What Is a Backlit Keyboard?

While working on your operating system, whether desktop or laptop, many built-in features offer you comfort and ease, the backlit keyboard is one of the best features in your computers that enables you to work without any hassle, thus providing you light at the back of the scene. 

What Is a Backlit Keyboard

So, what is a backlit keyboard?

A backlit keyboard is on that has a light under the keys and illuminates letters and symbols on the keys to make them visible to the user. 

Let’s dive into the comprehensive detail of what is a backlit keyboard?

What Is a Backlit Keyboard?

A backlit keyboard is also called an illuminated keyboard or a backlit gaming keyboard and is a light under the keys. The light under the keys of the keyboard gives light so that you can type with ease and comfort and offer visibility to you when there is no other source of light, low light, and dark environments.

What Is a Backlit Keyboard

Moreover, the light source comprises LED, light emitting diode, and light bulbs for energy efficiency and increased brightness. 

Backlit keyboards are growing on trend among games but can be used for other gaming tasks.

How Do You Enable a Backlit Keyboard?

The backlit keyboard is activated and operated by only touching the keys or around the edge of any keyboard. While lights can automatically turn off after a very short period when the keys of the keyboard are not even touched. Tuning off the lights automatically helps to convert the battery power and extends the battery life between the chargers. 

How Do You Enable a Backlit Keyboard

The desktops and laptops have keyboards with special FN keys to turn on and off permanently and alter the colour. However, the special Fn key can differ on different desktops and laptops. 

How Much Does a Backlit Keyboard Cost?

The keyboards with built-in backlights are more expensive than regular keyboards, usually costing between $90 and more. 

How Much Does a Backlit Keyboard Cost

They can be wired or wireless as wireless models need batteries to work and might need a USB cable to plug the computer’s keyboard to charge the batteries.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a backlit keyboard on a laptop?

A backlit keyboard features a light under the keys and offers illumination under the keys to comfort the gaming player, as it is the feature of most gaming keyboards. 

Is a backlit keyboard good or bad?

It is helpful when you have a red-eye flight or travelling on a night flight. It gives you sufficient light to see what you want to type or see on your keyboard.

Do all laptops and computers have backlit keyboards?

Not all the computers and laptops come with backlit keyboards, as this can be checked on the product’s user manual.


To wrap up the blog, what is a backlit keyboard?

It is a keyboard with light under the keys of the keyboard as it provides illumination and visibility to the player. These keyboards are mostly used by gamers and travellers who use laptops for travelling. These keyboards come with symbols or letters on the keys and light under them to make them visible in dark places and low-light areas. 

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