How to Restart a Computer From A Keyboard

While working on your computer’s many times it happens that you need to restart your computer. The most common way to restart it is by using a power button, mouse or a trackpad. While if you are not able to do it with any of these ways you can reboot your computer with the keyboard whether it is a PC or a Mac.

How to restart computer from a keyboard

So the quick answer to this query is that you can press ALT +F4 for windows and Control+ Eject for Mac can really come in handy when other input options are not working at all. 

There I am here to guide you all on how to restart your computer with the keyboard?

How To Restart a Computer With The KeyBoard On Windows

  • Press and hold the Alt key that is located on the left or right side of your key board.
  • Press and hold the F 4 keys as you can see a complete row of F series on top of your keyboard.
Press and hold the F 4 keys
  • This key is usd to close any active application on windows including that you have opened already.
  • Moreover you may need to press and hold the fn key to use function keys Fn+Alt+F 4, depending on the models of some computers and laptops. 
Restart The Computer
  • Repeat all steps to close all the applications that were opened on your systems. 
  • Press and hold Alt F 4 until every application is being closed.
  • Select restart and press Enter with the use of directional arrow keys on your keyboard.
  • Select restart option from the drop down menu if it is not already selected. 
  • This window will appear if all the windows and applications are closed on your computer. 
  • After doing this step your computer will restart with the keyboard and not with the mouse or keypad. 
Restart With The Keyboard

How To Restart your Mac with the keyboard

  • Press and hold the power button without the touch ID sensor or with the use of the media Eject button.
How To Restart your Mac with the keyboard
  • A notification will reappear whether you want to restart , shut down or sleep.
Shut Down Or Sleep
  • Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select restart and press return.
  • You can also use another shortcut key to restart your Mac, press Ctrl+Cmd+Power +Eject Media to force your Mac to restart. 
Force Your Mac to Restart

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I restart Windows 7 with a keyboard?

To restart the window 7 select the start button to press the Alt key and F4 key together.

How to restart your PC without a mouse?

With the use of the shortcut key of the Windows 10 keyboard you can restart your system, to do this press the Window logo key +X on your keyboard this will go to a screen select the shutdown or sign out and then select restart. 

What is the shortcut key for restarting any type of system?

The easiest method to restart your computer is by holding and pressing Alt key with F 4 key together, it will restart your computer without a mouse. 

Final thoughts

With the advance ment in science there are many short cut ways to do while working of your desktops and laptops. How to restart your computer with the keyboard is simple and straightforward method. 

So to restart your computer you have to press and hold the ALT key with F 4 key altogether and you can go through the restarting process of your system. 

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