How To Switch Keyboard Language

For many days, being a professional content writer, I was trying to change the language layout for my different tasks. So when I searched the internet, I found many ways to do the steps. 

How To Switch Keyboard Language

The most straightforward way to change the language on the keyboard and layouts is by pressing Alt + shift keys. The actual language icon shown on your computer keyboard depends on the active vocabulary of the dynamic keyboard layout and the version of Windows. 

So, let’s dive into the details about how to change language on the keyboard. 

How To Switch Keyboard Language

If you need to type in a different and foreign language on your computer, whether desktop or laptop, on your keyboard, you can do the steps by changing the input. 

So follow the instructions below:

Instructions To Change The Language On Windows 10

  • Press the Windows key and the letter window+1
  • Click the time and language icon.
  • Click region and language on the left list
  • Click Add a language
  • Now, choose the language you want to add. 

How To Switch Between Different Languages

If you want to add different languages on your keyboard to your PC, you can do so by using one of the methods given below. 

How To Switch Between Different Languages

Method 1

On your keyboard, click a language abbreviation button on the taskbar in the bottom right corner of your screen next to the clock. Now click the input method you want to add. 

Method 2 

Press and hold the window logo key and space bar repeatedly.  

How To Change The Language On Windows XP

How To Change The Language On Windows XP
  • Click the start button and control panel.
  • If you are in the category view in the control panel, click on the switch to classic view in the top left corner.
  • Open the language and regional options.
  • Click on language tabs.
  • Under input languages and services, click on the detail button.
  • Click the app under installed services. 
  • In the input language dialogue box, opt for the input method Editor you want to add. 
  • Click OK twice. By default, you can see the language indicator in the system tray at the bottom right of the desktop. 
  • You can switch between different keyboard languages by pressing the Alt + shift keys. 

What To Do if Language Does Not Appear On Your Keyboard

In case f in the input language list, the fonts of your required language might not be installed; you should follow the instructions. 

What To Do if Language Does Not Appear On Your Keyboard

Add Language Support

  • Click on the start and control panel buttons.
  • In the control panel, if you are in a category view, click on the switch to classic view. 
  • In the control panel, open language and regional option
  • Click on the language tab.
  • Under supplemental language support, opt for the check box beside the applicable language collection. 
  • Click ok and apply, as you will prompted to insert the Windows CD-ROM or point to a network location where your files are saved in which you want to change the language. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the keyboard back to English?

To switch between languages, press Alt + shift, or you can add multiple languages to a desktop language bar by pressing the Windows logo key and typing control to search for the control panel app. Click on the control panel, and underclock language and region, click change input methods.

How do I change my keyboard from the US to the UK?

Open select and start settings <time and language. Under preferred languages, like the configured language, click on options. Under the keyboard, add a keyboard and opt for a keyboard layout for the language you want.

How do I get my keyboard back to normal?

On your computer, go to settings and system >languages and input. Tap on the screen, toggle on the keyboard you want to use and toggle off the default one. 


To wrap up the blog of How to change language on a keyboard?

The quickest way to change the language on Windows 10 and other options is not so difficult if you follow the above steps. Switching the languages across different keyboards can be done by pressing the Alt Key with the shift key. By doing so, you can add multiple languages to the desktop languages.  

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