How To Bring Up The Emoji Keyboard

Making your marketing business more effective and growing is very important, as this is done more efficiently with emojis on your keyboard. A survey of Global emoji users mentioned that 42% of companies are likely to purchase products that use emojis in marketing. Even the purchases can go beyond the limits if emojis are used in funny ways.

How To Bring Up The Emoji Keyboard

Our mobiles and laptops have different buttons and keys to put emojis, but the question arises of how to use them. Don’t worry; you can place them with the press of shortcut keys. 

To know how to bring up the emoji keyboard in detail, keep reading valuable information.

How To Bring Up The Emoji Keyboard

You can use the shortcut keys close with ease and close to add emoji to your content. 

First, bring up a buffer shortcut, then Mac and Windows shortcuts.

How To Get Emoji On Mac

You can use this shortcut key on Macos, any model of Apple, or a desktop. On your iPhone or iPad, be sure to keep up with iOS to have access to all emojis. 

To insert emojis press Ctrl+CMD +Space.

How To Get Emoji On Mac

Click On Any Text

Take your cursor to any text field where you want to add an emoji, as you can do in case of a buffer post. 

Press Command +control space

Press the command control button and play at a time to place an emoji.

Opt For Emoji

You can have an emoji palette that is introduced on your screen. 

See all the available emojis and categories like people, food, drink, celebration, travel, activity, objects, and symbols, and find a complete list of emojis from the search box at the top of the window screen. 

Click To Add

For the Microsoft Windows keyboard, choose the list of emojis you would like to add, click on it, and it will appear in your text box to the left of the cursor.

How To Bring Up Emoji On Windows 10

There are two shortcuts on the Microsoft Windows keyboard spending on the system you are working on.

How To Bring Up Emoji On Windows 10

Open The Keyboard

For non-touch window computers, the keyboard shortcut key is Window+ semicolon or Windows+ period to access your emojis. 

Open The Touch Keyboard. 

In the bottom right corner of your monitor screen, click on the tap on it and follow the steps below. 

If you do not see the touch keyboard option on your laptop or desktop, you can search for the settings to enable it.

  • Click the square icon to enable the moji touch keyboard on the square icon with the heart at the top left of the keyboard. 
  • Your keyboard will add an emoji after you choose to tap and click on it that you want to add. 

How To Bring Up Emojis On Your email

How To Bring Up Emojis On Your email

While writing your mail in your mailbox, you often need to put emojis. So when writing in your, click the smiley symbol on the top navigation bar of the compose Email window. This will open a panel with a wide range of emoji symbols.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you get emoji on Mac?

In Mac, you can get emoji with the click of the Controil+ space + command, click the input menu bar, and choose your symbols and Moji options. 

What is a shortcut key for emoji?

Type the window logo key + period during text entry, and the emoji keyboard will appear. 

How do you make emoji?

The easiest way to create emojis is using emoji template apps like Bitmoji for Android or Emoji Maker for iOS.  


That’s all about how to bring up emoji on your keyboard.

So, getting an emoji keyboard on any system is straightforward, whether it is a laptop, desktop, Mac, or any other Android device. Case: If you don’t want to stick with your mouse, right-click the text field and select emoji from the menu, and you will get the same menu as mentioned above in three different ways. The emoji keyboard is a built-in feature in your Windows 1o or 11 keyboards, but if you don’t have it in your model, I hope the above steps will be easy to understand and implement. 

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