How To Check CPU Usage On MAC

One of the important metrics to monitor the CPU usage on a Mac. The primary function of this function is to help you keep track of how many tasks the CPU can perform at one time, as it can affect the performance and efficiency of your system.

How To Check CPU Usage On MAC

It’s a good idea to check the CPU usage on a Mac, especially when running slow because a device can be pushed over the capacity without a visible dip in its performance. Therefore, to check the CPU usage, choose window >CPU usage, and you are done. 

While viewing and knowing the detailed steps for how to check CPU usage on MAC, keep reading the valuable piece of the blog. 

How To Check CPU Usage On Your MAC

To check the CPU usage, the MAC users should count for the following options.

View Up CPU Usage in Activity Monitor

One of the most important things to check for CPU usage is the Activity monitor, which can be found in utility folders and included with macOS. Go to utility folders and activity monitor; besides showing a detailed breakdown of the steps running, it also offers an overview of the CPU to individual apps running. 

View Up CPU Usage in Activity Monitor
  • Open the activity monitor as explained above. At the same time, you can also open Spotlight and type Activity Monitor.
  • Now click on the CPU tab if you have not opted yet.
  • Check the CPU column in terms of percentage to view the CPU usage for each running app and process. 
  • Go down to the CPU load section to get a better idea of how the CPU is being used and where you can have a full view of CPU utilisation over time. 

A Quick Way To Check The CPU Usage on MAC

It is a fact that the most comfortable way to check CPU usage is by activity monitor, but if you are interested in knowing the quick and easy way to monitor it, you can opt for another way.

Clammy Mac comes with a free CPU monitoring option that offers you instant results, a real-time overview, and also gives you an idea of how gravy CPU programs are running in your system. 

A Quick Way To Check The CPU Usage on MAC

So, have a comprehensive look:

  • Open the app and download the free version here.
  • Once open, select the app icon, a small iMAC, from your MAC top menu bar. 
  • In the CPU tab, you can view the road, the heavy usage of activities, and the temperature of the CPU. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check CPU activity on MAC?

Open Finder>Applications>utilities>Activity monitor

Select the CPU tab from the top.

How do I check what CPU I have on my Mac?

Click on the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen and select the About the Mac option at the top of the drop-down screen. Wait for the About This Mac window to load. 

Locate the processor heading below the software update button. 


That’s the end of how to check CPU usage on MAC.

The most common way to check the CPU usage on Mac is by using the activity monitor. All the above steps are important and can not be ignored. 

There are many reasons for CPU usage on MAC, like unnecessary apps running in open browser tabs, malware running unbeknown in the background, large downloads, and system updates. 

So, to avoid CPU overuse, you have to check and remove these options to get the optimal CPU performance of MAC. 

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