How To Connect Keyboard & Mouse To PS4

Do you find yourself grappling with the limitations of your PS4 controller when it comes to typing messages or navigating through menus? If the answer is a resounding yes, you’re in for a game-changing solution. This all-encompassing guide on “how to connect keyboard and mouse to PS4“ is your ticket to breaking free from controller constraints. Prepare to begin a journey where we demystify the seemingly intricate process of connecting both wired and wireless keyboards and mice to your PS4.

How To Connect Keyboard And Mouse To PS4

Navigating through this guide, you’ll learn the ropes of quickly setting up your peripherals and discover the art of fine-tuning settings to align with your preferences. And that’s not all—we’ll equip you with the knowledge to address compatibility challenges head-on, ensuring you’re prepared to enjoy seamless functionality.

Key Points of Connect Keyboard And Mouse To PS4

Key Points

Wired and Wireless Setup: Uncover the simplicity of connecting wired and wireless peripherals to your PS4, enhancing gaming and usability.

Customizing Settings: Tailor your keyboard and mouse settings to perfection for an optimized experience.

Gaming Beyond Limits: Explore the world of keyboard and mouse-compatible games, and discover solutions for titles lacking official support.

Connect A Wired Keyboard Or Mouse To PS4

Plug and Play Simplicity: Begin with a wired keyboard or mouse. Locate the convenient front USB port on your PS4 and insert your device. Most devices are instantly identified with the PS4’s impressive device recognition capabilities. Look for your screen’s keyboard or mouse icon, confirming the successful connection.

Connect A Wired Keyboard Or Mouse To PS4

Device Compatibility Challenges: While a vast range of brands is supported, there might  be instances when your specific devices are recognised. Regrettably, the PS4 doesn’t support downloading or installing drivers, leaving limited options for addressing compatibility issues.

Expanding USB Ports With A USB Hub

USB Hub Advantages: Running out of USB ports is no longer a concern. You can expand your connectivity options by attaching a USB hub to an existing port on your PS4.

Expanding USB Ports With A USB Hub

This proves especially beneficial if you’re juggling a wired keyboard and mouse and must charge your controller or an external drive via USB.

Connect a Wireless Keyboard or Mouse to PS4

Navigating to Settings: Begin by logging into your PS4 profile. Find and access the “Settings” option from the top-level menu, typically positioned as the second item from the right.

Entering the Devices Section: In the “Settings” menu, scroll down and select “Devices” to proceed.

Bluetooth Device Setup: Click on the specific option labelled “Bluetooth Devices.” Confirm your selection by pressing the X button on your PS4 controller.

Connect a Wireless Keyboard or Mouse to PS4

Initiating Device Pairing: Your wireless keyboard or mouse should now appear on the list of available devices. Suppose it doesn’t refer to your device’s instructions to enable discovery mode. After a few moments, the device should populate the list.

Establishing the Connection: Locate your device’s name on the list and click the X button to initiate the connection. If you are prompted for a code but lack the information, enter the default code 0000.

Customizing Keyboard and Mouse Settings

Accessing Personalized Settings: To fine-tune your keyboard and mouse settings, begin by logging into your PS4 profile. Proceed to the “Settings” option from the top-level menu.

Navigating to Device Settings: Within the “Settings” menu, scroll down to locate and select “Devices.” This is your portal for tweaking your peripherals’ settings.

Customizing Keyboard and Mouse Settings

Mouse Settings Refinement: Under the “Devices” section, you’ll encounter “Mouse Settings.” This is your hub for alterations, such as toggling between right-handed and left-handed mouse settings or adjusting the pointer’s speed.

Keyboard Settings Customization: In the same “Devices” menu, explore “Keyboard Settings.” If your keyboard diverges from your PS4’s language preferences, you can modify the language setting here. Additionally, you can fine-tune key repeat settings according to your preferences.

Exploring Keyboard and Mouse-Compatible Games

Elevated Gaming Experience: Venture into a realm of immersive gaming with keyboard and mouse-compatible titles. Games like DC Universe Online, Elder Scrolls Online, and Fortnite offer enhanced gameplay encounters through these peripherals.

Exploring Keyboard and Mouse-Compatible Games

Beyond Gaming: Browsing and Streaming: Extend your keyboard and mouse utility beyond gaming. Uncover the web browser within the Library app, opening the gateway to web exploration and video streaming from platforms such as DailyMotion and Vimeo.

Making Games Work with Keyboard and Mouse

Harnessing Conversion Adapters: While a limited selection of games directly support keyboard and mouse input on PS4, you can expand compatibility via conversion adapters. Devices like the Xim4 or the IOGEAR Keymander bridge the gap by translating keyboard and mouse signals into controller signals, making various games accessible.

Making Games Work with Keyboard and Mouse

Exercising Prudent Usage: However, tread carefully when using these adapters. In competitive games like Call of Duty and Overwatch, possessing an advantage over players restricted to controllers might lead to penalties from game developers. Prioritize fair play and consider the consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can I connect a keyboard and mouse to the PS4?

You can use wired and wireless keyboards and mice on your PS4. This lets you improve your typing, navigation, and gameplay experiences in supported titles.

Are all keyboards compatible with the PS4?

Most USB keyboards are compatible with the PS4, and many wireless keyboards can be connected through Bluetooth. However, it’s important to note that some keyboards might not be recognized due to compatibility issues, as the PS4 doesn’t support downloading or installing drivers.

What’s the PS button on a keyboard?

The PS button on a keyboard refers to a key that emulates the functionality of the PlayStation controller’s “PS” button. This key is typically used to access the PS4’s home menu, where you can manage your system, navigate through apps, and perform various functions.

Wrapping up:

Unlock a world of convenience, versatility, and enhanced gaming by integrating keyboards and mice into your PS4 setup. This comprehensive guide has navigated you through each intricate step, ensuring a seamless journey from connection to customization.

Adhering to personalized settings and exercising caution with adapters will transform your PS4 experience into one of unparalleled functionality and enjoyment. Get ready to enjoy an exciting journey of gaming and exploration, armed with your newfound knowledge,, by following this ultimate guide on “​​how to connect keyboard and mouse to PS4”.

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