How To Check What Motherboard I Have?

Do you want to change the motherboard? Or do you need to change any component but do not know the model? It happens, but the problem is how to know the motherboard model, number, or type. Well, checking the motherboard can help you sometimes because of deterioration, the information mentioned on the boards is erased.

How To Check What Motherboard I Have

As a game enthusiast, I need to change components on my motherboard such as a video card or SSD drive. The first time, when I thought about installing another RAM, I did not know about the board. After searching a lot, I could not find anything. But with comprehensive research and following tips, I found out a few ways. Let’s discuss each one in detail.

How To Check What Motherboard I Have?

The majority of people are unfamiliar with the model of their motherboard. Basically, the reason is that they never thought to change any component. But in this decade, we are facing a massive technological revolution. Therefore, upgrading the system has become necessary not only for gaming but also for running heavy applications.

But you might face a major barrier in this task if you do not know about the motherboard. For example, you want to upgrade the memory, but after purchasing the SSD, you came to know that the drive is not compatible with your system. It has happened with almost 80% of the system users. Anyhow, as you return home and check the motherboard, you are unable to find any information.

Don’t be ashamed, because it is not an easy task to know about your motherboard. And if the board is designed at home or customized many times it can be nearly impossible to get the knowledge about this equipment. Anyway, there are a few ways to accomplish this task. Take a look!

1. Check The Manual

The simplest way to know about your motherboard is by checking the manual. Every board comes with a manual or a guiding book. You can check the model or other specifications in the manual. Plus, you can contact the company and tell features of the system or take your system to the given address to know the model.

Check The Manual

2. Check Your Motherboard With The Command Prompt

If your system is working then you can apply another hack. I will suggest you check the motherboard through the command prompt. Go to the “start” button, begin typing in the search bar “run”, click the “enter” button and it will open a small window. Now type here “cmd” and click on “ok” and it will open a bigger window of Command Prompt.

Check Your Motherboard With The Command Prompt

Here you will see a black window and a screen that will enable you to see the name of the system. Type this key “wmic baseboard get product, manufacturer, version, serialnumber” and click on the “enter button”. It will show you all the information on the screen including the serial number, version, and manufacturer. But you should keep in mind to not enter space between modifiers such as serial number and version.

3. Check Your Motherboard Model With Windows System Information

There is another way to accomplish this goal, you can do this task through windows system information. Go to the “start” button and type “run”. Now click on the “enter” button and it will open again a window. Here you need to search “msinfo32” and press the enter button or click on “Ok”. A window will appear in front of you with all the information.

Check Your Motherboard Model With Windows System Information

Help Through Softwares

Sometimes, it is hard to understand the keys, and applying the window or command prompt method is a bit difficult. Plus, you have also lost the manual and are now afraid of opening the case, you can get to know about the system through software. See the 2 most significant software mentioned below!

1. CPU-Z

The first software in my docket is the CPU-Z, a free application that is designed by the CPUID. The application is for people who want to fix complicated problems and want to know about the system. Install the software and click on the icon, as the window opens go into the “mainboard” option and you will see all information about your system.

Help Through Softwares

2. Belarc Advisor

The software was designed in 1997 by the parent company Belac, Inc. It is based on a simple mechanism, download it from anywhere as it is available on hundreds of websites. After installing, click on the icon. Once the window opens and you are allowed to scan, the system will show you all the information on the screen. Here you will be able to see the most significant details including the serial number of the motherboard, manufacturer, and all.


How do I find my motherboard serial number and model?

You can measure the size of the motherboard, if it is 12 inches, the board belongs to ATX. On the other hand, 9 inch boards are Micro ATX.

How do I find my motherboard model without the box?

You can see different parts of the motherboard such as the PCIe cables that have prints on the cord surface. Moreover, RAM and hard drives also have the model and name of the motherboard.

Can I install Windows 11 on my old motherboard?

No, you cannot install windows 11 without upgrading it. You need a 1 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM, and 64 GB storage.


Motherboards are the most significant and delicate part of a system. Therefore, you should take extra care while opening the case and checking the name of the board manually. I did not mention the physical way because it can be difficult and one can endanger his system or damage the board. But I explained the 5 methods to know what motherboard you have. I hope you find this guide helpful.

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