7 Steps on How To Your Clean PC Fans

One of the most essential aspects of maintaining your operating systems is to clean the internal parts of your computer. Cleaning your components leads to smooth running and the best efficiency. There is something more than the cleaning aspect is not just deleting old files on external hard drives. 

How To Clean PC Fans

It means that your computer should be physically cleaned. Instead, it will slow down, or worse will be when it will completely stop. Cleaning the fans of computers would be the best priority. You can clean them by removing the fans and filters from the case and blowing away dust with an air compressor.

So if you want to know more about cleaning the fans of computers, keep on reading an informative piece of information. 

How To Clean PC Fans

Now you are aware of why cleaning the fans of a computer is vital to upgrading its performance, let’s dive into the main sites of the process. 

You will need:

  • Damp microfiber cloth
  • Compressed air can
How To Clean PC Fans
  1. The most important step is to switch off your computer and shut down the entire system
  2. To get access to the hardware of the PC, unscrew the computer case with the help of a screwdriver.
  3. Carefully set the computer case aside
  4. With the compress, remove all the dust and debris that accumulated on the fans and clean them from both sides. 
  5. Now, with the microfiber cloth, clean the fan blades from both sides as this will greatly help you to improve the efficiency of a computer. 
  6. After wiping off the blades of fans, it would be best to reassemble all the things to their proper position. 
  7. Reattach the computer case back the tight the screws again. After closing the case, clean the external side of your system.

Why To Clean PC Fans

There are many good reasons for cleaning the fans of your computer, as it can improve the performance and efficiency of your system.

Why To Clean PC Fans
  • Cleaning the fans can prevent the parts of the computer from damage caused by the overheating of a processor. If fans fail to work due to the accumulation of dust and debris, it may stop in the middle of a game. 
  • Preventing the overheating of a processor by cleaning its fans can make your system long-lasting. 
  • Cleaning the fans and regulating the temperature of a system well to upgrade its performance.   

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my PC without taking it apart?

You don’t need to open the fan and take it out, just blow dry it with the air compressor and clean it. 

Can you vacuum a PC fan?

Cleaning a PC fan with a vacuum can create static electricity that can lead to damage to internal parts and fan

Final Thoughts

So that’s all about how to clean a PC fan?

Cleaning the P C fans is not very hard if you have the required tools to take the screws out and reassemble them. You can do it with the air compressor and clean the external part of your system with a damp piece of cloth. 

The process is vital to upgrade the performance and efficiency of a system; however, it will not last for a suggested period. 

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