How To Clean PC Case, Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse?

Do you want your PC to look as good as new? If yes, then you should focus on the cleanliness of the case and the hardware. The dust particles in the keyboard make it look unattractive, and the fingerprints on the screen can affect visibility. Keeping the hardware clean is the only way to make your PC look good and attractive.

How To Clean PC Case

The cleaning process of the PC case might seem complicated, but it can be done at home easily. After reading the article below, you can clean all the components externally and internally. I have used these methods personally and find them very effective. I recommend reading the article until the end if you want your PC to be squeaky clean.

How To Clean PC Case?

As a PC owner, you might clean it now and then. Cleaning the upper surface or the hardware from the top doesn’t do the job. Sometimes dust accumulates inside the computer system. It would be best to deeply clean the system’s different hardware to keep it running. People use different methods to clean their PC cases every month.

How To Clean PC Case

I clean my computer once every two months so it runs smoothly. The dust not only looks unattractive but destroys different parts of the system. Several methods for deep cleaning the monitor, keyboard, and mouse are given. 

Cleaning Monitor

The monitor is the most used hardware of the computer system. People often touch the monitor to turn it on or adjust the screen while using the PC. This can leave fingerprints on the screen, which might make it blurry. Moreover, dark-colored screens catch more dust, so they must be cleaned regularly.

You can get your hands on different liquids specially made for cleaning the monitors. But it should be ensured that they are suitable for your screen. Some cleaning liquids are for LCD screens and might damage the glass screens. Please avoid making any blunders because the computer screens are sensitive.

Cleaning Monitor

The safest and most common method for cleaning the monitor is to use a wet cloth. This can be used on different monitor screens and does not damage them. Before starting the cleaning process, you need to follow the steps mentioned below. These will keep you safe and help when you clean the most used computer hardware.

  • First things first, you should unplug your monitor. This is extremely important for your safety and the protection of the screen.
  • Never spray the cleaning liquid or water directly onto the monitor’s screen. This can damage the screen by seeping in and might affect visibility.
  • Cleaning solutions with ammonia, alcohol, or other strong chemicals should be avoided.
  • Please make sure you use a clean cloth that is not harsh. It can scratch the screen, which can result in permanent damage. Hence avoid using paper towels or facial tissues etc.
  • Take a clean, dry cloth first and get rid of the dust. After that, you can spray the cleaning solution on the clean part of the cloth to clean the monitor’s screen.

Cleaning Keyboard

The keyboard is the most difficult hardware to clean. You can stain the keys by using dirty hands or throwing food. Moreover, dust particles can get into the keys, making them look ugly. You can follow the steps that are given below to clean the keyboard. This process is easy and effective and I use it once a month.

Cleaning Keyboard
  • The first step is to unplug your keyboard and remove all the wires. This should be done in either case, using a vacuum or removing the keys.
  • A vacuum cleaner can get rid of the dust on the keys. This is an efficient process and can be done within a few minutes. You can shake off the keys continuously and use the vacuum cleaner’s tips to clean the dust. I don’t find it effective and consider it a temporary method for removing dust particles.
  • You have to remove the keys to deep clean your PC’s keyboard. This is important for reaching the innards to eliminate dust particles.
  • Please take a picture of your keyboard so you can remember the order of the keys. When done, take them off one by one carefully to avoid damage.
  • A flat object, such as a screwdriver, can be used for removing the keys. Please ensure you are gentle regarding space bars because it can be difficult.
  • After disassembling, you can wash and dry the keyboard keys for a few hours.
  • When dried, you can reassemble the keyboard by looking at the picture on your mobile phone.

Cleaning Mouse

It would be best if you unplug your computer’s mouse when it comes to cleaning. When done, grab a clean cloth or a soft brush to rub on the buttons. You can use a small amount of rubbing alcohol to remove the stubborn stains. If you see something stuck between the buttons, you can use a toothpick to remove it.

Cleaning Mouse

Grab a cotton bud and clean the lens underneath the surface. Please make sure to clean the mouse pad with some alcohol. If the pad is made with rubber, you can even wash it. Hence cleaning the mouse isn’t very complicated like the other PC hardware.


How do you deep clean a computer case?

You can deep clean a computer case by unplugging all the wires. Clean cloth and water can be used to get rid of the dust. A vacuum cleaner can also be used to clean the keyboard keys.

How often should I dust my PC?

It would be best to dust your PC every two to four months to make it function smoothly. The dust can accumulate and damage the components.

Is it safe to vacuum a PC?

Yes, it is safe to vacuum a PC, but you should remove all the wires. If you fail to unplug the cables, you could damage the components because of the static electricity produced.


A detailed article with steps to clean the PC case is given as a guide if you want to eliminate the dust particles. You can follow these steps one by one and clean all the hardware components of the computer system. The process is easy, and you won’t need complicated tools. I hope you find the article helpful, as I did while cleaning my PC case. 

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