How Many Keys Are On a Computer Keyboard?

Regarding keyboard specifications, several keyboards have variant features regarding mechanics, buttons, and keys. In this blog, I will cover how many keys are on a computer keyboard.

How Many Keys Are On a Computer Keyboard

So, for this question, there is no standard number of characters, keys, and buttons, but most companies make keyboards with 104 alphanumeric keys as a de facto standard. Over the years, many brands have made keyboards, so the number of keys varies from model to model. 

Therefore, I will list this informative blog’s most well-known types of keyboards in their respective classes. 

How Many Keys Are On A Computer Keyboard

  • Apple keyboards
  • Apple keyboard with numeric keypad: 109 keys
  • Apple MacBook Air laptop: 78 keys
  • Apple wireless keyboard: 78 keys
How Many Keys Are On A Computer Keyboard

IBM/PC Keyboards

  • Updated IBM PC Keyboard (1984–84 keys)
  • Original IBM PC Keyboard 1981–83 keys
  • AT Keyboard: -84 keys
  • AT Enhanced keyboard: 101 keys
  • Windows keyboard: 104 keys

Miscellaneous Keyboards

Many other keyboards have different configurations, including more than 104 keys introduced by Japanese, Korean, and Brazilian. These keyboards have various keys to control media center functionality and disc drives with special keys that have many other special keys. 

Miscellaneous Keyboards

In addition, other keyboards have special keys known as programmable keys and fall under gaming and programmable keyboards. Gaming and programmable keyboards have 110 to 115 keys because of a specific number of keys that depend on additional functionality as they offer compatibility and performance to users and gamers. 

How Many Keys Are On a Numeric Keyboard

Most models of desktop key computer are featured with numeric keypad with 17 keys on your PC and 18 keys on the Apple keyboards. 

Similarly, some laptops are characterized by numeric keypads, and others do not. The laptops with smaller screens do not have numeric keypads, and others with bigger screen sizes come with numeric keypads. 

How Many Keys Are On a Numeric Keyboard

Moreover, some computers have an external USB numeric keypad attached to the computer. On a phone or a security keypad, the keyboard has 12 buttons, as with the number Zero through 9 with the keys of pound and steric. 

How Many Functional Keys On a Keyboard

Most traditional keyboards have 12 functional keys from F 1 to F 12. At the same time, some specialized keyboards have 24 helpful keys, from F1 to F24. 

On Apple desktop computers, keyboards have number pads with 19 function keys from F 1 to F 19. 

How Many Functional Keys On a Keyboard

How Many Number Keys Are On a Keyboards

Counting the top row of number keys, a keyboard has ten number keys. If the keyboard has a numeric keypad, there will be twenty number keys on the keyboard. 

How Many Alphabetic Keys Are On a Keyboard

There are an exact number of alphabetic keys on an English computer keyboard, as there are 26 keys in the alphabet for 26 letters. 

How Many Alphabetic Keys Are On a Keyboard

How Many Arrow Keys Are On A Keyboard

On any type of keyboard, there are four arrow keys: up, right, down, and left arrows, but if you count the arrow keys on the keyboard number pad of a PC, there are eight keys. 

How Many Symbols Are On a Keyboard

There are 40 symbol keys on an English QWERTY keyboard, as they are not numbers but symbols. There is a difference in the number of symbol keys because some keys have two characters. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many keys are on a keyboard?

Modern keyboards with the US matching conventions have 104 keys, while there are 105 critical layouts in the rest of the world. 

Are there 108 keys in a keyboard?

Yes, there are some keyboards with 108 keys, 102 keys, 101 keys, and 104 keys, as the keyboard has six rows.

What are the 20 keys on a keyboard?

The 20-key keyboard, known as half QWERTY, is similar to the QWERTY keyboard used in many computer models. 

Final thoughts

So that’s all about how many keys are on a keyboard?

From full-sized keyboards to lightweight and compact keyboard options, it all depends on what type of leisure or work you are spending your time on, as there are many models of computers with different keyboards in the market. 

Now that you have many different types of keyboards with different kinds of keys, you can make the best decision according to your choice and requirements. 

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