How To Control CPU Lightning

To have more customization and functionality options, the experts and professionals advise controlling the lighting system of your processor with the help of third-party software.

How To Control CPU Lightning

So, to control the Lightning of a CPU, you should select a desktop model and such configuration that comes with a remote control to overcome the Lightning and other setups with a default. 

How To Control Lightning In a CPU

There are many ways by which you can control lightning in the CPU of your operating system, no matter what the model and configuration of your computer. 

So let’s have a look at how you can do it. 

Remote Control

By selecting the main gear desktop configuration you can easily control the lighting system via your remote control. To do this, you need to switch from the default software by either pressing the RC/MB button on the remote control or pressing the toggling switch on RGB on your PC.

Remote Control
  • The M button goes to the Mode option, of which there are many preset lighting options. 
  • Similarly, the S button controls the speed of the lightning effect.
  • The buttons are used to control the brightness of lighting; you can increase or decrease its level to your desired settings. 
  • In addition, the color buttons change the effect of selected lighting according to your requirements.

It is to be noted that only one method can be used at a time the remote control cannot be workable when the lightning is set to be controlled with any third-party software. 

Software Control

Each brand of processor has its proprietary piece of software used to control its level. The manager normally installs the third-party software on your system. So, it’s important to download the software that corresponds to the processor brand found in your PC. 

Software Control

To find your processor brand, you can visually identify this monitoring operating system or by referring to the real order invoice.

 With the software utilities, you can find a host of options for controlling a processor lightning system, as the process is self-explanatory, but you can get help from a user manual. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to control lightning on a CPU?

Most LED devices come with software that can be mounted on your computer to control the light system of your computer. So look for the software in your operating system to control all levels of lights in computer processors.

Why is my CPU light on?

A red light near the processor of a computer means that a motherboard does not recognize the processor of your operating system.

Can I turn off the CPU light fan?

RAM, CPU cooler, and rear fan are ARGB, so they should be connected to the motherboard for lightning. 


So, how do you control the CPU lightning?

The processor lightning of your operating system is essential to control if you want to upgrade the performance of your computer. For that purpose, you should get help from third-party software or a remote control to monitor the level of lightning.  

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