How To Undervolt CPU

A more overwhelming situation comes when your operating system is not working well due to the overheating of the processor. This can be resolved by lowering the temperature of the CPU by undervoting it. There are many causes of CPU overheating, like extra overloading and poor ventilation, which are important. 

How To Undervolt CPU

However, to undervolt your CPU, you can do it easily by using a miraculous tool known as throttle stop to lower its temperature and power usage.

So, let’s dive into how to undervolt the CPU.

What Is Undervolting

It is worth knowing before moving on to what undervolting is.

While making your CPU undervolt, do not damage it, but doing it overvolt can make your CPU unstable as it is easy to reverse. 

In contrast to undervolting, overvolting, and overclocking your processor to higher speeds, undervolting can reduce the power or voltage directed to your CPU. The more power is hotter, the more it becomes, and vice versa. Another advantage of undervolting the CPU is that it extends the battery life. 

What Is a Throttle Stop?

Throttle stop is a tool used for many purposes. Its name refers to its use in overriding the throttling system in your processor to increase performance. 

Download and install throttle, stop, and open it. 

The tool comes with the following features:

What Is a Throttle Stop

Disable Turbo

The setting is used to make sure that none of the cores on your processor run faster as compared to the base clock speed. 

Bd Prochot

It is a safety feature that throttles your process safely when things become too hot in your system.


Speedshift is the latest CPU from 2016 onwards. Intel processor released a feature that helps it to respond faster to make changes in the software set clock speed. 

How to Undervolt The CPU Using The Throttle Stop

Check the four select circles at the top left inside the program. This will allow you to switch between different profiles in the Undervolt settings. 

To explain how to undervolt your process, let’s glance at the steps.

  • Switch up the profile with the radio buttons to gaming mode or any other option. For example, if you set a battery, you can upgrade your CPU for battery savings. 
How to Undervolt The CPU Using The Throttle Stop
  • Now click the IVR button near the bottom right in Throttlestop. 

Tap the unlock adjustable voltage box in the new tab. If the box becomes grey, your processor does not support undervolting using a Throttle stop. If you have an Intel processor, you can try Intel’s extreme tuning utility as an alternative.

unlock adjustable voltage box
  • Now, decrease the offset voltage slider that is used for undervolting. It is good to decrease this to -100mV to begin. 
decrease the offset voltage slider
  • Tap the CPU cache in the FIVE control on the top middle of the window. Set up the offs voltage below to the same voltage, as it is hard for CPU and CPU cache to come with the same voltage. 
Tap the CPU cache
  • You won’t see these options if your CPU does not support undervolting. Instead, you will see an unavailable box like in the previous step. 
CPU does not support undervolting
  • When you finish, click apply. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good to make your CPU undervolt?

Yes, it is a good practice to perform it well, and it would be harmful to its hardware. 

Does undervoltage CPU save battery?

Undervolting a CPU leads to its good performance due to no throttling and no battery life. 

Is undervolting safe?

Yes, undervoltage of the CPU is safe, but if you do it more frequently, you can face instability, crashes, and low performance. 


Undervolting a processor is not an easy task, as it comes with many essential steps. In the blog on how to undersold a CPU, you have successfully learned how to go about the process with the tool troubleshooting. Making your processor cool down by undervolt can be a great way to upgrade its performance and efficiency. 

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