How To Mount Liquid CPU Cooler?

In any type of operating system, processors play an important role in making or breaking the whole performance at its best deal. An AIO liquid cooler is a great and efficient way to keep your processor cool. Moreover, they are most often known for good and efficient performance, better than regular processor coolers 

How To Mount Liquid CPU Cooler

However, installing an AIO cooler is not an easy task, as expected, as the proper procedure must be followed to ensure the right installation. 

Let’s have a look at how to mount a liquid CPU cooler.

How to Mount a Liquid CPU Cooler

Mounting the liquid cooler in the CPU requires some essential components like:

  • Water block
  • Tubing
  • Radiator
How to Mount a Liquid CPU Cooler

Since it is a generic guide for all types of AIOs, you might have some variations.

Before starting the process, you should install the motherboard with all the essential components on it, like your RAM, CPU, and NVME.

Install the Backplate

Backplates are parts that enable the connection between your water block and CPU. They are fixed behind the CPU socket and motherboard, as this is the place where the screws of your water block mount to ensure the connection between the water block and the CPU. 

Install the Backplate
  • Align your black plate in order to screw the motherboard are positioned accordingly.
  • Now secure the backplate with the screws with which the backplate comes with

Install The Fans

Inside the radio, installing the fans in the case is advised, as it can be complicated once the radiator is inside the case. 

Install The Fans
  • Inside the radiator, like the fans up in the correct configuration, as most fans come with a small arrow to demonstrate the airflow direction
  • If there is no arrow on them, get help from the manual provided by the company
  • Secure the fans with the help of screws while installing them into the radiator

Mount the Radiator

When you have decided where to mount the radiator and the right time to mount it, remove all the necessary panels and brackets from where you have to mount the radiator. 

Mount the Radiator
  • Align and hold your radiator where you need to mount it
  • Holding the radiator, make sure the cutouts on the case line up accurately in the screw holes in your radiator
  • Once you align the radiator correctly with the screws to secure its place on the case.

Install the Water Block

Remove all the thermal paste that was previously applied on the top of your CPU before installing the water block. 

Install the Water Block
  • Install the retention bracket around the water block, as your AIO will come with one. 
  • Now place the water block on your CPU, thus makes sure the water block is oriented the right way. 
  • Ensure the supportive screws that you have aligned previously with the retention block of the water block
  • If you have AMD OR CPU, you should have thumb screws using the attachment clips on the bracket
  • Now, gradually tight and secure the water block on the CPU. 

Manage the Cable

Last but not least is the installation of all hardware in the electrical connection, as you need to connect the AIO cables to your system.

Manage the Cable
  • Connect the fan headers to the fan cables
  • Connect them to the RGB connectors
  • Now connect the SATA cables to your PSU to supply power to your CPU cooler

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you mount a water cooler?

One of the best ways to install a water cooler is to mount it at the front area of a case interior. The side of the radiator where the tubes are connected should be at the bottom, and a pump should installed where it is slightly lower than the top of the radiator. 

What way should your water cooler face?

It is good that the front of your processor should face the back of the heat sink.


So there we have it!

You will get all the essential information about how to install a liquid CPU Cooler.

Now, when you have installed a liquid cooler on your processor, you can reap a chilled CPU and sit back. Make sure that temperature does not drop much further as compared to best air coolers while they can bring a particular aesthetic to your effort that no air cooler can. 

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