Why Do Gamers Use 60% Keyboards?

Well, due to the massive advancement in science and technology, there are so many devices in the field of computers that every beginner or professional user can opt for. Even the slightest factors can have a significant impact on performance and experience in the realm of gaming and technology. The keyboard selection is one such element that has drawn much attention. Mainly, gamers have investigated numerous keyboard choices to improve their comfort and gameplay.

Why Do Gamers Use 60 Keyboards

The emergence of the 60% keyboard among these options has aroused intrigue and curiosity. This informational blog will explore the advantages and reasons gamers accept these miniature mechanical buttons

So, let’s dive into why gamers use 60 keyboards.

What is a 60 keyboard?

A 60% keyboard is a small mechanical keyboard with a basic design that leaves off some keys that are typically present on regular keyboards. The navigation keys, function row, and numeric keypad should be included. As a result, the keyboard is streamlined and elegant and takes up just around 60% of its full-size counterpart’s area.

What is a 60 keyboard

Why do gamers use 60 keyboards?

It’s common for gamers to use mechanical keyboards with various features and specs, and “60 keyboards” may refer to a particular design of mechanical keyboard known as a “60% keyboard.”

A “60% keyboard” is a mechanical keyboard with a small form factor that often lacks a full-size keyboard’s navigation, function, and numeric keypad buttons. Its diminutive size—about 60% of the size of a typical keyboard—gives rise to its name. Some gamers and typing enthusiasts favor this tiny design for some reasons and advantages, like:


Compared to other types of keyboards, 60% are more portable due to their smaller size, which is advantageous for gamers who frequently travel or attend LAN events.


Desk Space

For fast-paced gaming, a small keyboard might provide more room on the desk for the mouse to move. So, the 60 keyboard is the best device for gamers because of its spacious features and ease of use at any time. 


Fewer keys on a 60-key board make it simpler to keep your hand position constant, which can improve your gaming performance. Being consistent during tasks and projects makes them more adaptable for gamers. 



60 keyboards feature a sleek, minimalist design that may appeal to gamers who desire a tidy, fashionable setup. So, the appearance of the 60 keyboards is one of the most apparent reasons gamers like to adopt it for most tasks. 


Because of their smaller size and the availability of aftermarket keycap sets, 60% of keyboards may be more customized, which enthusiasts love doing with their keyboards.


Challenges and Skills

Some gamers enjoy the challenge of getting used to a small layout because they think that gaining proficiency with a smaller keyboard will improve their gaming abilities.

It’s crucial to remember that not all gamers utilize 60% of keyboards and that people’s preferences differ greatly depending on their comfort level, game type, and other considerations. Depending on their unique requirements and preferences, some gamers may favor full-size, tenkeyless (TKL), or other form factors.


As you have gone through the advantages and reasons gamers like to opt for 60 keyboards, let’s dive into the disadvantages of the debate. 


Key Omissions

The 60% keyboard’s biggest flaw is the absence of some keys available on more oversized keyboards. The function row, the arrow keys, and the numeric keypad are frequently skipped over. Users who strongly rely on specific keys for productivity tasks or particular games may find this uncomfortable.

Learning Curve 

Adapting to the new layout is necessary when switching to a 60% keyboard, which may cause a learning curve. Users used to a full-size keyboard may initially find some keys difficult to press.

Learning Curve

Productivity Impact

A 60% keyboard may make your workflow slower when performing tasks that frequently employ the omitted keys, such as data entry or spreadsheet work. It might also be less practical for users who depend on keyboard shortcuts.

Even though many gamers value the extra mouse space, some gaming genres profit from easy access to specific keys. A 60% keyboard might not be ideal for gamers who extensively rely on macros, hotkeys, or the numeric keypad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are 60 keyboards better for gaming?

Yes, the 60 % keyboard is the best option for gamers because of its easy-to-use and compact design, and you can easily carry it in your backpack.

What is the point of a 60% keyboard?

The focus of 60% of keyboards is that they offer typists and gamers much more space to move the mouse and more dynamics during gaming tasks.

Is 60% better than 100%?

Yes, 60 % might be too small for some users because they come under less comfort zone due to a lack of keys, home cluster, number pads, and function rows. They feel like they are going to learn a whole skill. 

Final Thoughts

So, to sum up why gamers use 60% keyboards, the rise of the 60% keyboard is evidence of how vital customization, functionality, and design are in gaming keyboards. The benefits of portability, workspace, and aesthetics that 60% of keyboards provide are becoming more alluring as gamers seek optimal performance and a customized experience.

By analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of 60 keyboards, it is clear that the former overcomes the latter.  While factors like learning curves and key omissions are essential, deciding whether to switch to a 60% keyboard ultimately comes down to personal tastes and the unique requirements of each gamer’s online experiences.

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