How To Replace CPU?

While working on your operating systems, you often get stuck in the middle of the game. This can be caused by any issue in your system’s hardware, like in the monitor or processor. 

So, to resolve this problem, you need to replace your old CPU and install the new one. Before doing the process, you have to turn your computer off and unplug the power cord so that any static electricity from touching a large piece of metal should not be released.

How To Replace CPU

Without waiting, let’s look at the whole process in detail.

How To Replace Your CPU ?

To go on the steps of CPU replacement in your operating system, you need the following things. 

  • Computer
  • Replacement processor
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Thermal paste.

Step By Step Guide How To Replace Your CPU

Remove Side Panel

To remove the side panel of the computer, use the screwdriver if the panel is attached to the screws, and once the screws are removed, pop the panel off.

Remove Side Panel

Remove CPU Cooler

Unplug the CPU cooler fan from the computer’s motherboard if the CPU is air-cooled. Now unscrew the cooler from the motherboard.

If the CPU is liquid-cooled, unscrew the cooler water block from the motherboard. 

Clean the Contact Patch

With the help of the isopropyl alcohol clan, the cool contact patch of any previously applied thermal paste.

Clean the Contact Patch

Lift The Retention Arm

From the socket, unlock the processor by lifting the retention arm, which takes the processor in place. 

Remove the Old Processor

Remove the processor without touching the pins on the socket or processor because they can bend the pins. 

So, if you plan to reuse the CPU, move the thermal paste with the help of isopropyl alcohol.

Remove the Old Processor

Insert The New Processor

Find the CPU socket marked with a triangle and line it up to mark the corner of the new CPU. Gently drop the new processor into the CPU socket and lower the retention arm of the socket to lock up the processor in its real place.

Apply Thermal Paste

By following the instructions on the table thermal paste, apply the proper amount on the new processor.

Apply Thermal Paste

Reinstall the CPU Cooler

You need to be careful not to over tighten the screws, screws of the colour in the opposite corners to ignore uneven pressure on the motherboard of the operating system. 

Now, plug the cooler fan into the motherboard if it is unplugged. 

Reattach the Side Panel

In the end, attach the side panel by placing the screws back in the original location to finish up.

Reattach the Side Panel

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I swap up my CPU?

If your system’s processor is compatible with the motherboard and the BIOS, you can swap up your CPU.

Do I need a new operating system to change the CPU?

No, you don’t have to reinstall the Windows after the CPU replacement because you can perform a universal restore to avoid Windows reinstallation. 


So that’s all about how to replace your CPU?

The good news is that you can easily replace the old CPU with the new one using the right tools and proper knowledge. It would help to have enough time to prepare for the task and upgrade your operating system. So, with that in mind, have important steps in this blog to guide you in the best way with pictures. 

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