How To See CPU Usage On MAC?

To check the efficiency and performance of the Mac operating system, it is essential to check the cpu usage on. Keep track of how many tasks the processor can do at once, which can affect the performance of a whole system. 

How To See CPU Usage On MAC

However, the cpu usage on Mac should be monitored regularly even when the computer is functioning very slowly. 

In this blog, you will learn how to see CPU usage on a Mac.

How to See CPU Usage on Mac

To check the use of CPU on Mac, you can analyze the following options. 

By CleanMyMac X

In the clean Mac option, after opening it, click the icon in the menu bar. You can see here how many apps are currently loading the processor and the temperature inside the chip. 

For, more details and parameters, follow the below steps. 

By CleanMyMac X
  • Stop unnecessary apps running in your system to reduce the cpu usage.
  • Open cleanmyMac X
  • Click optimization>view All XX items in the left sidebar.
  • Check the box next to the launch agents
  • Opt for the items you want to eliminate and tap remove.

View CPU Usage In the Activity Monitor

One of the most well-known ways to monitor the usage of cpu in Mac is by Activity Monitor, which comes with Mac OS and can be found in your utility folders. For that, Go> Activity monitor as it shows a detailed view of the breakdown of activities running in it. 

View CPU Usage In the Activity Monitor
  • Open activity monitor: you can also open the spotlight and type activity monitor. 
  • If the cpu tab is not yet selected, click on it.
  • To see the cpu usage and processes, check the percentage cpu column. 
  • So to check the usage of cpu, click on the Activity Monitor icon on Dock. then hover the mouse over Dock icon and opt to show the cpu usage. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I check CPU Usage on Mac?

To view the current usage of the processor on Mac go to Window> CPU usage. to view its history, opt for Window> CPU history. 

What is CPU on Mac?

Cpu is a pat of the computer that performs various important tasks on your operating system and is known as brai o computer. 


To monitor the cpu usage on Mac is an effective way to ensure the efficiency and performance of a CPU. By taking advantage of the features of activity monitor and other third-party software apps like clean my Mac X, you can easily check the efficiency of CPU usage on Mac. 

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