How To Fix A CPU Bottleneck?

Have you ever encountered situations with the issues of CPU bottleneck in your processor?

Due to this problem in your processor most of the time it happens the picture gets blurred due to EPS drops. You can experience peak performance with a mini tool system booster, and you should free p RAM for a smoother computing journey.

How To Fix a CPU Bottle Neck

So in this blog, you will know about how to fix a CPU bottleneck. 

How To Fix a Bottleneck

To learn the CPU bottleneck first of all you shoud know what is bottleneck? 

Literally, bottleneck means the mouth or neck of a bottle which determines the amount of liquid the bottle can contain.

So the bottleneck also indicates a junction that impedes traffic flow.

In the age of technology, the CU bottleneck is a technology that determines the amount of data that a specific CPU  can put in itself and can be processed at one time.

How To Fix a Bottleneck

Simply put, the amount of data or OTS processing capacity is under a certain and required level. 

Moreover, a bottleneck in a processor happens when the data processing speed cant be able to catch up with another. 

For example, a CPU bottleneck will happen when it is not paired up with the GPU and CPU processing speed is not accordingly with the GPU. 

How to Fix a CPU Bottleneck

After configuring what type of bottleneck do you have in your system, you can fix up with the following solutions.

Close Unnecessary Apps

These solutions are not the hard and fast rules for all types of processors for bottleneck so the bottleneck components do not have to be used at high resolutions, at higher speeds to meet the requirements. 

Close Unnecessary Apps

Thus for CPU bottleneck, you should end up the background processes in task manager so you can witness a great increase in  game FPS. 

Increase Game Resolution

If your processor is showing a bottleneck, then you need to slow down a graphic card to make it with the same rhythm as the CPU. You should upgrade it with a higher graphic card like 4 K resolution. Therefore, with the heavy workload load the GPU needs more time to render the high-resolution pictures. 

Lower the Game Related Settings

There is a great chance to have a CPU bottleneck if your CPU has a big workload of games in it. So it will be better to reduce the CPU workload in terms of games and you can do that by lowering the game CPU boundings, especially for the CPU-intensive games.

Lower the Game Related Settings

These settings are not limited to lowering the draw distance, and sound effects, turning off the music, and owning video settings.  

Overlock RAM

One of the vital resolutions to fix the bottleneck in the processor is by overlocking RAM as it greatly affects the performance. It can optimize to a greater extent the efficiency of the processor. 

Overlock CPU

To make your processor at the utmost speed and can exceed the certified speed by its manufacturer you need to overlock the CPU.

Overlock CPU

So the processor can hand the data at a faster speed without having a bottleneck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to fix a CPU bottleneck?

Yes, you can fix the CPU bottleneck by closing back apps, changing the game settings, and overlocking the CPU and RAM in your system.

Is 20% bottleneck bad?

If the usage of CPU is much higher than your GPU usage that is the indication of bottleneck. Anything below 50% is considered to be low for CPU. 


In normal conditions, whether it is CPU or GPU bottle is usually caused by the unbalanced workload on your device. So, to avoid this you should go for the accurate combination of CPU and GPU when you plan to buy a computer. Moreover, you can also buy a CPU bottleneck calculator to check its capacity. 

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