipsets excluding the A320 budget chipset and allow overclocking like no other. Only the A320 budget chipset does not allow for overclocking with Ryzen CPUs.

How Much Should You Spend On Gaming Motherboards

A gaming mother may sound pleasing to the ears but it does not necessarily mean that a gaming motherboard will enhance your gaming performance. In fact, as I mentioned earlier, a motherboard does not have much of an impact on your gaming performance, no matter if it is named “The world’s best gaming motherboard”. Likewise, it is not smart to spend hundreds of dollars just on a motherboard. There are other ways you can achieve that.

So, if you ask me if you should spend a lot of money on good motherboards, my answer would be a clear-cut no. In fact, I would suggest you get a mid-range motherboard, because that would at least make your games run smoothly without any problem. Besides, when it comes to gaming, a high-end motherboard impacts your gaming performance the same way a mid-range motherboard does.

How Much Should You Spend On Gaming Motherboards

You may even get a budget-friendly low-end motherboard, but I would never recommend that. The reason being, such motherboards are so weak they make your game buff while playing, the screen may distort when playing heavier games, and your overall experience would be trash. However, you may choose to get this motherboard if you are running low on budget. But even then, save up some money until you can afford to get yourself a better motherboard.

Furthermore, there are some people who do not understand this logic and want to go all out on getting all the gaming stuff they can get their hands on. So, for those people, I would suggest not expecting a very noticeable change in their gaming experience because it doesn’t work that way.

Things To Look For In A Motherboard

Now, this is the most interesting and technical part of this article, if you ask me. This is because, in order to get the maximum benefit from a motherboard, it is imperative that you fix it up with the most compatible chipset and CPU. This strategy is far better than simply getting a high-end motherboard worth thousands of dollars. Just imagine pairing a high-end processor with an incompatible chipset and a cheap processor. That would be a disgrace to the motherboard, I swear!

So, to avoid that, you must act smart and plan your combinations accordingly. Now, I can not even begin to mention all the fabulous combinations that I came across in all my years of gaming. However, I can tell you a few pointers so that you can get the gist of this whole discussion. You may do your own research on this part of the article later on.

Things To Look For In A Motherboard

First of all, you need to analyze the specifications of the motherboard itself. A B450 motherboard has much more room for overclocking as compared to the older B350 version. Furthermore, the B370 motherboard as well as the B470 motherboard are ideal for overclocking. So, keep that in mind and make your purchase accordingly, if you want your CPU to perform overclocking.

Secondly, it is imperative that you analyze the specifications of the chipset that you are about to couple with your motherboard. This is because not every chipset is compatible with every CPU. So, make sure that you get the chipset that has a greater compatibility match with the motherboard you have or minted to purchase. There is yet another thing that you must keep in mind. And that is, you must purchase the chipset with the processor it was initially released with.

This is because, whenever a processor is released, it comes with a chipset that goes with it. Mismatching the two poses a high risk of incompatibility and disastrous results. So, it is always better to purchase the processor with its own chipset to reduce the risk of incompatibility.

Moving on to the CPUs, a Ryzen Gen 1 CPU is better coupled with an AM4 motherboard whereas, Ryzen Gen 2 CPU has unrealistic compatibility with B450, X470, and X570 motherboards. On the other hand, if you want to pair a Ryzen Gen 2 CPU with either B350 or X370 motherboards, you will have to update it to the BIOS version. Plus, you also need a compatible CPU for that as well.


Is it imperative to get a high-end motherboard in order to enhance my gaming?

Absolutely not! It is just a misconception amongst gamers that a motherboard impacts your gaming. In fact, it does not directly affect your gaming. Instead, it enhances the performance of your overall computer and makes it run smoothly. However, you must check out the compatibility of your motherboard with your CPU and its chipset because an incompatibility there would definitely affect your gaming.

Summing It All Up

So, this was all from my side. I hope you all could benefit from the information provided in this article. If you did, don’t forget to share it with your gamer friends so that they can benefit from it as well. I tried my best to explain every little detail in non-technical terms because not all of us are into that stuff. So, even if you are a beginner gamer and don’t know much about gaming components, this article would have provided you with insane value.

In any case, let me summarize all the information included above briefly. So, to start off, you must keep in mind that a motherboard does not directly impact your gaming performance, instead, it impacts your computer’s overall performance.

Apart from that, you must take an extra step to find out the compatibility of your motherboard with the CPU and the chipset to ensure smooth gaming performance. And finally, I must tell you an expensive motherboard performs out of the world!

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