Is a Moonlander keyboard worth it?

As a professional IT specialist, I have spent much valuable time researching various ergonomic keyboards. In my exploration of keyboards, I have found Moonlander to be one of the best and top-rated accessories in the world of computers I have ever used. I have been typing on it for about five months and switched to it permanently for many good and practical reasons.

Is a Moonlander keyboard worth it

So, if you are willing to pay for its customisation and want one of the best keyboards available, Moonlander is worth that high price. Knowing about this innovative keyboard is essential, especially if you are in the field of IT, so without waiting, let’s dive into the concern of Whether a Moonlander keyboard is worth it. 

Features of Moonlander That Make it Worth

Strong Construction

The keyboard is constructed with long-term use in mind and has a durable design. The selection of high-quality materials influences the product’s longevity as a whole.

Strong Construction

Connectivity option

The Moonlander has both wired and wireless connectivity, giving you a choice in how you connect it to your computer or other device.

QMK Firmware

The Moonlander employs the well-known open-source QMK firmware, enabling sophisticated keyboard programming and customisation. This allows users to create intricate macros, unique keymaps, and other sophisticated features.

QMK Firmware

Software Configurator

In addition to its robust firmware, the Moonlander has a software configuration. It is the best tool with a user-friendly interface for beginner to professional users configuring the keyboard. This program enables Custom keybindings and macros with a simple design to manage.

Split Ergonomic Design 

The Moonlander keyboard can be divided into two components, thus allowing you to set each half according to your comfort and ergonomic preferences with ease. This layout promotes a more natural typing style by reducing strain and stress on your hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders.

Split Ergonomic Design

Fully Programmable

The Moonlander keyboard is fully programmable, one of its unique and innovative benefits. You can go for any program, function, or combination of functions to be performed by any keyboard key as it is the latest. This is very helpful for all skill levels of users to develop shortcuts, macros, and task automation.

Mechanical Switches 

The Moonlander has hot-swappable switches, thus making it simple to replace individual switches without soldering. This permits you to experiment with various mechanical switches to change how the keyboard feels and sounds when you type.

Mechanical Switches

Thumb Cluster and Pivoting Modules:

 Each half of the keyboard is characterized by a thumb cluster with many different types of keys that can be easily pressed with the thumbs. To offer a modified ergonomic experience, the Moonlander also has pivoting modules that can be altered to meet your wrists’ style, angle, and position.


When it comes to weight, the Moonladder keyboard is amazingly lightweight, and you can carry it in your backpack with ease. In the stock neoprene travel bundle, with the addition of cables and board itself, it weighs not more than a kilo. On the plus side, the package contains a wrist rest folding mechanism and a sleek and slim magnetic clasp that keeps the kit in travel mode. 



For most of its users, Moonladder is considered to be the best in terms of quality as it is a premium device. The keyboard’s surface feels good under your hands, and keycaps are subtly textured and grippy compared to other keyboards. The typing sounds are substantial and thick because of weight and durability. 

Keycap Compatibility

Keycap Compatibility

Regarding the keycaps of Moonladder, I liked the signature plastics used to complete a DSA set with the triangle key. In other models of keyboards, you are limited to the set of keys that comes from ZSA, although they are nice enough keycaps. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Moonlander a good keyboard?

Yes, Moonlander is an innovative keyboard with unbeatable features and benefits like easy use, customized style, and a fully split design.

Is Moonlander hot-swappable?

In the Moonlander keyboard, you can change any key switch anytime without voiding your warranty and soldering, as each unit ships with a free tool that makes all steps easy.

How do you get used to the Moonlander keyboard?

You can easily get used to Moonlander because of its exciting tilting system, which allows you to experiment with layouts and get used to the latest ergonomics of the keyboard. 

Final Thoughts

It was the best decision to opt for the Moon Ladder keyboard in my professional career. I wish I had done it very early to benefit from it. Throughout my experience,  I have tried my best to be fair with its components, which are well -performed and could be appreciated by all those users with the right size of hands.  

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