Why Is My Logitech Keyboard Not Connecting?

Logitech is one of the most known and prolific modern peripheral brands for making microphones, headsets, speakers, mice, keyboards, and other accessories. They offer the latest peripherals and products at a reasonable price. However, these are not perfectly okay and stop working sometimes. 

Why Is My Logitech Keyboard Not Connecting

Hi, I am a big fan of Logitech peripherals and love to work with troubleshooting technology. I acknowledge that most of these devices break in the middle of the game. So, let’s dig into the most common reasons why my Logitech keyboard is not connecting.

Moreover, what can you do more in this regard? 

How To Troubleshoot My Logitech Keyboard

To check the issue with your keyboard, you need to identify whether your keyboard is wired or wireless before troubleshooting. There would be significantly different types of problems with wireless and wired keyboards. 

How To Troubleshoot My Logitech Keyboard

If you have a wireless keyboard, you should identify whether it is equipped with a dongle that plugs into the computer or can be connected via Bluetooth. 

So, I will start with the most common issues in the Logitech keyboard not connecting.

Make Sure That Bluetooth Is On

There are many ways to turn your Bluetooth off on your PC or Mac, but there is not much more. For example, Windows hides the Bluetooth status behind the network connection on the taskbar. 

Make Sure That Bluetooth Is On

Clicking on that will reveal the power button and Bluetooth status. You will notice that airplane mode can also make your Bluetooth option disabled and can do the task if the Bluetooth is disabled. If Bluetooth is on, ensure your Logitech keyboard is connected and visible. Wireless keyboards are usually made to go to sleep when not in use to save the battery. It may not automatically reconnect when it wakes and will disconnect Bluetooth. 

Is It Plugged In?

For keyboards that use a dongle or wireless keyboards, check whether the USB cable or dongle is plugged in. This can be a severe issue, but it is very familiar. 

Is It Plugged In

If the dongle or cable is unplugged, you should plug it in to make your Logitech work. If both are not plugged in, move the dongle or cable to a different port. 

Sometimes, power-saving features shut down all ports; when they are restored, the connecting devices won’t reconnect. 

Make Sure Your Keyboard Is On

Some models of Logitech wireless keyboards come with physical power switches; if you have such a keyboard, ensure the button is on and not off mode. These switches easily trigger more minor events and can be accidentally turned off.

Make Sure Your Keyboard Is On

Restart Your System

Sometimes, if your Logitech keyboard is not connecting, its software might have an issue, but it’s not the keyboard itself. If you have tried all the tricks before this, restart your computer. You will be surprised to see that many problems can be fixed by continuing to use your laptop. 

Replace Or Recharge Your Batteries

Wireless keyboards try to use batties for efficient working. Eventually, removable batteries must be replaced after a specific duration, and built-in batteries must be charged after some use. 

Replace Or Recharge Your Batteries

So, if you have keyboard power issues, you must charge your keyboard and replace your batteries. 

Hardware Issues

For the connection of your Logitech keyboard, if you have tried charging your keyboard, replacing the batteries, and reconnecting the keyboard, you can find the issues in your keyboard hardware. 

Hardware issues can be apparent if any key is missing or if it does not type anything. But this becomes less clear if your keyboard only works occasionally or does not work at all. 

Hardware Issues

Moreover, hardware issues are essential in the keyboard’s working as a cable or dongle port, such as damage to the USB port or a frayed cable. 

It can also affect specific keys on the keyboard, and when your keyboard does not work at all and the key fails to make the connection, your keyboard needs to identify a key press. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I repair my Logitech keyboard?

If you are trying to make your keyboard work by making sure it is plugged in, replacing your batteries, and the keyboard is on, try rerunning the Logitech unifying software. 

Why is my wireless keyboard not pairing?

If your wireless keyboard is not working, try to remove the tester and plug it into another USB port. 


It can be frustrating when your Logitech keyboard is not working. Luckily, all the issues with nonfunctional keyboards are fixable, so keep your keyboard in working order. If, in any case, it does go through with the workable condition at that point, you should hire the services of a professional, or you have to buy a new one. 

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