Which Way Do PC Fans Blow

It is essential to spend sufficient time around PC builders and forums to know about the direction of fan-blowing in your system, as it really matters. When a fan is positioned correctly, it can pull on cool air to keep its components efficient and well-performed.

Which Way Do PC Fans Blow

If you intend to place a  fan acting as an exhaust fan, the purpose is to expel the hot air from the case, as both sets are equally important to make your system cool. So, how do you tell which way PC fans blow? If you want to know the details about it, keep on reading the blog. 

How To Determine The Direction Of The Fan

There are many ways by which you can know which way your PC fan is blowing.

Look at the blades

Similarly, by seeing the blades, you can know the direction of your PC’s fan.

  • To ensure your safety, turn off the system and unplug it from the power supply. 
  • By opening the case, locate the problematic fan
  • Analyze the location of the blades of a fan as a specific airflow pattern is intended to be produced by the fit and shape of the blades 
  • Examine the blade’s orientation and airflow direction as, in most cases, the air is sucked into the blade from the concave side that is generally pushed out of a concave side. 
  •  If you are unsure about it, you can put tissue paper close to the PC fan while it is running in the direction of airflow.   

So, if you want to get effective cooling, you need to make sure the fan is positioned correctly. 

How To Determine The Direction Of The Fan

Look for the arrow

To search for the arrow on your PC fan, follow the steps below. 

  • Switch off your system and unplug it from the main power source to ensure security.
  • Open the case of your computer 
  • On the fan, look at the markings and directions closely, as some fans have arrows printed on the side that indicate the airflow direction. 
  • If you dont see the arrow, look for other labels and markings that indicate the direction of flow. For instance, some fans have in and out printed on the case to indicate the direction of the fan blowing, drawn or pushed out. 
  • You can also get the guidance from the user manual offered by the company. 

By finding the arrows and indicators on the blades of the PC fans, you can determine the direction of airflow. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which way should the PC fan blow?

Through the case, a PC fan should travel in a clear path; generally, it should be placed in front of a case to make your whole system efficient. 

Does the PC fan blow up and down?

A CPU fan should blow air away from the heat sink as it is a metal plate that collects the heat from various parts of the computer system. 


As touched on above, the direction of the PC fan really matters a lot; if it is placed in the proper position it can work better. Knowing the way its blades point is the best way to determine the best places to mount it. It also makes sure the correct airflow configuration is for your purposes. 

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