How To Turn On The Keyboard Light Lenovo

While writing on a keyboard, if there is no light, it sometimes becomes very overwhelming. The day market is full of advanced and cheap models with built-in features like light on keyboards. But if the quality is not available on your system, there are many ways to know how to turn on the keyboard light on Lenevo.

How To Turn On The Keyboard Light Lenovo

You only have to simultaneously press the Function Fn and space bar keys to turn on the crucial board light. You can even continue the steps using this shortcut to increase brightness and turn off the keyboard backlight. Moreover, you can also control the keyboard light with Lenovo Vantage software. 

So, let’s jump into the details.  

How To Turn On The Light On The Keyboard Lenovo

The keyboard light on Lenevo makes typing easy and comfortable if you are sitting in a pitch-black room. Most models have a light on their back, but nearly all turn it on and off using the above cut. 

How To Turn On The Light On The Keyboard Lenovo

So, these steps will work for the Lenovo keyboards on the Thinkpad and IdeaPad.

  • Please search for the keyboard backlight shortcut key on the keyboard of your Lenovo laptop, but place it on the spacebar on most laptops.
  • Press the function critical shot from Fn and the backlight shortcut key on the space bar simultaneously. 
  • Most Lenovo laptops provide different levels of keyboard backlight brightness. You can press the function keys again to increase the keyboard’s intelligence. So, activating the shortcut will turn the keyboard backlight back off. 

How To Turn On a Lenovo Think Light

Old models of Lenovo keyboards used built-in LED lamps known as Think Light and did not have a keyboard backlight. Instead, it’s on the top of the display and shines on the keyboard, thus offering a usable light for keyboards and other documents. 

How To Turn On a Lenovo Think Light

Here are the steps for turning on the light:

  • Find the shortcut key for Think Light, which is the page-up key and can be abbreviated as Pg Up.
  • Now press the function key, abbreviated as Fn, and the runner-up key simultaneously.
  • Press the function and page-up keys to turn off the think-off light again.

Why Is My Keyboard Not Lit up 

There are many reasons for not lighting up the laptop keyboard. It may seem funny, too, because the most common sense is that the Lenovo keyboard does not have one. Firstly, Lenovo is known to sell cheap laptops, so it does not come with a backlight for keyboards. You will find it true, as you can find a keyboard backlight shortcut on your device.

Secondly, if your Lenevo keyboard has a backlight option, but it is not working, try to activate it in the Lenevo vantage software, as the keyboard backlight toggle is in the accessories section and inputs section.

Why Is My Keyboard Not Lit up

Are you still having trouble?

Then, you should check if the backlight is turned off in your laptop’s BIOS. Press and restart Enter at the boot screen showing a Lenovo logo. Now press F1 to enter the BIOS. The BIOS menu can vary significantly on different laptops, but search for the mouse or keyboard menu.

Open it and find the keyboard backlight field. If it is off or disabled, switch it on. Finally, save it and exit the BIOS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shortcut key for the backlight on Lenovo?

On most keyboards, the key used to turn on or off is the Fn+Space bar; hold down the FN key and tap the space bar. This toggle switch can be used to turn it on or off. 

Do all Lenovo laptop keyboards light up?

Nowadays, the latest models of keyboards have backlight icons, which look like a horizontal bracket with arcing rays on top. This can be on the space bar of your keyboard. 

Older Thinkpads have a Thinklight option, which is present at the top of the display and shines a small light on your keyboard. 

Is my Lenovo keyboard backlit?

You can quickly tell that your Lenovo has a backlit keyboard by finding the keyboard backlight shortcut key, which is located on a space bar. 


So, to wrap up the blog, how do you turn on the backlight keyboard from Lenovo? To make your keyboard at Lenovo light up is easy; all you need to ensure is that your keyboard comes with the backlight function. If it has, then press the function key and space bar together to light it up. If it does not work, you should follow the above-given steps to solve the issue.

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