What CPU Is Good For Streaming?

When you want to dive into the world of streaming, you need a system with upgraded features, and no component is more important than a robust CPU. Yet for regular streaming at 720/30fps with a smaller bitrate, you can use the latest CPU having the right threads and four cores. 

What CPU Is Good For Streaming

For semi-professional streaming, you will need a powerful processor, so have landed in the right place if you want to know about What CPU is good for streaming.

What To Consider While Buying a CPU For Streaming

In most operating systems, processors are often compared using two features and specifications: core count and clock speed. While it is hard to rasp all specifications before buying any PC component. 


The number of CPU processors is known as cores. Normally this number ranges from 2 to 32. Most models of copu s come with four to eight cores as they are becoming popular for gaming.


In multi-core computers separate cores can handle various types of data simultaneously. So the CPU becomes quicker since the data is distributed over two, four, and more cores. 

Clock Speed

The pace at which the processor runs and functions is known as its speed. It is a number of signals that can run in a processor in one second, measured in gigahertz. The higher the clock speed, the better will be its performance. Some models of processors support overlocking, which means they can operate at a faster rate than they are designed to.


Threads in a processor are virtual programs that split the CPU’s physical care into numerous virtual cores, as a single core can support up to two threads. In terms of hardware, when we talk about threads, it means its capabilities, like 8 thread processor, can operate 

Up to 8 separate threads at one time means it can operate 8 activities at once. 


So, the question arises if threads are important for processors or not.

It varies if the game developers design it to consume more threads cores; the game performance can be improved. 

Cache Memory

It is a smaller memory that stores copies from frequently used memory locations and is placed closer to the processor core. It allows the processor to access the data and instructions more quickly, as the larger the processor’s memory, the faster it will run. 

Cooling System

For streaming, the cooling system in a processor plays a very important role. As broadcasting is a very demanding operation, it is vital to have a good system with efficient water coolers and air coolers.

Cooling System

Although liquid coolers are more popular than other coolers, you have to pay attention to built-in cooling systems, while other needs additional gears.


The method to increase the clock rate of a processor more than the manufacturer has permitted is known as over-locking. It greatly improves the performance but also causes the CPU and motherboard to crash. 

S it is important to use a good cooling system to minimize this risk. 

Best CPU For Streaming

Best CPU For Streaming
  • AMD Ryzen 9 500X
  • AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
  • AMD Ryzen 5 36ooI
  • Intel Core I5 -106OOK

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of processor is good for gaming?

Most games are optimized with a core CPU and take two cores for streaming, so for having the best results, the device with an Intel Core i7 processor would be the best option.

Do I need a powerful processor for streaming?

When a GPU and CPU work together, they render a game visual. It’s the processor that has to do with encoding. This means that additional processor power is needed for streaming. 


So, it is clear that while playing video games and streaming, it is important to have a powerful system with a processor to maximize its efficiency. The CPU is an important component of the computer to offers performance at a good level by conducting input-output arithmetic and logic operations. 

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