What keyboard Do Pro Gamers Use

A topic of tremendous interest and intrigue is: what keyboard do Pro gamers use?  Every element of these professional players’ setup, including their keyboards, is examined for its effect on performance as they compete at the top levels of esports. The keyboard market is competitive, with many different brands and models fighting for the attention of professional gamers looking for the ideal accessory to improve their gaming.

What keyboard Do Pro Gamers Use

In this investigation, we examine several frequently asked questions regarding the keyboards used by professional gamers, illuminating the variables affecting their decisions.

What keyboard Do Pro Gamers Use?

Professional gamers’ preferences, typing habits, and game preferences all influence the keyboards they select. However, because of their features, toughness, and performance, a select few keyboard manufacturers and models have gained popularity among professional gamers. A few of these are:

1. Logitech keyboard

With a variety of features to suit diverse needs and preferences, Logitech offers a variety of keyboards. The following are some typical characteristics of Logitech keyboards:

Logitech keyboard

Advanced Mechanical Switches

Romer-G switches, for example, are frequently found on Logitech’s mechanical keyboards. These switches offer a tactile feel for precise keystrokes and are made for quick actuation and endurance.

Wireless Connectivity

For a tidy setup, many Logitech keyboards are wireless, using Bluetooth or the company’s own wireless technology. This can be especially helpful if your desk is cluttered with cables.

RGB Backlighting 

The RGB backlighting on Logitech keyboards can frequently be customized, allowing you to adjust the lighting effects and colors to your particular preferences or gaming setup.

RGB Backlighting

Programmable macros

Some Logitech keyboards come with programmable macro keys that you can set up to carry out specified actions or combinations of inputs. This feature is useful for productivity activities or gaming in particular.

Dedicated Media Controls

Using the keyboard, you may quickly change the volume, play or pause music, skip tracks, and control other media-related operations.

Dedicated Media Controls (1)

Adjustable Key Actuation 

With certain Logitech keyboards, you may modify the amount of pressure required to register a keypress. This can accommodate various typing preferences.

2. Steel Series keyboards

SteelSeries keyboards come with a variety of features designed specifically for gamers and other users who value performance, personalization, and durability. The following are some typical characteristics of SteelSeries keyboards:

Steel Series keyboards

Mechanical Switches

SteelSeries keyboards frequently have mechanical switches, which are renowned for their responsiveness and tactile feedback. To accommodate varied typing preferences, different models could provide a variety of switch alternatives, including  linear, tactile, or clicky switches.

Customizable Key Actuation

Some SteelSeries keyboards allow you to change the sensitivity of specific keys to match your gaming or typing preferences.

RGB Illuminations

Many SteelSeries keyboards feature per-key RGB backlighting, which lets you change the lighting effects and colors for each key to produce eye-catching visual effects or useful gameplay signals.

RGB Illuminations

Dedicated Media Controls 

With some models, you may rapidly change the volume, play or pause music, skip songs, and manage other multimedia functions without leaving your game or application.

Macron keys

SteelSeries keyboards frequently come with programmable macro keys that can be programmed to carry out several keystrokes or sophisticated tasks with a single touch.

Macron keys

Gaming mode

SteelSeries keyboards, like other gaming keyboards, may offer a gaming mode feature that disables several keys to prevent unintentional pauses in games.


The majority of Roccat Vulcan keyboards have specific features; therefore, if the “Vulcan TKL Pro” model exists, it might have features that are shared with other Vulcan keyboards. The following are some standard attributes of a Roccat Vulcan keyboard:


Mechanical Switches

The Roccat Vulcan series frequently uses the company’s exclusive Titan mechanical switches. These switches, created to offer a sensitive and tactile typing and gaming experience, are renowned for their quick actuation and durability.

RGB Lightening 

Numerous Vulcan keyboards feature RGB backlighting, which enables you to alter the lighting effects and colors to suit your preferences or your setup.

RGB Lightening

Low-Profile Keycaps and Floating Key Design

Low-profile keycaps and floating key designs, which can improve aesthetics and facilitate cleaning, make Vulcan keyboards easily recognizable.

Dedicated Media Controls

Some models include buttons specifically for controlling media playback, volume, and other features without interrupting your present job.

Dedicated Media Controls

Ergonomic design

Certain Vulcan keyboards come with an ergonomic wrist rest to improve comfort during prolonged typing or gaming sessions.

Easy shift technology

You may effectively double the number of commands you can access without taking your fingers off the major keys by using the Easy-Shift [+] Technology feature, which enables you to designate auxiliary functions for your keys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which keyboard manufacturers do professional gamers favor?

Mechanical keyboards are the best ones to use by professional gamers who employ a variety of keyboards because of their quick response times, haptic feedback, and durability. These keyboards are advantageous in environments where gamers compete since each key has its own mechanical switch.

Which keyboard manufacturers do seasoned gamers favor?

Brands like Ducky, SteelSeries, Corsair, Logitech, Razer, and HyperX are starting to become more well-known among professional gamers. These innovations feature keyboards with programmable keys, rapid switches, and durability for long gaming sessions.

Are wireless keyboards used by professional gamers?

Even though wired connections are more reliable and low-latency, some wireless keyboards have gained popularity among professional gamers due to their utility and technological advancements.


The subject is winding up. What keyboard do professional players use? The keyboard is a critical tool in the realm of professional gaming that can influence a player’s efficacy and success on the virtual battlefield. When choosing their preferred keyboard, professional gamers carefully examine aspects like key switches, customization possibilities, construction quality, and even aesthetics. Professional gamers may have a preference for certain brands and models, but ultimately, picking the best keyboard to boost performance and enhance one’s skills is largely a question of taste.

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