How To Change A PC Case?

Building a PC on your own can be fun but involves some complicated tasks too—people like me who focus on aesthetics like doing everything independently. Getting a basic full tower PC case wasn’t my thing, but I had to for some reason, initially. After some time, I changed it, which required me to learn a few techniques.

How To Change A PC Case

I changed my PC cases 3 times after getting help from the experts. Some of the details on how to change a PC case are given in the article below. You can go through the information to remove the old case and install a new one easily. I am sure you’ll complete the task and enjoy the new PC case of your system.

How To Change A PC Case?

Types Of PC Cases

If you are into gaming or building your system, you might have an idea about the different kinds of PC cases available in the market. A tower case is commonly used and is available easily. One of the reasons that most people use it is the affordable price tag. However, the installation of the full-tower PC cases and the mid-tower PC cases is almost the same.

Types Of PC Cases

You do not have to learn different techniques or methods for removing the old PC case and installing a new one. The basic methodology for changing all the cases is the same. I have gathered some information to help you install a new PC case for your computer. You can review the article to review the details for guidance throughout the changing process.

Removing Old PC Case

Switching to a new PC case might seem like a task, but it is easy if you know how to detach some wires and unscrew the components. The upgrade from an old to a new PC case can be done if you want to add to the aesthetics or provide more protection to the important components and motherboard. I followed a few steps that helped me remove the old case successfully without damaging the components.

The first step is to have all the tools nearby. These include a screwdriver, measuring tape, and a power drill. Turn off the PC and disconnect all the components. You need to ensure that all the wires, including the power cables, are taken off for protection. Once done, start unscrewing the screws that are present on the PC case. It is advised to start from mid and then unscrew all the sides.

Removing Old PC Case

After unscrewing, try to pick up the case but be very gentle. You should not damage the components during the unscrewing process. Try to wiggle the case and then pick it up. Be careful because the motherboard wires are attached to the center of the case. Needle nose pliers or small tweezers can be used for detaching these wires.

Please keep all these wires safe because they will be used again when installing a new PC case. It was not very careful of me to misplace a few wires that were; later found in three different stores before installing a new case. Make sure to remember the colors of the wires. This will help you when getting started with the rewiring process. After removing the case, I took a picture of the components, which helped me a lot during installation.

Installing New PC Case

In my opinion, installing the new PC case is very easy compared to the removal process. You will hardly need an hour or two to connect and screw the new PC case. The first step is to rewire the CPU power connector, which hardly takes 10 to 15 minutes. You should remove the screws of the connector to observe a small spring.

This small spring holds the connector and is joined with the motherboard’s wire. Blue or white wires can be used, but use 4 or 8-pin connectors. The connection made here is for power and operates the fan too. Well, this might seem complicated as the motherboard has to be taken out to fix the panel.

Installing New PC Case

I opted for a case with the panel fixed by default, so the motherboard wasn’t removed. You can do the same if you are not good with technical stuff. But remember that the front panels, by default, aren’t sturdy and can damage the components easily. Hence if the motherboard is installed again, screw the screws for a heatsink.

You can ask someone to help you hold the board while fixing the screws. When done, plug in the power cable and observe how everything looks. I recommend checking the system with the new case for a few days. This ensures smooth working operations of your computer. Hence enjoy the new PC case for your computer system.


Can I change my PC case?

Yes, you can change your PC case very easily. You need to ensure the new case is compatible with the motherboard and all the other components of the computer. Connecting the wires to the right places is also important.

Can any PC fit in any case?

No, any PC cannot fit in any case, so the size of the case matters. You need to check the components’ compatibility and size before buying a new PC case.

Do cases matter on the PC?

Yes, cases do matter when it comes to PCs because they protect all computer components. They provide protection and allow sufficient airflow so the components can stay cool.


A brief article on changing a PC case is written to help people who like using different cases. The information will help you remove the old PC case without damaging any components. You can install a new case and easily rewire all the components, including the motherboard. Please ensure to connect the right wires and screw the case carefully. I hope the information in the article was enough for you to complete the process. 

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