How To Clean Motherboard

Cleaning and maintenance are significant to have smooth and even operating system performance. Cleaning of computer is challenging as most people want to avoid it. 

But don’t you worry? I am here to guide you in this regard. 

How To Clean Motherboard

You might even think about how to clean your motherboard. So the process is straightforward; you can clean it with compressed air and isopropyl alcohol. You can also clean it with a vacuum cleaner or blower. 

So let’s jump into the detailed step-by-step guide on how to clean the motherboard.

How To Do Routine Cleaning of a MotherBoard

There are many ways to clean the motherboard, as it comes with many steps if you use different materials and chemicals. 

How To Do Routine Cleaning of a MotherBoard

The most important steps are:

Turn Off the Computer

Turn your system off and remove its main plug from the main supply. Turning on the computer during all the steps is dangerous; it can cause short-circuiting and harm you.

Open The Case

Open the case and unscrew all the bolts of the computer. 

 Open The Case

Open the side panel, and if your system has multiple panels, remove them all because you want space for the dust to leave the device. 

Use A Can of Compressed Air

It is used to remove the dust by taking its direction of spray towards the components of your computer. The beginning place of the process depends on your computer’s setup. It is excellent to begin from the top place and come the way down so the dust particles with set up at the lower parts as you come down. 

Use A Can of Compressed Air

When you reach to the motherboard to clean it ensure it works from the back of the case to the front of it. The compressor tip should not contact the motherboard directly; keeping an inch of distance is good from the motherboard. Continue removing the dust from a motherboard until completely removed.  

Use the Soft Brush

With the help of a soft bristle brush, remove any dust stick on the surface of the motherboard gently.

Use the Soft Brush

Spray the compressed air on the motherboard surface again to remove the dust and sticky residue. 

Close Your System

Close the computer case and assemble all the system parts in real places and connections.

How To Do Deep Cleaning Of a Motherboard

Deep motherboard cleaning is required when you have a flooded home and your system is not working. 

How To Do Deep Cleaning Of a Motherboard

The top surface of the motherboard is caked with dust, and you have to clean it with extensive care. 

Set The motherboard in Towel

Down on the lint-free towel, set your motherboard and check for the areas that require deep cleaning.

Set The motherboard in  Towel

If the motherboard is dirty, then you have to soak the whole motherboard to clean it. 

Damp a Cloth

Now wet a lint-free cotton rag with the isopropyl alcohol and gently grab it on the motherboard’s dirty areas. 

Damp a Cloth

If you see dirt on each pad, wet a new piece and clean the board.   

Allow The Motherboard to Dry

For a total of 24 hours, give time to the motherboard for drying before fixing it into the computer.

How Often Should You Clean Your MotherBoard

It is a good thing to clean your motherboard more often if you want to upgrade the durability and performance of your whole system. It will keep your system efficient and ensures a healthy life.

However, make your practice to remove the dust and debris regularly after every 3 to 6 months. Also, dusting the motherboard after some weeks may be essential for good results if you have pets in your home or have dusty surroundings.

Furthermore, if the motherboard is placed on the ground, you must keep it clean most of the time at frequent intervals because keeping it on the floor will increase the chance of dust and debris, hairs, skin cells, and carpet particles. All these things can significantly affect the performance and efficiency of the motherboard. 

How Often Should You Clean Your MotherBoard

Burning tar, smoke ash, or any other type of junk may create a mess in the inner of the motherboard and affect its performance. So cleaning the motherboard after every 6 to 8 months is recommendable. 

In another case, if you dont smoke and keep the system off the ground, there is no need to clean the system more often. Similarly, if you dont have pets in your home, cleaning the motherboard should be done once after 6 months. 

But if your operating system gets more heated than normal it s a sign that your motherboard needs a thorough cleaning and remove the build-up of any accumulated dust and debris. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to clean a motherboard?

With the rubbing alcohol, moist a cotton swab and wipoe away the sticky residue from the board. The alcohol is the best solution to remove the dirt and evaporate quickly to lessen electrical damage risks. Allow the motherboard to dry entirely before powering and reinstalling the unit. 

Is it ok to clean a motherboard with alcohol?

Rubbing alcohol, also known as isopropyl alcohol, is the best chemical to use for cleaning electronics like motherboards, printers, and monitors. It is readily available in the market, quickly evaporates, is inexpensive, and leaves no residue.

Should I wash my motherboard?

Dust and debris accumulated on the surface of the computer components, especially the motherboard, can significantly affect the operating system’s performance. In addition, this dirt can increase the heat on the motherboard. So it is best to clean the motherboard with alcohol or any other recommendable chemical.  

Final Words

So, if you want to retain the efficiency and power in your motherboard, cleaning the motherboard is essential. Make sure to clean the inner components of the computer once in six months. Using a damp cloth with alcohol or any high-quality chemical can improve results. 

But after cleaning, ensure that your system does not get any type of moisture to have long-lasting effects because droplets of water enter the body of the computer and conduct electricity so they can easily damage the system. So regular cleaning is easy to remove sticky residue and remove spills.

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