How To Switch PC Cases?

Finding a new suitable PC case is a boon but switching it with an old one is a knotty thing to do. PC cases not only protect the important parts of the CPU but also make sure to prolong their working efficiency. The first and most important task is to find a perfect cover for your PC, which comes with a proper wiring system and an installed fan.

How To Switch PC Cases

Sometimes people just cover their PC with any case but later on, they buy another one that is better in quality and protection. So, before you put on the new advanced PC case it is necessary to remove the older one first. Well, in this article, I will tell you the procedure of how to switch PC cases so that you cannot make any mistakes during the replacement. Read the article carefully to know the precise steps of switching PC cases.

How To Switch PC Cases

PC cases are attached to the CPU in a way that makes sure to protect each and every single part in order to prevent it from external damage. If any damage occurs in any part of the CPU then it will reduce the functioning of the CPU and will lower its performance. Different types of PC cases are available in the market and you need to be very attentive while purchasing one.

How To Switch PC Cases

A PC case with multiple components is used for the gamer’s CPU. Also, some cheaper ones are also available. Sometimes people buy a PC case but then they want to replace it with a better one. Many people believe that replacing PC cases is a daunting thing to do because sometimes cables are wrongly connected. People often run after computer technicians in order to make corrections, which obviously costs a lot.

A few months back I bought a new PC case for many CPUs and I had to remove the older one to make the replacement. Then a friend of mine helped me to get through the procedure of switching PC cases. So, today I am sharing the steps with you so that you can save your money and follow this procedure for smooth PC case switching. An appropriate method will help you with a better replacement, which will result in a happy and satisfactory upgrade.

How To Remove The Old PC Case

Well, for a replacement you need to remove the old one so that you can fix a new PC case smoothly. Following are the steps that will help you remove the old PC case easily and quickly.

How To Remove The Old PC Case
  • Firstly, it is important that you gather all the necessary tools.
  • Secondly, you need to disconnect your PC from the power in order to prevent electric shock.
  • You need a screwdriver measuring tape and a power drill.
  • The measuring tape will help you in measuring the appropriate distance while attaching the new PC case.
  • Before removing the case you need to detach all the cables from your PC. Now, with a help of a screw remove all the screws from the case
  • Once the screws are removed you can now slowly lift up the case from both the end sides. Lifting up will be a little difficult at the start so you can wiggle it from all sides for easy and smooth detachment.
  • Doing this will help you remove the old case from your PC. Take care of all the screws as you will be needing them for new case attachments.
  • Also, put all the cables aside as you will be connecting them again in the new case.

How To Install The New Case

Removing an old case is a tough process while fixing the new one is somehow an easy process. Here are the steps for installing the new case after removing the old one.

How To Install The New Case
  • Firstly, you have to rewire all the cables accordingly and precisely.
  • Before replacing make sure to clean all the dust from the CPU.
  • Then reconnect all the cables with the respective power connector so that you cannot make a mess.
  • Once after the proper wire re-connection of the wire you need to install all the parts of the CPU into your new case, which includes the motherboard, hard drive, RAM, etc.
  • Installation of these parts in your new case should be done correctly so that it works rightly without causing any trouble.
  • Now, install the fan on the case by using the screws for better airflow inside the CPU.
  • Lastly, you need to put your new PC case on all sides properly. And you are done!


Is it OK to switch PC cases?

Yes, it is OK to switch your PC case because sometimes the old PC case becomes dirty and slows down your computer performance. So, replacing it with a new one gives a chance of cleaning too, which increases the performance of the computer.

How long does it take to switch a PC case?

If you follow the right procedure then it hardly takes half an hour or an hour to switch a PC case. Following the appropriate steps will surely save you time.

Can I put my PC in any case?

You need to check your computer system first and accordingly, you need to fix the PC case. Sometimes people get the wrong size case, which does not fit properly. So, you need to look for every requirement before putting in a PC case.


Well, I hope that now you can easily replace the old case after reading this article. My shared method of how to switch PC cases will surely help you a lot in better replacement. This is a quick procedure and you will be able to switch PC cases quickly without facing any problems. Now, you can simply switch PC cases precisely by following the above steps.

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