What Keyboard Does Clix Use

Clix is an absolute king of box fighting. He has commented on himself as one of the best Fortnite players out there, as he is known for his insane pace, charismatic personality, and edits that captivate an audience of many people on his Twitch stream. 

What Keyboard Does Clix Use

So when the question arises, what keyboard does Clix use? So Clix uses a cotton candy keyboard from matrix keyboard with PBT double shot pudding backlit keycaps with Gateron speed silver switches.

What Keyboard Does Clix Use?

There are many options for Clix, but currently, it uses a Matrix keyboard that is no smaller than a partnership to release new and exciting keyboards. The only difference that is figured out is the alternates from Gateron speed silver switches. 

The keyboard is great in many features as it is innovative and unique, like water resistance, audio sync, and different RGB modes, which Clix appreciates a lot. In addition, it comes with a 1000HZ polling rate. So, the entire keyboard is hot-swappable from the PCB to the cable and switches. 

What Keyboard Does Clix Use

If you notice the color scheme, it resembles a Sommer set’s 60% keyboard. It is similar in design, but it comes with pink and purple instead of blue and pink keycaps. 

So, have a detailed look at the specifications of Clix Cotton Candy keyboards.

  • Keycaps: PBT Doubleshot and backlit
  • Switch options: 1000HZ 
  • Size: 60%
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Color: white
  • Material: ABS Acrylic Case PBT keycaps  

Is The Clix Keyboard Worth It

No, Clix’s current keyboard option is not worth it unless you support him and are a huge fan. 

Is The Clix Keyboard Worth It

If you want to get clear edits and better at Fortnite, Apex Mini Pro or the Wooting 60HE are the key brands with the same price and can offer incredible benefits with the 100. 

Does Clix Use Other Keyboards?

No, Clix does not use other keyboards because his previous models were also from Matrix keyboards having black and grey colour schemes. The keyboard is featured with a legacy version, so you cannot buy this model anymore. 

Does Clix Use Other Keyboards

The older version also has speed silver switches and is not different from the newer ones, as it only differs in colour schemas and various switches. 

Frequently asked questions

What PC does Clix have?

Clix PC gaming has Corsair Dominator platinum RGB 64 GB and intel core, 19-10900 K.

What does Clix play?

Cody Conrod, known as Clix, is an American Yopu Tuber, twitch streamer, and professional Fortnite player.  

Final Thoughts

So, the answer to the query what keyboard does Clix use? The Clix does not use any other keyboard because of good features like the color scheme, variety of switches, and fit to Clix more aesthetically. Still, some upgrades should be made to make it more practical. 

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