Which Keyboard Switch Is Best For Gaming?

If you want to know which keyboard switch is best for gaming then the following article is going to provide you with maximum value. I am fully aware of the fact that gamers are always struggling with good and efficient gaming switches. This is because not every switch has the receptivity nor the actuation required for gaming. So, if you are not careful enough while making your purchase, you might end up getting an inappropriate keyboard switch for yourself.

Which Keyboard Switch Is Best For Gaming

And to add fuel to fire, imagine paying hundreds of dollars just to buy the wrong switch all along. Painful, right? I know, believe me, I have been through that pain, and that is exactly what brings us here today.

In the following article, I am about to share the top three of my best switches that I personally use for gaming purposes. I purchased them all myself, tested them, and am now reviewing them all for your benefit. I would recommend you to read out the following article very carefully.

Which Keyboard Switch Is Best For Gaming

1. Cherry MX Speed Silver

The Cherry MX Speed Silver I is hands down one of the best keyboard switches for gaming. It has a much shorter travel distance and actuates linear movement. This linear movement is best for gaming keyboards since it is much smoother and provides a consistent keystroke. Furthermore, you will experience zero bumps to hinder your progress. This switch is super comfortable to use and does not put undue pressure on your wrists and fingers.

Cherry MX Speed Silver

The smooth glide these switches provide you are just perfect for efficient gaming. You can have absolute control over your entire keyboard all thanks to this switch. And the best part is that it does not lag or get stuck. Plus, it has a much longer lifespan than the usual keyboard switches. So, I would definitely recommend that switch to all gamers who are looking for a highly efficient yet affordable switch.

2. Razer Red Optical

The Razer Red Optical is yet another highly useful keyboard switch for gamers. It has a 1.0 mm actuation distance, linear movement type, 40 grams actuation force, and 65 grams bottom-out force. The best thing about this switch is that it does not make loud tapping noises when you press the keystrokes. It has some dampener that suppresses the typing noise so that you can play without getting disturbed by perpetual noise coming from your keyboard.

Furthermore, to increase the actuation the manufacturers use some kind of lubricant. This lubricant increases the actuation tenfold. And the best part is that the effect of this lubricant does not fade away. It means that you won’t have to re-lubricate the switches yourself.

Razer Red Optical

Apart from that, it is also easily available in the market. And is super easy to install as well. Hence, you won’t even have trouble finding professional help to get it installed either.

However, this switch is too light and makes you feel as if you have not pressed the key., So, you might end up pressing the key twice just by mistake. This can have a very negative impact on your typing speed and give you many typo errors. This is why I would only recommend this switch to you for gaming.

3. Gateron Lekker Switch

The Gateron Lekker Switch is yet another excellent choice for everyone looking for a good keyboard switch for perpetual gamers. This one has forty grams of actuation force with a 0.1 mm – 4mm actuation distance. Apart from that, it has only forty mm travel distance which means that being a gamer, you would have much better and more aggressive control over your keyboard. You won’t have to move your hand much in order to reach the desired key.

Gateron Lekker Switch

Apart from that, the best and most unique feature of this switch is that it has a Hall effect sensor. Using this sensor you can control your actuation range. It means that this key switch is not only suitable for gamers but can be effectively used for other purposes as well.


Why is it so hard to find a good gaming switch?

One of the most common reasons why we find it so hard to get good gaming switches is illiteracy. Some of us are not even aware of all the features that one must look for in a gaming switch. This is the reason why most of the time we end up with the wrong switch. So, it is imperative to do your complete research before you go out and make the purchase.

Final Thoughts

So, this is all from my side. I hope you all enjoyed reading through this article. I tried my best to provide you with all the relevant details relating to the best gaming key switches I have ever used. Of course, there are some other products as well, however, these are the ones I preferred above all. I may as well have mentioned other switches as well, but each one of them had more cons than one so I thought it best to only provide you with detailed guidance on the very best ones.

In any case, to sum up, this entire debate let me enlighten you with the one key switch that I personally prefer above all. And that is the Gateron Lekker Switch. The most distinguishing feature of this switch is that it allows you to adjust actuation distance very easily and conveniently. It means that both gamers, as well as non-gamers, can benefit from this switch alike. Hence, I would highly recommend you all check out this switch.

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