Where Is a Command On the Keyboard

While working on your keyboard for a long time, you might have to use different keys to enter your data. Have you ever been surprised by what is that tiny key with the logo on it?

Where Is a Command On the Keyboard

It is known as a command key and is held over from early versions of the Windows operating system. The key is meant to perform special functions and actions and is located on the left of the space bar. 

So, if you want to know more about a command key, keep reading valuable information. 

What is the command key?

On any operating system, the command key is unique; it is abbreviated as the cmd key, usually designated as the Windows logo on the keyboard of the Windows computer.  

The function of the key is to enable us to deliver commands to their system without using any controller. You can use the command key with c and V to copy and paste your text, respectively. 

What is the command key

So, holding down the command key with others at a time to do a plethora of various shortcut keyboards, among those are:

  • Command A Select all
  • Command C copy
  • Command V paste 
  • Command Z undo
  • Command Y Redo

Experienced Mac users rely on keyboard shortcuts to do many computer operations. While some shortcuts are of multiple uses with these keys simultaneously. Others are completed by holding the command key and entering a single letter or number. 

Where Is Command Key On Keyboard

In the Windows keyboard, there is no command key but if you connect the window keyboard the computer does what we call a command key. This means that command key is located as a different key on the windows keyboard. 

Where Is Command Key On Keyboard

So unless it is changed the command key can be got by pressing the control or Ctrl on the keyboard.

How To Use a Command Key

You might be curious about using the command key if you are a beginner on Windows. The command, also known as the window key, is a shortcut for many other operations, allowing you to access different Windows capabilities quickly. 

How To Use a Command Key

You have to hold down the window key while pressing any other key according to your requirement on your operating system. For instance, open a start menu, press and hold the window key, and press the s key. 

  • To access the start menu, press and hold the Windows key while pressing the s key
  • Hold the window key and press the r key, leading to the command prompt.
  • To reach the task manager, hold down the window key and press the u key. This will launch a task manager.
  • Hold down the window key while pressing the th ptrn or Fn + ptrn Scrn, depending on your board, to take a screenshot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is a command key on a PC keyboard?

Mo PC keyboard has a command key, as those familiar with the Apple operating systems and IBM-compatible computers can relate this key to the Microsoft Windows key.

Is the ALT key and command the same?

Regarding functionality, the ALT key in Windows is more compatible with the command key than the option key on the keyboard.

Final thoughts

So that is all about where is command key on the keyboard?

The command key is a vital part of a keyboard of any brand or model. By knowing what it means and what it does, you can completely operate faster and do it efficiently. 

This blog will be very helpful to you in discovering the command key on a keyboard.

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