How to Remove Graphics Card From A Motherboard

If you are new in the IT field and have been stuck in some tasks, like facing trouble in removing the graphics card from a motherboard, you are not alone. 

How to Remove Graphics Card From a Motherboard

Most people get afraid while replacing the GPU  with the new one or completely removing it, and that’s because of many good reasons. For that purpose, you should know what a graphic card is, the types of graphic cards, how you can easily remove them, and the need to replace them.

So to help you out, go through the following guide on removing a graphics card from a motherboard.  

What is a Graphic Card

A graphic card is also referred to as GPU, and it is one of the most vital components of your system, whether desktop or laptop. The purpose of a graphics card or GPU is very straightforward: to increase image and video quality. 

Moreover, Graphic cards, as the name defines, are the parts only for graphics, game graphics of good quality, and for video editors as all these matter a lot. It produces a feed f output for computers, laptops, and mobiles for display. 

What is a Graphic Card

Physics of Graphic Card

Graphic cards are available in various shapes, sizes, and RAMS, as it is the comparison unit of it. The more the RAM of the graphic 

card, the better its result will be. It might be 4gb, 8GB, or 16 GB. The price of graphic cards is different depending upon RAM.

How to Remove Graphic Card From a Motherboard

Now that you have gotten the data about what GPU is and the types of graphic cards, let’s jump into the story, How to remove the graphic card from a motherboard.

How to Remove Graphic Card From a Motherboard
  • The GPU is on the PCI e X16 slot placed on a motherboard, the connector where a graphic card lies.
  • Turn your operating system off and unplug it from the socket board
  • Do not open the laptop when your system is on, as it might be hazardous for you
  • From the back side of your system, unplug the main power supply because, most times, it happens that your switchboards are short-circuited and can send electric current even if they are switched off
  • Move on to open your computer once you have safely turned off the power supply connections. 
  • Clean the inner of your computer because it will be dirt because of the accumulation of dirt and debris.
  • Now locate your graphic card, and unplug the cables connected to it.
  • Press up the plastic clips at the top beginning of it and push it to the outer side to unplug the cable.
  • The GPU will be disconnected from the wire.
  • Take out your whole graphic card from a motherboard by untightening it. You can do it with the help of a screwdriver. 
  • Moreover, to remove the graphic card from a motherboard, you must depress a small retention clip under the GPU on the slot’s right side.
  • Remove the graphic card slightly; it will slowly come from the motherboard. 

Removing a graphic card from a motherboard is tricky, especially if you need more expertise. But it is easy. 

Nowadays, as a hobby, most people do such tasks and make their own PCs by these steps. 

How to Know Graphic Card Needs to be Removed from a Motherboard

You can change or remove a graphic card from your system’s motherboard if you are a regular user. On daily basis, you will need to monitor the graphics processing unit very closely. With time, your graphic cards will show their age as you go for more demanding games and applications.

How to Know Graphic Card Needs to be Removed from a Motherboard

Following are some signs when you need to upgrade.

  •  The quality of images and graphics started to degrade
  • The game begins to lag or stutter
  • If you face more screen tearing
  • If the GPU runs its near-maximum temperature

Therefore if you experience any of the issues discussed above, it’s an ideal time to go for a new graphic card. Take your time because an outdated GPU will affect the performance of the working and gaming.

Why Remove GPU at all

If you want to free up specs from your system or upgrade your operating system, you must remove a graphic card from a motherboard. Or you might be troubleshooting any hardware issue and have to isolate an issue by eliminating all the parts of your computer. 

Is it complicated to open a PC case?

Yes, it can be complex to open your operating system, as it depends on the components  you have in your computer and the way they are installed. Your personal computer will either be minimalist or clean or, in contrast, an obsolete mess. 

Is it complicated to open a PC case?

There might be cables sticking out and dust everywhere in the system’s inner, and you dont have to know about the objects connected and their origin. That is why your index finger is already in worse shape. 

Building up your system can be great if you have experience connecting and disconnecting these cables. In contrast, it can be a painful experience in most cases. 

Furthermore, there are many screws involved; things are sharp and in most cases, you have to exert a force while doing this process, so things get more challenging in minor issues. 

Integrated VS Dedicated Graphic Card

It is essential to note that GPUs are featured in two forms. Dedicated and integrated.

Integrated VS Dedicated Graphic Card

Dedicated graphic cards are separate parts, and you easily replace or remove them. These graphic cards are more powerful than integrated ones and can be attached to motherboards. These cards have various shoes and sizes. 

On the other hand, integrated GPUs are a component of the central processing unit, and you cannot remove these in any way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove my graphic card from my motherboard?

Disconnect the cables from the graphic card because a clip on the line should be pressed to release the connector. Use a screwdriver to remove two screws that hold down the graphic card to PCIe slots on the back of the computer. So press down the PCI e to release the GPU.

Can  I clean and remove the dedicated graphic card?

To save space, many computers come with attached graphic card processing units that are hardwired into the motherboard and processors. So most laptops’ video cards and gra[hic cards cannot be swapped.

What to do before removing graphic cards?

Turn off the system and all linked devices. Wait 20 seconds before disconnecting all wires from the back of the computer, power supply cord, display cables, and audio cables to ignore the possible damage to the system. 

Thats All

This marks the full stop on my blog of how to remove a graphics card on a motherboard.

Hopefully, you will find the information regarding removing GPU precious the steps are the same for any kind and model of the computer motherboard. 

That said, the shapes and sizes of RAM of graphic cards differ depending on many factors. 

So the purpose of my writing piece is fulfilled, and I can imagine you can quickly embark on your system tinkering journey and easily remove or replace the graphic cards from the motherboard.

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