How to Use DPI Button on the Mouse?

Do you want to change the sensitivity of your mouse? I can tell you how to do it in a few easy steps. A DPI button on your mouse can change the accuracy and sensitivity of the mouse. However, it is only possible with a certain type of mouse. For instance, you cannot change DPI with a normal mouse because DPI buttons are only found in gaming mice.

How to Use DPI Button on the Mouse

Gaming mice have additional features, like changing the mouse’s settings with either a DPI button or software. Furthermore, buttons are easier because you can make your mouse run faster or slower with just a single click. So, let’s dig deeper into what a DPI button is capable of and how to use it.

How to Use DPI Button on the Mouse?

What is the Function of the DPI Button?

The DPI buttons allow users to change the DPI settings to suit their personal preferences. Mice either have one DPI button or multiple. However, it depends on the model you purchase. Now that we know the button’s function, you might wonder what DPI is. Allow me to explain it in simple terms.

What is the Function of the DPI Button

DPI is the unit for resolution, representing dots per inch. It determines the distance that your mouse will cover to act. It means how many pixels translate on your screen when you move your mouse one inch. So, if you set your DPI at 200, your cursor will move 200 pixels on your screen.

This means that your DPI will decide the distance the cursor covers, not the mouse. To test it, set your DPI high and move your mouse, then set it low and repeat the same process. You will figure out how your cursor moved faster with high DPI. Similarly, this is helpful if you do not have enough space on your desk and have a relatively larger monitor, so a high DPI will enable you to cover more space on the monitor.

How to Use DPI Button on the Mouse?

If you want to change your mouse’s DPI settings using the DPI button, you need to first look for the DPI button on your mouse. Now, follow the following instructions to use your DPI button on the mouse.

How to Use DPI Button on the Mouse
  • First, the DPI button is located on the side of the mouse. But most of the time, you will find it behind the scroll wheel. Many models of mice label it as ‘DPI’ while others have some symbols for it.
  • Next, you can press the DPI button to change your DPI settings to the next available one. You will either have two or three options. However, it completely depends on the type of mouse you use.
  • Then, move your mouse around and check the new setting. Play a game or any activity using your mouse and check if you are comfortable with the new setting.
  • Finally, change the setting again by pressing the button again. Repeat this process again and again till you find your favorite DPI setting.

How to Disable DPI Button on the Mouse

Most people like to disable the DPI button after making the necessary changes, as it leads to unwanted changes in sensitivity. Furthermore, the button’s location is sometimes at a point where it has a higher chance of pressing down and making sudden changes in the mouse’s sensitivity.

How to Disable DPI Button on the Mouse

Consequently, this can be frustrating during a task that requires accuracy and focus. So, I will share an easy way to disable the DPI button when you do not need to make changes. The process depends on the mouse type; however, following general steps will help you no matter which mouse you use.

  • First, you need to look for your mouse’s software; you can find it in your computer’s start menu or on the manufacturer’s official website. There, search if the mouse has this option or not.
  • Next, open your mouse’s software and look for ‘DPI settings’ or ‘advance settings’ and open it.
  • Then, once you open these settings, you can find the disabling option. It can either be ‘disable DPI switch’ or ‘disable DPI button’ depending on the type of mouse you use.
  • Finally, click on this option and save the changes.

Note: Kindly note that not all DPI buttons can be disabled. Some mice manufacturers do not provide this option. Moreover, if you do not have this option, you can physically remove the button by disconnecting the wires after opening the mouse up. This might require good technical skills. So, do not attempt it unless you are confident in your skills.

Is Higher DPI Always Good?

A higher DPI is good if you need to finish a task quickly on a larger screen. For instance, if you are playing games that need reflex actions, only a high DPI can match your impulsive, quick movements. However, it is not always ideal, as a higher DPI setting means a faster cursor, which can be quite hard to manage.

Is Higher DPI Always Good

Additionally, a higher DPI setting can be difficult to control if you are playing shooter games where you need focus and accuracy. It will need a lot of practice to reach that point. I prefer changing the DPI setting to a level where I am comfortable and confident because no matter how much you look for a higher or lower ideal DPI setting, at the end of the day, you will have to customize it to a point where you are satisfied.


Can I adjust the DPI settings on my mouse without using the DPI button?

Yes, you can have access to DPI settings without the DPI button. However, it depends on your mouse’s model and software. If the manufacturer has enabled the DPI settings in the software, then you can adjust them by using the software.

What is the maximum DPI setting on a mouse?

A mouse’s maximum DPI setting limit depends upon its model and manufacturer. Some mice have 4000 or 5000 maximum DPI. Similarly, some high-end mice offer up to 16000 maximum DPI.

Final Words

In short, you can use your DPI button to change the cursor’s sensitivity for tasks that require accuracy, focus, and precision. Moreover, you can press the DPI button behind the scroll wheel to change the DPI setting or use software that comes with the mouse. So, adjust your DPI settings to your comfort level to achieve high performance from your mouse.

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