5 Ways To Clean Keyboard

Regular use unfortunately results in a dirty and grime-full keyboard that not only looks unpleasant but also inevitably leads to jammed keys and a non-functional board. To get rid of that, you need to maintain the keyboard properly. There are 5 ways to clean a keyboard without any technical expertise.

How To Clean Keyboard

Cleaning a keyboard is not a tedious job to do, but little carelessness can lead to a feckless keyboard. This is because the keyboard is a sensitive and dominant part of a computer system that needs careful handling. In this article, I’ll discuss methods to clean the keyboard at home and important points that you need to remember.

How To Clean Keyboard in 5 Steps

1. Dust Vacuum

A dust vacuum is a device used to suck dirt, debris, filth, and dust from different surfaces. It typically comes with a motor-based powerful suction system that removes the tiniest particles from the surface and makes it clean and neat.

Dust Vacuum

As far as cleaning a keyboard is concerned, the dust vacuum is my top preference because it works perfectly, causes no mess, and does its job in more than a minute. However, dealing with the dust vacuum can be a bit difficult for beginners, so make sure to read a guide that comes along with the product for ease.

There are two ways to clean the keyboard with a dust vacuum: use a dust vacuum specially customized for cleaning the keyboard, and attach a hose to the home cleaner dust vacuum. Both approaches are equally effective and make your keyboard get rid of dust easily.


  • Efficient
  • Quick cleaning
  • Less labor-intensive


  • Needs practice

In short, cleaning the keyboard with a dust vacuum is one of the most practically efficient approaches. You can get a dust vacuum easily from online stores like Amazon.

2. Compressed Air

Compressed air refers to atmospheric air at relatively high-pressure conditions. Compressed air is stored in containers or cans artificially, and can be used for many different applications, for instance, cleaning a keyboard.

Compressed Air

The compressed air blows out the filth, dust, grime, dirt, and other unpleasant particles from the keyboard through its pressure and makes the device clean in more than a few minutes. The best part of using compressed air for cleaning the keyboard is that it works on the particles that are lodged between compact spaces i.e., in between the keys.

The application is pretty straightforward as all you need to do is point the compressed air at the keyboard and depress the nozzle. Please make sure to hold the compressed air firmly to avoid any accidental happenings.


  • Effective for cleaning compact spaces
  • Easy application
  • Quick


  • Might be expensive

In a few words, compressed air is an effective approach to clean the compact areas in your keyboard i.e., spaces between the keys. It is an easy-to-use, time-saving, and practically applicable way to clean the keyboard.

3. Deep Cleaning

The deep cleaning approach, as the name implies, is more time-consuming than the ones discussed above. But it thoroughly cleans the keyboard, improves its functioning, and increases the shelf life of the keyboard. However, deep cleaning includes the removal of keyboard keys which can be a bit tedious for beginners.

Deep Cleaning

To deep clean the keyboard, you need to unscrew it using the screwdriver. Please consult the manufacturer or technical expert before doing this for the first time. Once you have removed the screws, you need to remove the keys and wash all of them one by one. You can use water, rubbing alcohol, or mild detergent for cleaning and washing the keys.

After washing is done, place all the keys on a clean towel and air dry them. On the other side, clean the board gently using a damp cloth piece gently. Once you are done with the cleaning process, pop the keys back into the board and screw the keyboard.


  • Cleans the keyboard thoroughly
  • No technical tool required
  • Suitable for PC keyboards


  • Not for laptops

Deep cleaning is another way to clean your keyboard. It is the best approach for old PC keyboards that have been in use for years.

4. Cleaning Gel

Cleaning gel is another effective and time-saving way to clean your keyboard. This approach is applicable to PC keyboards as well as laptop keyboards. Let’s see the process quickly!

Cleaning Gel

In the first step, you need to apply the cleaning gel on the keyboard making sure that it reaches the compact spaces. Let it down there for a few minutes, and then gently take it off. You’ll see that all the dirt or debris will adhere to the cleaning gel. Give a manual check to the keyboard to make sure that no dust is left there. If you see any further filth on the board, repeat the process using the same gel.

After cleaning, dispose of the gel as instructions given by the manufacturer. I always use a dry and clean cloth to wipe the keyboard after cleaning it with gel.


  • Beginners-friendly
  • Time-saving approach
  • Good for laptops


  • Not thoroughly cleaning the keyboard

I found the cleaning gel better for laptop keyboards that you cannot wipe thoroughly. It is suitable for beginners and saves time and effort.

5. Manual Cleaning

The most basic way to clean the keyboard is to do it manually. In this approach, you need to clean the keyboard using a clean damp cloth, wipe all the dirt and debris that is visible to the naked eye, don’t forget to run the cloth from the compact spaces, and continue wiping until the board is tidy.

Manual Cleaning

When I manually clean my keyboard, I first unplug the board, turn it upside down and clean the base, after that, I move to the sides to clean the ports like the USB port, charging port, etc. In the end, I wipe the keys and spaces in between and ensure that the keyboard is completely clean.


  • Cheapest approach
  • No technical tools required
  • No expertise needed


  • Not a deep cleaning approach

Manual cleaning is my go-to approach to maintaining my keyboard and increases its longevity. It requires no cost, fancy tools, or expertise.

Things You Need To Know!

When cleaning the keyboard at home, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Believe me or not, no manufacturer will tell you these tips, so stay tuned!

The first thing you need to remember is—don’t use liquid cleaners. If you are cleaning the laptop keyboard, please avoid liquids like soapy water, raw water, or alcohol-based liquid cleaners. Instead, use a damp cloth piece or cotton swab to clean the keyboard.

Things You Need To Know!

Secondly, use disinfection wipes after removing the dirt from the keyboard. It will help in killing the germs and bacteria on the surface of the keyboard. This is highly recommended if you share the keyboard with others like friends, siblings, etc.

Please avoid harsh chemical agents to clean the keyboard as they will leave marks on the board and might remove the labeling from the keyboard. There is no need for abrasive materials to remove dirt from the keyboard.

Avoid using hair dryers, heat-blowing machines, blowers, etc., on the keyboards. This is because these electronics can damage the keyboard and cause dysfunction.


How to clean a keyboard?

There are many different ways to clean a keyboard like using compressed air, vacuum cleaner, cleaning gel, and more. You can also clean the keyboard manually at home. I have discussed 5 ways to clean the keyboard in this article; don’t forget to read.

Can I manually clean my keyboard?

Yes, cleaning the keyboard manually is the cheapest approach. All you need to do is to take a damp cloth piece and clean the dirt until it’s gone. You can also use a sponge-like material to clean the keyboard manually.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for 5 ways to clean a keyboard! After using plenty of methods, I shortlisted dust vacuum, compressed air, deep cleaning, cleaning get, and manual cleaning as the most effective, approachable, and easygoing ways to get rid of dirty keyboards at home.

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